Morning star chicken patties and Medifast

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I want to make a chicken parmesean using the morningstar variety of the parmesean chicken patties, and pair it with a garden salad for one of my lean and greens..

I was curious on how to count them. Do you eat one, two or three patties??.

Is anyone familiar with these and how to count the 7oz of protien with these patty's?..

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I think you should ask nutrition support. I had a problem with the boca soy burgers because I thought that 2 of them would be a serving, since they are only about 2.5 ozs. each. But it turns out that I only needed one to fulfill my "lean" for the day, and that caused me problems because they are only 70 calories each but have 6 grams of carbs each. Soooo.... I was in a calories deficit but high in carbs for the day and couldn't figure out how to add more calories w/o carbs, and nutrition support told me to add 1 tbsp.

I'm assuming that the chicken patties are still soy, so they would probably fall under the same category as the boca burgers and you could only have 1. But ask NS!..

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I think they are not allowed because of the breading, but I love them too...

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I love these too... So, does anyone know for sure if we are allowed to have them or not?..

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I asked Nutrisystem over two weeks ago, have not heard a thing. Kinda made me mad, this makes more than one question I have not gotten an answer to...

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Here's the answer from NS: Morning Star Chicken Patties..

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I read the thread from Nutrisystem stating they aren't going to work, I am totally bummed. This is my third day on Medifast and I just made one of the chicken patties for dinner. I added it to my salad. Was yummy....but I was having some real problems recording it and am trying to reach NS.

Why does it say in the intro. book under other lean options that morning star chicken patties are ok??????. I have read it numerous times tonight and I am not mistaken.....I am bummed!!!!..

Comment #6 Quick Start Guide (p. 3) says, " Boca Burger or Morning Star Burger" I double-checked the online Guide in case it had changed and it said the same thing.

I've tried the chicken chunk tvp (reconstituted in a little Morga veg boullion and then chilled) in my salad and it's not too bad. Not the same as the tasty MS chik patties but I guess it will have to do for me right now..

P.s. I also miss the Quorn patties...

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It says morning star chicken patty on page ten of the online version and page eight of the book you receive with your order. I just checked it again......

Should we call about this so people dont' get confused???..

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YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I must have an old Start Guide as pg 8 talks about "Which Medifast shake is right for you?" But the online Quick Start Guide does say on p. 10 "Morning Star Burger or Chicken Patty.".

What the heck???.

I did a quick search and on 2/6 Nutrisystem Laura says NO to the MS chick patty and then on 2/12, Nutrisystem Jessica says YES to Boca chick patty. Regardless, the online Start Guide says YES to MS chick patty.

I am going to post as well as email Nutrisystem and ask for them to clarify this so we know what is going on. Great catch!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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