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Last year at this time....

I was at a 2 year plateau at 230 pounds after losing 60 pounds. I was a size 18, frustrated with my lack of continued weight loss, frustrated that I couldn't find any party dresses that looked good, and hopeless that I had the power and tools to change it. I hated Lane Bryant but had to go there for work clothes. I ordered a lot of clothes online at Gap and Old Navy because they didn't always carry the 18s and 20s and XXLs I needed in their stores..

This year....

I can wear skinny jeans, knee high boots, and a sweater dress. I've lost 40 pounds in 4 months and have gotten into Onederland. I can fit into juniors sizes! I can shop sales racks because there's tons of clothes on sale for my size, unlike plus sizes. Now, at a loose size 14 jeans and size M or L shirts I've kicked Lane Bryant to the curb! My waist is smaller than my hips and bust. I can finally wear dresses because of the waistline!.

Next year at this time....

I hope to have a couple of super cute knee high boots that aren't the 'wide leg' style. I hope to be able to wear pretty much anything because I will have been at goal for months. I hope to be dating someone, or at least comfortable with meeting men online (ugh, blind dates!).


Comments (7)

Ohh, Sassy that's so wonderful!!! Truly - what a difference a year makes!!.

Hmm... I also am hoping for those knee-high boots! I also would (dare I say it) like to wear (and be comfortable) in a bikini next summer!.



Comment #1

Last year I was closing in on 300 pounds and spending most of my time trying to come up with believable lies for why I couldn't attend Christmas parties so that people couldn't see how much I'd let myself go.

This year, I still don't want to go to Christmas parties, but my attitude has changed to "Oh well, I guess it's not the end of the world." Now that may not seem like a great attitude but when you've spent 46 years dreading every single social occasion, it's actually a pretty big change...

Comment #2

What a great post - I totally relate! congrats on your losses to date, you are doing awesome, i'm sure you'll be rocking those boots on a date before you know it.

I was thinking about this very thing because on 1/11 it will be our anniversary and last year I was so uncomfortable - wearing 18's and feeling bloated and generally yucko. recovering from foot surgery and feeling overwhelmed. I started Medifast when I returned from our annual getaway at the coast. this year we are going kayaking and hiking and I can hardly wait!! what a difference a year makes... indeed! what a blessing this plan is..

All the best to you sassy! xxoo cricket..

Comment #3

What an excellent idea!.

Last year:.

I reached what was then my highest weight, 224 pounds. I was depressed because it had been my goal to lose weight that year, and I hadn't. I was also depressed because I was in a relationship that was ending. I wore as high as 3X..

This year:.

I'm comfortable in 16s, am actually thinking I'll try on some 14s before long. I'm bummed about not being with anyone, but at least I'm not miserable because someone specific isn't treating me right. I've been feeling flirty for a few weeks..

Next year:.

I'll have been at my goal weight for a few months, and I'm going to look hawt! Cute New Year's Eve dress, yeah, and awesome boots. And it's time for Fate to put up or shut up about a man in my life. I'm tired of false starts...

Comment #4

Great post and so great to read the stories of us out there fighting for our body!.

Well, this year as I start the holidays and approach a new year I have kept 50 lbs off that I have lost on the South Beach Diet...I LOVE that WOE and it is what feels best to me...I decided for me to get the last amt of weigt off, I want to use I want to get done and start living in the maintenance facet of life...I have lost 10 lbs so far after starting on 12/1 and am glad that I am losing, or maintaining this time of year...I really like Medifast and am working at making it part of my daily life...I am excited to see where it takes me by spring/summer...I WILL get to my goal weight and I knew Medifast could do that for me! The results are amazing....

Nice thing is...As I read what T&M is just like the SBD and I am so familiar with that WOE!.

I have beautiful clothes that I am wearing again and for me...That is VERY motivational, as well as feeling physically better! I can truly say...I will never again be a size 20 and feel THAT sick and depressed EVER again...I just won't allow it!..

Comment #5

I love this post, Sassy, and everyone's stories. I relate to GIGI's about always with the excuses why I can't go to parties, etc. This year I am really enjoying the whirl of a few social events...

Comment #6

Great post Sassy, and congrats to you and the others who are changing their lives forever!.

Two years ago I was morbidly obese, avoiding social situations like the plague, denying that I was unhappy, hopeless about ever changing..

Last year I had reached goal and looked for any opportunity to attend social events, such as my husband's office Christmas party and charity dinners.

This year I've gotten over the new excitement of attending social events, and I realize most of them are boring! We pick and choose which events to attend, but my weight is never a factor!..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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