Meridia For Weight Loss ?

Although we recommend trying to stick with an all-natural diet while losing weight, we also realize the importance of drugs in treating certain people. Simply switching to a more natural diet, and regular exercising can help, but is simply not enough for some people.

This is where certain medication come in. Some obese people definitely need medication to treat their condition, but that does not mean you should just blindly get a prescription for any weight loss drug. The side effects for some of these drugs certainly outweight any benefits it may have.

What do I think of Meridia?

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Meridia is a weight loss medication that many have used. Meridia, for those who don't know is a drug that works by suppressing your appetite. It does this by stopping/preventing the uptake of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. When it does this, it makes your nervous system and brain thinks that you are full, when in reality you have not eaten much.

This is similar to the way most appetite suppressors, such as Hoodia and Bontril work.

Who should try and get Meridia?

As I said, not everyone should try and get a prescription for a weight loss drug. They should only be reserved if you meet the following conditions:
- Have a BMI (body-mass index) upwards of 30+ and don't have obesity
- Have a BMI (body-mass index) upwards of 27+ and have obesity.

What are the common side effects of Meridia?

Meridia, as I noted comes along with several side effects that you should know. These include:

- Constipation-related ailments
- A dry mouth
- Higher than normal blood pressure
- Dizziness, and headaches
- More sweating
- Inability to sleep well at night

Who should not take Meridia?

In addition, certain health conditions can disallow you to take Meridia. If you have any of these health conditions, exercise caution and tell your doctor you have them:

- Bulimia
- Gallstone ailments
- Kidney, heart or liver disease
- Parkinsons
- Thyroid issues
- Are pregnant, or breastfeeding

Does Meridia Work?

I have not taken Meridia at all, but have known several others who have taken it for weight loss. One of my friends is a huge supporter of this drug as she went from 280 to 230 lbs in under 8 months, which is remarkable. But I also have a friend that just lost 2 lbs in a year. So it has had mixed results for many people. In most cases, it seems people do lose weight fast in the first few months, but eventually they regain it all back. In other words, it is easy to lose weight initially, but losing it permanently is extremely tough with Meridia. Here is what some people had to say about Meridia:

"I was prescribed Meridia back in 2003 by my doctor. First a little background on my condition: I suffered from obesity for more than 10 years, and never seemed to get under 250 lbs. I tried all sorts of supplements, and exercise regimens, but none worked at all. I read so many books, and bought so many products, and finally decided to visit my doctor about this. My obesity was not only affecting me physically (had trouble sleeping, getting up, and doing any physical work), but psychologically as well. I broke up with my boyfriend who I went out with for 15 years, because I felt I wasn't good enough for him... Anyway, Meridia was very effective during the first 3 months. I went from 260 lbs to 240 in just 3 months. I never lost 20 lbs in such a short time span ever, so I was very encouraged.

After 3 months though, my body seemed to have gotten used to it. I now felt more hungrier, and couldn't stop eating at times. I was never a disciplined eater, so this basically caused me to gain all my weight back. I went off Meridia due to the high blood pressure it caused me, and was eventually prescribed another weight loss drug: Bontril. So far, it is working, but with these diet drugs it's more "wait and see", because my body may get used to this one again.

Anyway, Meridia seemed to work in the short-term but in the long term, it was simply ineffective. If you just want to lose 20 lbs or so, then Meridia should be effective, but for those who need to keep losing weight for more than 3 months, we need something more."

- Lorraine Anderson

"I tried Meridia, after a long stint with Trimspa, which helped me lost 10 lbs in 3 months. I weighed 190 lbs at the time, and wanted to keep losing more weight until I was at 140 or so. Trimspa didn't work after awhile, so I was prescribed Meridia.

My experience with Meridia is mixed. I was able to lose 5 lbs in my first month, 3 lbs in my second, and 3 in my third, and 2 in my fourth, but after that I reached a plateau. I just couldn't seem to lose anymore weight afterwards, even though I continued my healthy diet, and regular exercise. It just baffles me how a drug can work so well in 4 months and just stop working.

After 10 months, I saw enough. I stopped taking Meridia, and am contemplating taking some Phentermine because I hear it is much stronger than other weight loss drugs.. the problem is covering the costs of health insurance."

-Lawrence Jackson

Based on some of the things people tell me, it seems Meridia is great during the first few months. That's the consensus I seem to have. If you are suffering from obesity, this simply will not help, as you need to lose weight for a prolonged period of time. Sure, losing weight for 3-4 months sounds great, but if it stops working or you regain your weight back, how effective is it really?

Phentermine is a stronger drug that many people have had success with, but the side effects are just too much. Meridia works for a couple of months, has relatively minor side effects (compared to Phentermine) but does not shed the lbs off permanently, so is there is an in-between. I think Hoodia Gordonii fits that description. It works like Phentermine, suppressing your appetite, and helping you lose weight for more than a few months. It is all-natural, all-herbal and safe to take, with no side effects, unlike regular Phentermine.

This, combined with a more natural diet, and exercising should help anyone with obesity lose weight (and lose it permanently).

Of all the diet programs, and supplements, I highly recommend the Medifast Program. You probably have heard about it before, and there's a good reason why it's so popular. Over 1 million people have lost weight with the program. There have been many success stories over people losing 25+ lbs in a couple of months, which is amazing.

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