Medifast tips for staying on plan?

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My sister sent out her Xmas Dinner menu.



Crab topped Red peppers cheese treats.

Chicken cutlets.

Mini meatballs.

Riches bread baked.



Mashed potatoes.


Sweet potatoes.

Crescent rolls.



Brocolli and cheese.

Crnberry sauce.

Green bean almodine.

Corn bread stuffing.


Chocolate cool whip pie.

Pumpkin Pie.

Apple Pie.

IceBox cake.

Pumkpin chocolate chip cake.

Banana Rum cake.

Our family is not severly overweight, but my sister just had a baby and she LOVES comfort foods. I emailed her back requesting that she remove some items (all carb items) in respect and support of my diet as well as the overall health of our family. She agreed slightly, but I still think she's going to do what she wants....

How do I tackle this situation? Do I bring my Medifast meal and sit at the table????.

I don't think I'll be embarassed, well, maybe a little, if I sit down with my lettuce and veggie burger.

How are you guys handling the Holidays? Handling the sit down dinners etc?..

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We have a holiday OPers thread with a lot of great suggestions. We would love for you to join us there. We were just talking about situations like this..

My advice would be to not just bring your own lean and green, but create an OP lean and green meal that will feel special to you. I did that for Thanksgiving and felt so much better and stayed OP!..

Comment #1

#1. I wouldn't ask anyone to change their menu for you. That's a recipe for resentment and hassle.

#2. I would take along some items I COULD eat. Just reply and say something like "Sounds like you're putting in a lot of work! I'm also going to bring some plain green beans to roast, will there be room in the oven? Won't take but 20 minutes!".

You can most certainly find stuff to eat on that menu. The first thing that I see is turkey and a plain vegetable (maybe she could pull out some broccoli for you before putting the cheese on it).

Just make that meal your L&G for the day, and bring some 'snacky' type Medifast meals for the rest of the day. If you have brownies, take a brownie to have while everyone is eating dessert.

You can do it!..

Comment #2

The holidays are often triggers for people....but that doesn't mean you can't stay on plan. Full disclosure...I'm one of those 100% OP people. Tis who I am.

Your sister probably is not going to change her menu much...however, you can make it Medifast friendly. Bring a dish that you know is on plan. Bring some green beans...or bring a cheese plate, etc. And yeah, it's tough to not eat the food when it is right in front of you...however let me tell you...if you go to the big buffet o' your on plan food and nothing'll walk away feeling so fantastic!! It's truly a great feeling....better than anything that the big plate of carbs can make you feel.



Comment #3

Shelley is 100% right. It is an insanely empowering feeling...

Comment #4

Ditto to all the responses. We had this discussion in my family since my sister is the comfort baker during the holidays. But, we're all looking to slim down and we got through Thanksgiving without deprivation. We made sure OP items were made (turkey, salad, roasted veggies) and also made the "traditional" stuff for those who wanted it (crescent rolls, green bean casserole, cranberry jelly). I even made deviled eggs for my ovo-lacto-pescatarian sister (she doesn't eat meat or poultry), but I put in light mayo and upped the mustard since she likes them tangy.

Leading up to it, I told them that I didn't want to deprive anyone else, but I did want to make sure I was covered L&G-wise. There's an office luncheon tomorrow and I'm making sure there's veggies there for me, if not anyone else.

If I was in your shoes, I would offer to bring a veggie you can eat and share. The turkey should be okay for protein. I'd also make sure I have a big glass of water in my hand from the get go and keep it between me and the food...

Comment #5


As for a dish that you would bring, I would avoid something similar to what she already has on the menu. My experience is a veggie tray or big tossed salad are always good choices and you can bring a couple of dressings that fit within your plan that you enjoy..

That is truly a massive menu! I think I may have put on 5 lbs just reading about it!..

Comment #6

It can be done, holidays, vacations, etc. on plan, if you WANT to do it. I was OP at Thanksgiving at a friend's, and for a week on vacation with my sister who ate everything in sight (and gained 5 pounds in one week!). For Thanksgiving, I ate plain turkey and the lovely salad I brought for myself. On vacation, I sent my Medifast ahead and ate L&Gs, even at restaurants (hold the sauce, hold the carbs, steam the veggies no fat or plain salad, dressing on the side). Did I occasionally gaze wistfully at the no-no food? Of course I did.

And now I'm 2.5 lbs from goal. Good luck whatever you decide...

Comment #7

My MIL does our menu and we are having sandwiches and soup this year so I just offered to bring the veggies and dip, veggies for me dip for them thats a great thing to do then everyone gets their veggies in...

Comment #8

So after reading that huge fat and carb laden menu I was able to pick out some items that could be eaten by you and still be OP..

1. Turkey - take 5 oz from the lean white meat.

2. Broccoli - ask her to leave a few spears out of the cheese sauce.

3. Green Beans - ask her to leave a portion plain for you.

It is your sister, she should be somewhat sympathetic to your needs as well as the others invited to her table..

AND bring a salad or veggie tray to share as well plus all your Medifast needs too..

It can be done!..

Comment #9

Thank you everyone for your support and feedback!.

My plan of attack will be to make the salad for everyone and make it non-carb (no crutons) and bring my own walden farms dressing. I'll also eat some of the turkey (size of palm) and drink plenty of water while waiting for food prep..

I'm also going to drink water mixed with Psyllium Husk as that seems to really fill up my stomach and will give me the willpower I need. Anyone else do that?.

For dessert, I'm going to bring a medifast brownie, pop it in the microwave, and not feel deprived..

I'm going to be 100% OP for Christmas!.

Can't wait to walk away feeling fantastic!.

Natalie= 1 Food Binge/Guilt=0..

Comment #10

Good plan!! Way to go!.

You may want to try measuring out some turkey ahead of time at home (weighing it) to see what it looks like. The size of your palm probably isn't enough to be a full lean. Don't cut yourself short!..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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