Mixing diet soda with Medifast food?

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This is soo hard to find, so when I found it the other day I bought some, hoping to mix it with something for a Medifast meal! I've seen so many people posting about mixing diet soda's in with stuff.

Can you give me some ideas of what would be good mixed with this?..

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It was REALLY good in the Mango soft serve. I used it instead of water. OHHH it was SO yummy!..

Comment #1

I heart that delicious red soda!!! My absolute favorite! I know, I know, too much sodium and red dye #8 but STILL. I've only heard of ppl making shakes with the soda. I'll keep checking back on this post to see what ideas ppl have...

Comment #2

While tying to use up my vanilla pudding today, I mixed it with 1/3 cup of diet orange soda. I just whisked them together in a mixing bowl (not a blender). Then put in the fridge for a few minutes to chill. Now I can't wait to try other diet soda flavors. By using less liquid than called for, the pudding set up nice and thick. Maybe using 1/4 cup would be even better..

Comment #3

I bought that stuff and it was super good! Then, I went to a party and mixed it with some vodka and it was just as delicious and I drank a little too much of it and....well, let's just say, it didn't end up staying down. I haven't tried it since! Ha. Note to self: do not use sodas you like to mix with alcohol with the intention of becoming intoxicated...

Comment #4

Sad news: they have totally discontinued the diet sierra mist cranberry splash (( At least, that's all I can assume since in the last week every store in this area went from having it to discontinuing it. Every store around here that had it last week doesn't have it any more. Every convenience store too. Saw an ad-sign yesterday for sierra mist and it had regular and diet sierra mist, regular and diet ginger ale, and REGULAR cranberry splash soda dead in the center of the soda triangle shape. No diet, even in the photos. One of the best tasting diet sodas ever...gone..

So either it's disappearing or it's selling out so fast I can't get any...

Comment #5

Hi Craney....I also love this one. I find stores usually only have it for the holiday season (October-January)..

Comment #6

I never knew there was such a thing....I WANT SOME! But I live in the middle of nowhere and have to make the monthly trip into town and walmart to get diet orange soda. I did finally talk my local "small" market into carrying tofu, low-fat shredded cheddar, and laughing cow...

Comment #7

I love Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash...thank god that all the stores in my area carry the stuff when it is in season......

Comment #8

It still exists!! It does!!! I've bought at least 2 bottles this year and our cafeteria has 20oz bottles of it available!! (Maybe I'll get some today....)..

Comment #9

I was WRONG!! They DON'T have it upstairs!! It's REGULAR!!! How dare they....

BUT I still have bought it this year..

Comment #10

For a special treat, I add ice and a packet of strawberry/ lemonaide crystal light to diet sierra mist or squirt. Like a tropical drink!. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm..

Comment #11

Yesterday I talked to the young man stocking the soda aisle at the grocery store. I asked about the Sierra mist Cranberry Splash. He told me that the diet and Regular Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash IS a seasonal item. It will be back again next year but the stores will stop carrying it for this season when their supplies run out. He also told me that Safeway and Albertson's are going to have a very good soda ad this week. Since I wasn't at either of those stores, I'm sure the young man wasn't supposed to be telling me about the competitor's stores but....I did appreciate the heads up! I am so happy they are not permanently discontinuing the Cranberry Splash...

Comment #12

As far as I know it's always been a seasonal soda, I've only ever found it this time of year. I should go stock up, cause I do love it...

Comment #13

That means they DEFINITELY need to produce more per season! I haven't seen any since before Thanksgiving! Had to resort to Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale!..

Comment #14

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