Missing fruits during Medifast

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Yeah, umm...not so much.

I've got "fruit" chunks in my oatmeal..........LOL.

I miss Prime Rib........... LOL..

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Yes, I miss it too..

And I think about how incredibly wonderful it is going to taste when I reach goal and transition!.

I am going to transition from vegetarian to vegan and fruit will be a big part of that, my sweets for the rest of my life, bye bye sugary candies, cakes and crap!..

Comment #1

This helps a ton!! I does count as a condiment though..

In a ninja or approximation, "snow" your ice. In the ninja it's all white and fluffy. I take out the blade and then stir in a half of the to go packets of Crystal Light. Any flavor, I like Strawberry, and I also use the Great Value Brand cause it's cheap. Its fruity and cold and moist like fruit. Helps me...

Comment #2

Mmmmm. I miss fruit too.

My fiance is doing the PALEO diet... and that's one of their staples FRUIT. it's just so beautiful and colorful.... I seriously can't wait to finish the weight loss phase so that it can come back into my life and love me forever...

Comment #3

Do you drink the infusers? They have a fruity tartness that is a bit like fruit. When I tried them they helped that specific craving...

Comment #4

I hear ya. Fruit was the hardest thing for me...harder than anything else. If I ever gain outside of my maintenance range, I take breads and fruit out of my life. Breads...fine by me...but fruit...I tantrum, even if it is my consequence of gaining outside my range. I have said...and I mean it...I will never regain this weight again for many reasons, but one of them is definitely that I don't want to be without fruit for an extended period EVER AGAIN..


Comment #5

Yep - fruit is the #1 thing I miss when I'm on plan - specifically bananas!..

Comment #6

I loved the infusers, but truly, there is nothing "fruity" about them. hehe.

Fruit was the tough one for me too, especially at the beginning. But it will be there when you're done. Never fear...

Comment #7

Me too. I was at Whole Foods yesterday sniffing the fruit, I am pretty sure security was eyeing me...

Comment #8

I agree! Fruit is the one thing I have been tempted by. Banana. I so want a banana. Yum...

Comment #9

LOL!! I've been sniffing lately too the grapefruit, in particular...

Comment #10

That is funny! But I know how you feel...

Comment #11

This could be why I've been wearing Be Delicious! =D.

*-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

Comment #12

The mango tea just doesn't make up for a piece of fruit.

I had a dream about bananas. The dream was unrelated to food entirely, except that I was carrying around this bunch of bananas I'd found, like they were some treasure...

Comment #13

I couldn't agree more. I thought I'd miss the desserts but as it turns out I'd now kill for a nice juicy orange. Who would have thought it...

Comment #14

Weighty! That is one of the funniest posts ever! Dont we dream the weirdest things?..

Comment #15

OMG - I seriously just started hysterically laughing - it's possible water just came out of my nose. Maybe. Just a little...

Comment #16

I miss it too.... for me, the cherry pomagranite shake helps, atleast alittle. Today I added alittle sprite zero to it... it was very reminescent of Sonic... if only I could have had a lime in it...

Comment #17

Sara...I thought you might like to know, a large diet Sonic limeade has 10 cals & 1 gm of carbs! Also, limes are OP....1/4 of a lime *or 2 tsps of lime/lemon juice* counts as 1 condiment; we can have 3 condiments per day!..

Comment #18

THAT is good information, about the diet Sonic limeade....I crave those sometimes and I KNOW my DH would love to have one now and then for a treat. (I need to find things to keep his Medifast journey interesting and make him feel like he gets some "normal food" so he doesn't get bored. Now, I know that we can work in an occasional diet!..

Comment #19

Yep, me too! I didn't realized that I'd miss it so much!..

Comment #20

I didn't realize I missed fruit until I got to eat it in Transition...

Comment #21

The number one thing I miss is stinky imported cheese and wine. The number two thing is fruit. I'm with ya!..

Comment #22

Ok, so maybe this isn't the same thing......but I have found that I really enjoy the cherry pomegranate shakes and the mango soft serve as a shake......refreshing...

Comment #23

Yup. Me too. Just a few months more... :-)..

Comment #24

Definitely MISS FRUIT too! It will be more difficult around the holidays... it has always been a part of tradition to have lots of apples, oranges, grapes, etc...

Comment #25

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