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In my ongoing effort to have an expanded array of vegetables I eat, I'm trying turnips tonight!.

I've come across a few recipes for turnip fries that is basically to peel & cut them into fry-size sticks, toss in olive oil, and sprinkle with parmesan cheese & garlic powder (counted as condiments). Then the recipes with the highest ratings seem to say to roast for 20 - 30 minutes at 425.

Any tips I should know about turnips? They are a TOTALLY new world for me.

I'll try to remember to take photos and post what I learned if they turn out well (or not, haha)...

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No advice here because the turnip fries are one of the recipes that still scares me a bit! I look forward to seeing your pictures either way!..

Comment #1

I have to put turnips on my grocery list. I love them raw but have never had the fries...

Comment #2

I made them for the first time over the weekend. Cut into fry-shapes, tossed in ziploc with salt, garlic powder, cayenne, chili flakes, and olive oil. Baked at 425 for maybe 25 minutes? I checked/stirred at 15, and then I can't remember if I let them go another 10 or 20 minutes. Until they were starting to brown..

They're nothing like fries, at least the way I did them. But they're soft and sweet and delicious. I skipped the parmesan because it's not on "my" condiments list...

Comment #3

Sounds like you have the recipes you need - I have always loved turnips - even raw. I promise they aren't as scary as they seem.

Let us know how it went!..

Comment #4

The turnips are a winner! Fries is a bit of a misnomer, because as Freya said, they are soft when roasted, but they LOOK like fries for sure! They were delicious, and I cooked them exactly as noted in the OP.

It took about 2 medium-large turnips to get 1.5 cups of fries once I had them all peeled and trimmed...

Comment #5

Peeled? What is this peeled thing you mentioned?.

Hmmm... *shaking head* Wonder what that's about...

Comment #6

Everything I read (except for baked whole turnips, which you eat like a baked potato) suggested peeling them. It said the skin is tough and bitter...

Comment #7

I cut mine up like homefries and sprayed with pam and added rosemary,baked in the oven like you did....Yum..I was thinking of baking them like a potato I'll let you know, Mia..

Comment #8

It sounds good, definitely something I will try! I tried the home-fried radishes tonight, and they were surprisingly good...

Comment #9

I am Turnip fries biggest fan. I skip the parm. I tried it on one fry once and decided not enough difference. I sprinkle Mrs Dash and Jamaica me Crazy lemon pepper on them. Roast them like Freya does. I used to peel them and then saw somewhere that someone didn't.

If they were old turnips, it might be different, but I don't think stores have old turnips these days. You know..the ones Grandma kept in her root cellar...

Comment #10

Mine were neither tough nor bitter. But then again, I have been eating space food and rabbit pellets since April, so what do I know at this point??? *laughing* I couldn't find a healthy whole food unattractive now if I tried...

Comment #11

Oh and one more thing..I then douse them with a little sea salt when they come out of the oven which makes them even a little crunchier and delish...

Comment #12

On this note..I just cooked the radishes the exact same way. I cut them in four little wedges. Sprayed them with my Misto olive oil sprayer and sprinkled with spices. Then baked at 425 degrees for 25 minutes. SO good!!!..

Comment #13

I love radishes this way! I slice them in thin slices in my food processor...

Comment #14

I've done that too Kurz, but this time I wedged them like the turnips and baked them. When I sliced them, I cooked them in a pan. I liked this better. I love Lean and Green...

Comment #15

I like the turnip fries with just a few spices and a little olive oil. I do peel mine, though, with a simple veggie peeler, like a carrot or potato. The skin can be a tad bitter, unless the turnips are real little, like golf-ball sized..

I'm thinking the "old turnips" slw refers to are rutabagas maybe? Those are good too, prepared the same way, and they are readily available here in the Northeast. They are coated with wax which helps give them a longer shelf life. Their flesh is yellow rather than white like the purple-top turnips...

Comment #16

When I do the turnip fries, I cut them very thin, (more like potato chips), do a very light spray of pam for both sides, and usually use a dash of cajun seasoning. I also like to cook them until they are VERY dark - almost burnt. This gives them more of a chip-like consistancy and crunch, which I find very satisfying..

This past week, I browned some 97/3 ground sirlion with some Mrs Dash Chipotle seasoning and some chipotle tabasco sauce in my non-stick pan. 3.75 ounces of that (3/4 lean), and an ounce of Kraft 2% mexican cheese(1/4 lean) got put on top of 3 servings of those crispy turnip chips for an on-plan approxmation of beef nachos! I enjoyed that lean and green thoroughly...

Comment #17

I can't wait to try these! I might add them to the Christmas dinner while everyone else is having roasted potatoes!.




Comment #18

They are good, I find them similar in taste and texture to sweet potato fries.

When you make them, make double, they cook down a lot, be sure to measure cooked before nibbling!..

Comment #19

No..I mean the turnips that are stored over the winter. Like in Grandmas cellar. I have tried the turnip fries peeling them and not peeling them and I could not tell a difference. I like the simplicity of not peeling them. Rutabagas are a whole different thing and just in case someone decides to try them..not op. Way too many carbs.

I will stick with my beloved turnips and radishes. Who knew I'd fall in love with them..only on MF...

Comment #20

Oh my gosh that sounds good. Having it this week...

Comment #21

Ok my Mfastin' friends, any idea of how much raw turnips cook down?? A big frustration of making L & G is the whole weighing of cooked veggies. I'm not sure if cooked turnips reheat well and I hate to waste food, so if anyone has any idea about this I'd appreciate it!! I tend to just weigh the greens raw and deal with the shrinkage.....

Comment #22

They reheat fine. I made a big batch and got 4 2/3 greens out of it, so I'm eating them for 4 2/3 days in a row...

Comment #23

Thanks Freya!!.

BTW, you don't look just cute in your new pic, you look hot! Santa better protect you from all those elves who will be looking your way..

Comment #24

Thanks, honey!! It was my naughty Santa costume for this giant event in Seattle last weekend. It's called Santarchy, and it's several hundred people dressed up as Santa doing a pub crawl. It was a REALLY good time. I loved how well my body responded, stamina-wise, to 8ish hours of wandering around in heavy boots and a lot of dancing. Quite well!.

(Returning you to turnips now - sorry!)..

Comment #25

I was not a huge fan of the turnip fries, but, I used them in place of cauliflower in a mashed "potatoe" and they were superb...............

Santarchy sounds incredibly fun. I'm glad you are enjoying your new naughtiness...

Comment #26

Turnips, hmmmm. Well, I read all the comments and recipes about turnips and decided that I would have them tonight for supper. But which recipe to use? Well I decided I liked the one that sliced them thin and covered them with meat and cheese so...... I pulled out my trusty mandolin, peeled some nice purple topped turnips and sliced them a little more than 1/8 of an inch thick. Then I put them in a zip lock bag with some spices and then shake, shake shake. I spread them on an aluminum foil wrapped jelly roll pan that I liberally sprayed with Pam and popped them into a pre heated 425 degree oven for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile I sauted some ground turkey meat that I seasoned with the same spices that I used on the turnips. When the turnip chips were done I put them into a plate and smothered them with the turkey meat, then grated some 75 % reduced fat cheddar cheese on top of the meat. I Put them in the micro wave oven for 30 seconds to melt the cheese and then enjoyed a gastronomic delight!..

Comment #27

Oh my that sounds good. Going to buy some ground buffalo this weekend and try this one...

Comment #28

Sounds good! I need to branch out a bit on my Green. My DH is getting a little tired of the broccoli smell in the kitchen!..

Comment #29

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