Medifast Week 3: No weight loss?

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This is yet another go-around on the Medifast plan for me. I'm only on day 9, but so far so good. My previous experience on Medifast was that during week 3 I had no loss (which appears to be not so uncommon, based on my search on this site). I recall that third week being somewhat of a let down, but I know it is probably due to water fluctuation/etc. Anyway... I'm trying to be prepared for whatever mind games my mind wants to play with me that week.

Is there anything that you've done differently that third week that prevented you from having this crazy third week stand still?.


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Nope, I had the third week small loss too, and really, the only thing I can say - and you already know this from the past - in a few weeks, it won't even be a blip on the radar. The things we think are disappointing and hard in the moment? A few weeks later, we hardly even remember because of the great success after that. Keep on keeping on!!..

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You never know what's going to happen. My 3rd week was my highest weight loss week ever!..

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I'm bracing for a low week here, I'm on week 6 now and my lowest was 2.2. If you watch the biggest loser they usually have small weeks in week 2 or 3 also. Just keep going...

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It didn't matter what I did, I still had a smaller number. Your body is going to give up the weight in it's own time. We all have good weeks and so called bad weeks, but no matter what the number says on the scale, you're still losing inches too. Try to remember that when it feels like the scale is mocking you. Success can be measured by other means too...

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Just accept that weight loss doesn't happen in precise, orderly increments. It works more in cycles, and I believe is especially tuned to a woman's cycle. My guess is that slow weeks coincide more with that factor rather than anything we do to our diet such as "take a break" "switch up" "carb/calorie cycle" or whatever...

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