Medifast recipe for Minestrone Help?

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This is the one food I really am having a hard time with. All the other stuff is either good or I can make it good. The other day I almost threw up with the minestrone. I know that I can like it because the first time I made it it was OK. But, stupid me, I didn't write down what I did and can't remember now. I want to like it but would appreciate if anyone has any special ways they prepare it and wouldn't mind sharing.

Thanks everyone!..

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Although it's not one of my favorites, like an idiot, I have 3 boxes of it. I loved it at first, but after a week of it - blah... I usually toss in a few dices of tomato, or sometimes a few shreds of cabbage. (always deduct is from your L&G) A dash of black pepper, some garlic salt, cayan pepper - anything to alter the taste. ALSO - LET IT SIT A WHILE! The longer it sits, the softer the pieces and easier to eat..

Hope this helps!.


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My two cents. I learned after a few packs of soups not to microwave them at all. On the Minestrone.....I add just two spoons of salsa. I put water, packet of soup and two spoons of salsa. I bring to a boil. then let cool.

It thickens and is really good. I may add a shake of pepper and salt (nusalt) when I warm it at work. I think it's really good this way. Maybe this will make it easier to swallow. Have a great day...

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The minestrone can be a challenge. Here's how I do mine:.

Mix the powder with 1 cup of water.

Microwave 2 minutes.

Stir thoroughly, then let sit 1 minute.

Then I add a sprinkling of each: Lowery's seasoned salt, fresh ground black pepper, Italian seasonings and regular tobasco sauce.

Microwave 1 more minute.

Stir thoroughly and enjoy!.

The "stuff" is still a bit crunchy so I should probably let it sit even longer, but the flavor isn't bad this way..

Good luck! If you find something really spectacularly good, be sure to let us know.....

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I have pre-mixed it with the water, so the beans and pasta in it are soft when I make it (I put it in the shaker to transport, and soak till lunch time).

I also add garlic salt and spices I associate with vegi soup (celery seeds, dill, thyme, tarragon, or whatever you like). I think they really need a bit of salt to marry the flavors together..

I have seen some folks add parmesan - and you subtract it from the L portion..


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The first time I had the Minestrone I was like you, the flavors were so concentrated it makes you sick. So I use 1 C water like somebody else said, and I bring it to a boil on the stove and let it simmer 5-10 minutes. It makes a world of difference. I think you can add any season salt to perk it up a bit. Doing it the night before works fine too. More time to let the beans get rehydrated...

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