Medifast tips for getting through rough days?

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The last few days have been extra tough. No big crisis, no change in my plan but just really tough. I am finding the thought of eating off plan food is with me pretty much all of the time. Not sure how to snap out of this funk. I am getting closer to goal and I am thinking that might be part of it and I am guessing I am not the only one who is dealing with this. Anyone have a good tip for how to nip this in the bud?..

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The messages I get from my friends and the boards..

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I can relate..........I suggest the Beck's Diet Solution. She has you write on index cards your reasons for wanting to lose the weight (for one exercise). Reading it a few times a day really helped refocus me and remind me what I want from all this, and what the new found weight loss is doing for me..

Other's success stories, pictures in particular are very motivating. Even going shopping or just trying new clothes on can remind you why you wanted this in the first place and confirm for yourself how good smaller clothes feel..

Comment #2

I know what you mean. The closer I get the tighter I have to pull in the reigns and cut back any overly tempting OP foods. Seems like staying OP should be less difficult at this point, but it definitely isn't for me.

Without a doubt, blogging is my go to tool. Even if you don't post anything just write down the words and phrases in your head. Get them out and onto paper instead of swirling around in a brain tornado. Its kind of magic for me, the pressure is relieved.

Another thing I do less often is just put on all the clothes I have now that didn't used to fit or new stuff. I model for myself, enjoying some vanity. It helps remind me that I'd be pretty upset if I couldn't do that...

Comment #3

This has saved me a million times, and it does it almost everyday.....

When I see someone who looks like I USE to look before medifast.... I watch them closely, how they move, the look of pain on their face.... the way they are bent over on a carriage to hold up their weight... I have lost 150 lbs and kept it off for what 4 years now..... still battleing with 20 but now want to make it 30 more, 10 for good measure....

But when I see these people, I see how I was and I will NEVER go back to being that person. Its not the nicer, smaller clothes, it's not the reflection I see in the mirror that keeps me going... it's remembering where I came from that keeps me going...

Comment #4

There is a saying that goes something like:.

"Don't wait to be motivated to act... ACT to be motivated".

During those times I am simply NOT motivated, I ACT (pretend) like I am as a game with myself to just make it through the day.

It is totally natural to have those times that we simply don't feel like doing it anymore! I think a lot of people nearing the goal weight go through it. Some may due to fatigue of "doing it" for what seems like "so long", some might be missing the role food played in our lives and part of it may be that underlying "fear of success" so many of us face..

Some is, as humans, we simply have "good & not so good" moods/days..

The "blahs" will pass. HANG IN THERE!..

Comment #5

Wow, Kay! That really resonated with me. I haven't lost 150, but other than that I'd like to say DITTO!..

Comment #6

I take it one meal at a time-I may not think I can get through the whole day, but I certainly can get through one meal at a time! I also come to these boards frequently throughout the day...

Comment #7

Posted by Madammermaid: Another thing I do less often is just put on all the clothes I have now that didn't used to fit or new stuff. I model for myself, enjoying some vanity. It helps remind me that I'd be pretty upset if I couldn't do that..

This is a great idea! I am going to try this and model for someone else, Hubby perhaps, maybe DD (Dear Doggie) if he isn't available. BTW, these boards get me through the tough days. My fellow MF'sr's (is that a word?) know my mind, my struggles, my joys and my fears, even if they don't know me! Thank you all! Violet..

Comment #8

Drink water, read the boards.. eat a pickle if it's too bad. I have a steadfast rule; kitchen closes at 8, no exceptions...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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