Medifast Tuna Ideas??

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Ive been eating tuna in my salad for dinenr, but I was hoping to try something warm tonight. Anyone have any good tuna recipes? Maybe something casserole like? yumm..

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I buy frozen tuna steaks at Sam's and eat them regularly. A few ideas:.

Marinate in Walden Farms dressing (or any other low-carb, low-cal dressing, don't use much) for 30 minutes and grill.Squeeze a little (just a little) lemon juice over the top, sprinkle on garlic, dill or any other herbs of your choice, wrap in foil, and bake on 375 for 15-20 minutes till flaky.Make tuna salad with canned tuna, a small amount of pickle, and Walden Farms raspberry vinagrette dressing (or other flavor)Sautee onions and mushrooms in a small amount of oil or use Pam, add garlic/spices, wrap in foil, and bake. I often add my green to this recipe (zucchini works great) and bake everything together.Walden Farms calorie/free marinar sauce makes a decent baking sauce if you throw in some Italian herbs...

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I'm sure you could do some kind of casserole with cream of chicken soup (make thicker with less water)... add some shiratake noodles?? I haven't tried those yet but I'm anxious to. Or, use chicken noodle soup to get the noodles. I might have to try this tonight... I just happen to be making regular tuna casserole for the kids. Or, I just thought maybe use chkn noodle AND creamy chkn, double the tuna to make 2 meals and split. I'll be the guinea pig..

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I did it! I had tuna casserole Medifast style for dinner! It's a keeper...


1 pk chicken noodle.

1 pk cream of chicken.

1/2 C. water.

Boullion cube.

Broccoli florets in small pieces.

2 6oz cans tuna, drained.

1 pk ranch soy crisps.

I mixed the soups and water and boullion on the stove on low first, to get a creamy consistency. Then I just mixed everything except the soy crisps together and put it in a loaf pan (smallest thing handy) and baked it 20 min at 400 (alongside the kids Campbell's tuna casserole). Then I gave it a stir and topped with crushed ranch soy crisps, sprayed with Pam (if I had butter spray that would have been better) and put it back in for 5 minutes.

Only thing is it was too salty, so probably leave out the boullion. It wasn't very "noodley" so you could use 2 creamy soups instead, and/or use those shiratake noodles maybe. You could experiment and use a little more water (1/4C - 1/2C more?) to see if it gets any "soupier" but I liked the consistency just fine. I only used a very small amount of broccoli, I would add 1-2C next time (maybe red peppers, mushrooms?). The soy crisps are a MUST!! I might use 2 pkts next time since this makes a double batch. It definitely felt like "comfort food"! Hope you like.....

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You are inventive! Sounds good, but I'd be confused as to how to count it. Seems to me in 1 serving (1/2 of the double batch), you have one Medifast meal (one of the soups), one Lean & Green (the tuna and the broccoli), and, if you used the bouillon cube and 1 pack of crisps or skipped the cube but used the 2 packs of soy crisps, 1 snack, all in one meal. Is that OK to do?..

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Here is what I tried last night:.

I sauted some red onion in a little bit of olive oil, added mushrooms and green beans, cooked them until almost done, then added garlic and herb flavored tuna, cooked until warm then added some fresh grated Romano cheese. It was sooo good. I think Ill be having it often!..

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Petlady: that was the only downfall is using a Medifast meal in my dinner, I could only have 4 other meals the rest of the day. It wasn't that bad, I just waited as long as I could between meals.

Here's a better way to make this a SINGLE BATCH (I only used the 2 soups because I wanted the noodles from the chicken noodle and the creaminess of the cream of chicken, but it wasn't noodley enough).

1 cream of chicken soup with 1/4-1/2C water.

1 6oz can tuna.

1 C broccoli (or whatever amout/whatever veggie you want).

Bake @400 for 20 minutes, stir & add 1 pkt soy crisps and bake 5 min.

So this counts as your lean, part of your green, 1 Medifast meal & a snack. (maybe have the other part of your green earlier to make up for the soup) For the day you're still even (count the snack!), but I don't know what Nutrisystem would say about having a Medifast meal with your L&G. I've heard of people doing it before though...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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