Medifast Tropical Fruit blehhhh!?

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Enter your email address below and we'll send you the latest coupon codes to save on Medifast every month. We'll even give a lucky person a month supply of free food. do I doctor this drink up?!!! I ordered 2 boxes thinking it was going to be as good as it looks in the brochure...but after I mix it...its all murky and thick...even if I add more water to try to dilute STILL has a medicinal taste to it....

Somebody please help! lol...i really don't want to let these 13 packets go to waste!!.

Oh, and are they supposed to be that thick?! mine got foamy at the top too...>.<.

Thanks in advance, guys!..

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Suzanne (This_is_THE_Time) came up with the idea of mixing the cold drinks and then putting them in those freezer pops that make 4 popsicles. That sounded pretty good. Guess I would suggest you mix the Tropical Fuit punch the night before so it can sit overnight in the fridge. Maybe mix in a little splenda or stevia? Maybe add a little Crystal Light in a flavor you like? But I really like the popsicles idea...

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I hear you on this one. Not near as good as they sound. I played around a bit & now make the Tropical Punch and the Cranberry Mango drinks into "slushies" this way:.

In a 1/2 liter water bottle, mix 12-14 oz water (so they are not so thick), Medifast drink mix & Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade or Lemonade flavor (the lemonade part seems to add a "kick" to the flavor). Freeze the bottle. I mix up several at one time, but you could do just one to try. When you want to use them, take the bottle out of the freezer, and drink the "slushie" as it thaws. There are great for when I am out shopping & running errands. They thaw as I shop, yet stay cold, and I can drink a Medifast meal on the go. Also, because of the frozen slushie consistency they take a bit to finish, so I'm not guzzling down my meal...

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Good morning!... I absolutely LOVE the tropical punch!... I use about 4 or 5 oz of water, the tropical punch packet, one tube of crystal light (one "on the go" packet), and 8 or 9 large ice cubes... whiz them up in the power chopper (like a bullet but better)... LOVE THAT TASTY LITTLE SLUSHIE!... I HAVE to have it every night now like a dessert...

Always comes over to take a sip and tell me it would be perfect w/a little vodka... YUCK... I HATE VODKA!!.

Week 1 - 6 pounds (3 days).

Week 2 - 4 pounds.

Week 3 - 2 pounds.

Week 4 - 2 pounds.

Week 5 - 2 pounds.

Week 6 - 2 pounds.

Week 7 - 2 pounds.

Week 8 - 20 (craaap!)..

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Ps... it has to be the lemonade crystal light for me but I also love the cherry pomegranet....

Week 1 - 6 pounds (3 days).

Week 2 - 4 pounds.

Week 3 - 2 pounds.

Week 4 - 2 pounds.

Week 5 - 2 pounds.

Week 6 - 2 pounds.

Week 7 - 2 pounds.

Week 8 - 20 (craaap!)..

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Crystal light makes all the difference, and make sure you drink them as cold as you can get them...

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Please don't tell me that they taste bad. I just ordered 2 boxes today because they are on sale. I guess I need to make sure I purchase some Crystal Light before Thursday...

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When the weather is hot, I have enjoyed mine with sparking water - but it does take careful mixing to remove the clumps before adding most of the water. Slushies sound good...

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Honestly, I keep a pitcher of Crystal Light (tangerine/strawberry, I believe) in the fridge just for the fruit punch. I'll mix 8 oz of the Crystal Light and with the fruit punch. I use the shaker to do it though to make sure I get the clumps out. I then pour it over ice, a lot of ice - I use Sonic's ice (you know, the small kind you use for party drinks). Yummy. Actually, it's gotten where it's almost too sweet for me now but it definitely does the trick!..

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Il like it mixed with 16 oz of water and a Crystal Lite Cherry Mango and ice in the blender til it is really cold! I also bought some Faygo Red Pop and I am going to try that too..


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I love the Fruit Punch with sugar free Tropicana lemonade. It's so easy to take anywhere b/c the lemonade comes in single-serve bottles. I just drink a bit off the top then add the fruit punch and shake. I love it..

On the other hand, I cannot stand the Cranberry Mango. Thank goodness I only got 1 box but I have 5 more servings to go. If anyone wants to trade I'd be all for it..

I cannot stand the lemon yogurt bars either. Would trade for the Fruit and Nut granola bars or the Chocolate Mint bars. Both of these are yummy!.

Does it make sense to return something we don't like? Is that allowed once a box is open?.


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Sorry - but trading product is not allowed - check out the Discussion Board rules. And yes -you can return something once a box is opened. The return policy is for any unopened packets. However - there is a time limit - it has to be within a certain number of days after the order is made. Phone Customer Service and they can help you...

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Yikes, pardon me everyone. I am not the kind of person that wants to do anything against the rules. I guess there is so much to read that I missed this section..

Thank you for letting me know and please pardon my mistake..


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Mmm- just have to say it's delicious with CL Lemonade! Tthanks for the tip!..

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I hated the Tropical Fruit by itself too! I blend mine with diet 7up or diet cherry 7up and ice! Yep! Making it into a slushy is a big improvement!..

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Mix with Diet Mountain Dew or Crystal Lite Orange Sunrise. Then drink very cold...

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Not to worry - we all learn a new things here all the time...

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WOW! I love this stuff with a touch of sweetzfree and made into a slushy!.

Tastes great!.

Maybe it's because I haven't had a fruit punch in like, 9 months!.

And I don't know (or remember) the difference!.

I'll be ordering more while they're on sale...

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I love this!.

I mix in different flavors of Crystal Light.

Because of the high potassium, this is the one I took to Disney World.

For an extra special treat, I mixed 2 packages into SF jello and make 2 servings (1 meal + 1 snack.) I don't do this on a day when I have a bar.

I even made a "Jello salad" by mixing shredded cabbage when I refridgerated it.


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