Medifast tips for Traveling?

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Okay so maybe this isn't the right forum for this.... BUT, I am out of town celebrating my birthday. I was panicked because of all the temptation and thought of the possible inconvenience of dealing with the little packets. So I wanted to share this with everyone who worries about vacations..

Anyway, I am with my mother, who I think was heartbroken because of my weight gain before. Not just because of how uncomforable I was, but because of my health. When I saw her, having not seen her in months, she almost cried. It was such a nice feeling that in no way was I going to cheat.

I baked 48 muffins and 24 cookies before I left home. Way more than enough. Stuck them in a big snap lock tupperware box and off into my luggage they went. And the packets of soup, etc. have been no problem. There is a little coffee place in my hotel that happily gives me hot water and spoons.

And for dinner I just tell the server that I have special diet needs and no problems there either.

I know that others go off of Medifast on their vacations and of course that is cool because we all have to do it our own way. But I have to say that this has been SO easy. And the compliments from family and friends just boosted my determination NOT to cheat...

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Happy, happy Birthday, Bettina!! I am so proud of you. Clearly your mom is too. We just got back from our 3 days at a Maine B&B, where the breakfasts are legendary (and carb- and sugar-laden). I did exactly what you did, brought oatmeal muffins, Cream of Broccoli crackers, and packets, and totally stayed on plan. For dinners, we went to restaurants where they would accommodate my requests. And eating lobster and filet mignon wasn't exactly hard! Today, my official weigh-in day, I'm down 1.5 pounds for the week, which brings me to half-way to my goal.


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Happy Birthday and Thanks so much for the encouragement. We go on vacation in 2 weeks and I was worried about sticking to the plan. Vegetables are my greatest concern because salads just don't work for me. However, 10 days of salads won't hurt me if I stick with the plan...

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Way to go Bettina and Sue! Congratulations on staying true to yourself about your committment to a new life without excess weight! You both have shown us that you can have a great time on vacation without overeating and gaining weight...

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What a great feeling it is to have your family so proud of your achievement. Great job being so prepared for your vacation!..

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Sue-Sue great for you too! And honestly the thanks should go to all the people here who came up with the muffin and cookie recipes. There is no way I personally could have had an easy time on vacation without having something to eat that I could carry around in my purse. I don't have access to a stove or microwave and I did not want to eat more than one Medifast bar a day. So you ladies with the great ideas are who we should all thank...

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Happy Belated Birthday and a big CONGRATULATIONS. That's awesome. I have to travel next year (Jan, March and April) and I know I'll still be on Medifast at that time. You've definitely given me a boost knowing that staying on program will be a snap. I don't do the soups, so I'll just take along my shakes and all the muffins and cookies and take it one day at a time. We usually buy gallon size water bottles where ever we go, so I know I'll be drinking and following the plan to a T....

They play with the recipies and then willingly share them with the rest of us to help us all succeed. Its definitely a team effort and they are our unsung heros..

Congrats again...

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Great tips! I travel a lot for business and am leaving on Sunday. Now I know I'll be packing some muffins in addition to my packets :-) This'll be my first trip on MF..

One thing I did was let a few key folks know I'm doing this so I'll stick to it while I'm away pride can be a powerful motivator ;-) Plus, several people I'm meeting with in LA are on some sort of shake diet, so that'll make it easier...

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Thank goodness you started this thread bettinav!! I just found out I have to go across country on a business trip the week after next and had started worrying. 2 days traveling, 2 days there.....

I have the RTD shakes and will bring them but was thinking I'd have to stick to the RTD's and bars for the four days I'm gone.

How do muffins and cookies (and the crackers you make with the cream soups) travel? Do they do OK w/o refrigeration? Every time I've made the muffins and cookies I've kept them in the fridge and then reheated them.


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Keep in mind the airport restrictions re: RTD you can't bring liquids over 2 (or 3?) ounces on the planes. I had an unopened bottle of water and a diet coke two weeks ago in my bag that just slipped my mind (really!) and had to throw it out during security. They were ticked off and I was embarrassed.

Two weeks ago, they allowed:.

* Drinks you buy after you go through security (lobbying by the airport stores, anyone? ).

* Liquids and gels under 2 or 3 ounces if they are in a 1 qt zip lock baggie (I had 3 small items in a gallon baggie and they made me get out of line, go all the way down the airport at Logan Int'l, buy a baggie for about 14 cents, and put the items in there instead of the bigger baggie ).

They've been changing regularly, so check the airport web site before you travel!.


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I brought all the muffins and cookies in a tupperware box and have no fridge. They have been fine and I have been here four days. I don't put mine in the fridge at home to start with so I didn't even think about that. BUT I don't make the recipe that says put them in the fridge and keep them there. My cookies have been great too with no fridge and I never put those in fridge either anyway...

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Cream of Broccoli crackers,.

Anyone have recipe for these???.


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What are the ready to drink shakes? They look like they are in a package like the other ones, so what are the difference?..

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He he he.... I went to the airport here in town I was so paranoid about not having my Medifast food with me while I was traveling for 10 days.

You should have seen me grabbing the TSA guy and doing my best "please" and "thank you" routine. It was really funny. I even took a packet and a shaker with me. Just so I could make sure that I was going to be within their guidelines. I was concerned about carrying 14 days worth of food (extra just in case) in my checked baggage. He was VERY nice and said of course and that I just needed to make sure to get water on the plane or after the security checkpoints in order to make the shakes.

Also, my hubby and I take a weekend trip once a month (or else he would work 24/7), and I have found that restaurants are very helpful once I explain my dietary needs. And hotels even have been great at providing spoons for my nightly pudding. It is not as traumatic as I thought it was going to be.

I think part of this is the mindset that I am doing this for health reasons and people all over the world have different health issues. Mine just happen to be weight and so I have to adjust accordingly..

Happy belated Bday!! Keep up the great work!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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