Medifast Walden Farms dressings? Too good to be true??

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So yesterday I received my Ebay order of some of these miracle dressings, which I ordered based on the sage advice of the Medifast community..

I open them (Ceasar, Balsamic Vinagrette, Honey Dijon and Ranch), tried them and they do in fact taste yummy..

But here's my question: how on earth could they really be zero calorie, fat, carb EVERYTHING? For example, one of them has buttermilk powder. How could that not possibly result in some calories?.

Can someone please explain the science to me?.

Or, alternatively, put me at ease by telling me that noone has noticed a weight gain after incorporating them into their diets.

I just can't get that Seinfeld episode out of my mind. You know, the one where it turns out the ice cream parlor purporting to sell low-fat was actually full fat..


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I was actually wondering this the other day. I think that if the calories are super low they can claim "calorie free" and so on with the carbs. It probably has trace amounts. I'm not sure though. Email the company and see what they say...

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It says on some of the bottles that there are in fact trace amounts of calories. So if one were to use a lot or several per day, they would add. But also, keep in mind, it's gotta be less than 1 calorie per serving for them not to list it in the nutritional facts. I've been using WF products for 2, 3 weeks now, I've not noticed a gain...

Comment #2

Thank you both. Michelle, if you have not noticed a gain I will accept that wholeheartedly. Having lost 105lbs is a big feat (congrats!) so I will pretty much listen to anything you say...

Comment #3

I've been WF salad dressings since week two on MF, and I love them!.

The travel take-along packets are a life saver to me!.

But.....that saying, I do not douse my salads with them..

Stick to the 2 TBSP rule, OK?.

Also, the Asian and Italian dressings are EXCELLENT marinades for your leans!.

The only WF products I cannot stand are the honey dijon (sorry), and the alfredo, scampi and marinara sauces. Those went straight to the trash can!.


Comment #4

Its so fascinating how taste buds are different....i LOVE the honey dijon!!! cheese is very good too....but the bacon ranch is blech to me, and ive heard others love it...

Comment #5

Btw, their blueberry and maple syrups are great for your Medifast pancakes/crepes!..

Comment #6

OMG! I know!!! I love your crepe recipe!!!!.

Another recipe that I make everyday now!.

Thanks for that reminder about those! I love them!!!!.

Also, the WF strawberry syrup ROCKS!..

Comment #7

I can't handle the coleslaw dressing, it's too sweet but everything else I've tried is wonderful...

Comment #8

OK, so the pancake syrup is good but the sauces bad?..

Comment #9

I hated the Walden Farms Ranch. I thought it had no flavor. I stick with balsamic vinegar as my salad dressing...

Comment #10

The reason they are pretty much 'calorie/carb' free is because they use a lot of aged vinegar and spices. It says so on the bottle (I think). Also, my sister is a food nutrition major and I asked her how can this be?? No calories or carbs?!?!?! And she backed up their explanation. I haven't seen any weight gain from using them. Hope that helps!.

Good Luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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