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Hi everyone, quick question about laughing cow. If we have one what do we count it as? is it a snack or a fat? Also, I am so confused with the veggies. How do we measure our 1/2 a cup serving? A 1/2 serving of peas is a lot more than a 1/2 cup of lettuce.

Thanks for the help!..

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The official position is that LC cheese is not on plan but you can incorporate it as follows per Nutrition Support:.

The measuring veggies can be an issue - it can be easier to weigh veggies. Here is the official sheet of veggie weights:.

Veggie Weights.pdf..

Comment #1

I asked my health coach how to measure 1/2 cup of greens. I said I could jam alot of them in there if I really wanted to. She said go for it. I guess a little extra lettuce or spinach won't mess you up. I've been making huge salads with my dinner along with with one well measured hot veggie. My salads are mostly greens with a few slices of cucumber and 4 cherry tomatoes and a little low cal organic dressing. It's been working for me...

Comment #2

So... The one time I had two LC lite wedges, my fingers puffed up like sausages! Too much salt for me!..

Comment #3

Do yourself a favor and get a food scale!!!!.

When I started I was eyeballing my portions and jamming veggies into a measuring cup too. I was drastically shorting myself! Trust me, you will be surprised what a half cup of veggies really looks like when you weigh it. I have the veggie weight list (thank you for the link Mellawach!) printed out and on my fridge for easy access...

Comment #4

Does the veggie weight list come directly from MF?..

Comment #5

A bit off the topic, but had to say it:.

Mellawach....I always look at peoples' rewards they have listed in their signature because I have a hard time coming up with rewards sometimes....anyway, I found it cool that your 40 pound loss was rewarded with Starbuck's VIA...I don't think I could've lost 40 pounds so far without them! They are the one thing in the first few weeks that made the Vanilla shakes eadible for me! Hope you enjoyed earning them!..

Comment #6

They have the VIA in the Christmas Blend now... yum...

Comment #7

Ok, so I just prepped the veggies for the baked egg dish I'm having tonight. I weighed them first and then measured them after I cut them up. They actually were less than a half a cup! But, the cut was small so I'm not too surprised. When I make stirfries I cut them in larger chunks, so I've realized that weighing is the way to go because the size of the cut makes a difference in the measurement. I don't want to kick myself out of ketosis because I underestimate the amount of veggies I'm eating. If I'm gonna go out of ketosis then bring on the martinis!..

Comment #8

Sassy, I used to be a weigher by oz..then I purchased a gram scale. I LOVE it. I now can eyeball my salad greens, but it's great to feel obsessed and accurate. HOWEVER, last night I had my beloved turnip fries. I decided to weigh them raw (65gms) and then weigh them cooked (78gms) thinking it should come to equal each in a perfect world. Wrong..way different.

Sigh. Still love being obsessed and accurate (halfway joking on that part). I'll join ya for that martini if I do the same...

Comment #9

I measure for almost all veggies. Half a cup is accurate enough for me. Only exceptions for me are green beans and lettuce - those I weigh..

It's veggies. The world won't end if the two methods produce slightly different results...

Comment #10

Yep and that is why I am choosing the method that puts more on my plate...

Comment #11

Concur! I am 8 weeks into this journey and over 43 pounds gone forever. It's not hindering my weightloss at all at this point. If an extra bit of Romaine lettuce keeps me from pigging out on the Christmas Cookies, then bring on the Romaine! I will say that if I am eating from the higher carb veggie list, I tend to be a bit more diligent in my measuring/weighing, but the cucumbers and the romaine, and the spinach...not so much! Just sayin'!..

Comment #12

You guys are absolutely the greatest! Thank you all so much for the tips. Knowing I can come on here anytime and check in or ask questions is making this first week actually fun and exciting! Thanks again - now I'm off to eat my 182grams of cauliflower..

Comment #13

I agree - as someone said, we didn't get fat by eating too many cucumbers. My only warning was for the MFrs out there who were shortchanging themselves by not weighing. As soon as I used my scale I did the classic V8 forehead THAT'S what 1/2 cup looks like!..

Comment #14

It is fun to come here with you can see, we all have our little versions of the answer, but pretty much, we all agreed. That isn't always the case, but then you just take the one you like. Welcome to your first week!!!..

Comment #15

LOL! Amen girl, I love the VIA! My reward was a 50-pack of VIA from Amazon! I'm still only about halfway through the box. I keep it at work & it makes mornings bearable. I've been using the french vanilla shake as a creamer. Someone else mentioned doing that and I thought it sounded a little weird - but it was surprisingly tasty!..

Comment #16

I weigh every dammmmm leaf! I have been known to break a green bean in half to get the right weight..., I squeeze every drop of water out of my spinach. I know what you're thinking, that I am obsessed! Well, I'm not!!!......well maybe I am.... I wonder if there is a thread support for paranoid veggie weighers.......


Comment #17

Oh Glenn, I have done the "green bean break" many a time. The only thing I don't weigh are salad greens because I use the same wonderful mix and I now know what 2 cups (110 grams) looks like. The turnip turnip thing threw me because I wanted the raw vs cooked to match up with the veg spreadsheet, but it didn't and I lived through it...

Comment #18

Forget using the vanilla shake as creamer....I add a VIA to my cream! A VIA in a vanilla pudding made into a ULTIMATE favorite Medifast meal! (and I couldn't, still can't, tolerate the vanilla shakes alone!) I buy a 21 pack at Costco for about $15. LOVE VIA!..

Comment #19

I have been weighing all veggies for the last few weeks.... and glad I have been... the first few weeks op, I had completely shorted myself on everything. Also... I use lc all of the time. I use one wedge per day if I am going to use any.

One wedge with celery or the Medifast crackers is wonderful and very satisfying for me. I also liked the queso fresco melted into the Medifast chili...

Comment #20

The deal with LC Sarald is that Nutrition says something like "if you choose to use it, count 2 triangles of light as one fat and one triangle of original as one fat"...

Comment #21

Or if you don't like the answers you are getting in the Forum you can either call Medifast directly or write your question in the Medifast controlled area of the boards: dietician, exercise, behavior modification.

For an experienced response, the general boards are great, one has to take with a grain of low-sodium salt the answers because they may not be the text book response or a rabble rouser may have authored it.

In my experience all areas of the boards are worth reading with special attention to the Medifast controlled areas and the success stories...

Comment #22

That you would NEVER know was instant! It's micro-ground so that it mixes hot or cold! (great for camping or power outages!)..

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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