Medifast Tropical Punch tastes like shit?

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How do you fix it? I added some strawberry kiwi crystal light but it's still gross and has a really bad aftertaste. Are there any special recipes out there? I don't see many posts about the cold drinks. I wanted to try them because it'll be easier than some of the other foods when I go on vacation next month. However, now I am reconsidering. I can't drink these for a whole week! I am afraid to try the others I got- the cranberry mango and raspberry tea...

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My husband loved this drink. I despised and loathed it. But I mixed his with 1/2 of an individual tube of the Crystal Light To Go - Fruit Punch flavor. Lots of ice. LOTS!.

He adored it..


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I haven't tried the teas but I really like the other two. I mix mine in a 12-20 oz bottle. I add a tube of crystal light and put in the freezer until until slightly slushy. Yummy!..

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I don't mind the cranberry mango and tropical punch "plain." But, I do prefer them spruced up a bit. I mix them with 16 oz. of water, one tube of the Crystal Light individuals, and let them chill for a while. I really don't like the rasberry tea at all but the CL masks it enough that I can drink it. I won't order that again though..

Mango + orange.

Tropical punch + cherry pomegranite.

Rasberry tea + raspberry ice.

If I ever thought to mix up the two quart size of the Crystal Light, I could use 16 oz. of that to mix up the cold drinks..


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I like the Mango and Punch flavored cold drinks with sparkling water. It just takes some careful mixing. I don't like sweet iced tea, so I've never tried the Medifast iced teas...

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My daughter says they taste much better with diet 7up, but I haven't tried them yet...I was going to save them for summer drinks on the patio....

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Try the raspberry tea.. I found it very tastey... It doesn't LOOK like tea since it is white and cloudy, but it tastes like raspberry tea.

The Tropical Punch had an after taste that I found unpleasant.. but it might be fixable with some flavored other stuff... (overwhelm that flavor somehow..)..

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Lol-I wish I would have seen this before I ordered the punch. This is the first time I will be trying it, and now I am scared...

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I love the punch and cranberry mango! I'm getting more to make sure I have enough for the warm weather that is coming my way FAST I live in Arizona. I can drink this stuff right out of the shaker jar(if I have too) they are GREAT and low calorie even for a Medifast drink...

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These are definitely one of my favs too.

I mix the tropical punch with a little bit of pineapple extract, and some sugar free davinci malibu syrup, then add in some diet 7-up. It's awesome.

The cranberry mango are just as good with the right additivies. I put in a little (walmart 0 calorie) orange juice powder in it or cranberry, plus diet 7-up. It's great.

The teas aren't as good, but I dr. mine by adding strongly brewed tea and lots of ice.

Hope that helps..

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I like them both, but only with some "doctoring"! I mix the Tropical punch with a large glass of pink lemonade, and it's pretty good that way. The Cranberry Mango I mix with diet Mountain Dew - makes it taste like sherbet punch! And for both of them, I let it sit a few minutes before I drink it, so the powder can absorb the liquid and it can be mixed up more thoroughly...

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I despise the tropical punch - like you I haven't found a single way to doctor it that helps. I even waited a few weeks to see if my tastes changed, but nope. It's still the nastiest thing by far that I've tried..

Since we have that in common, you might want to try the teas. I love them both. They do not taste like tea to me, but instead like a light raspberry and peach flavor. Like the other poster said, they are not clear like tea - they are cloudy. But they are less thick than the shakes and less conspicuous at work than the shakes (they look kindof like crystal light tea)..

I've heard others say they like the Chai Latte cold. I adore it hot, hate it cold. But you might want to give that a try?.

Good luck! And if you hear a fix that you try and like, please post it to help the rest of us who hate the tropical punch...

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I love the cold drinks. Mix them first with 8 oz of bottled water and a few drops of capellas coconut or rasberry let them sit a while, then put them in my blender with lots of ice...

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