Medifast tips for Food Weighing?

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Hi all, I would rather weigh my vegetables rather than measure them by the cup. Does anyone know of a good conversion chart that shows how much of a given vegetable weighs per cup? It seems like this would be easier than cramming everything into a measuring cup..


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Hi Mike,.

I asked this question of Nutrition Support a few weeks ago and they told me that it's a cup by volume, not by weight with the exception of Spinach which can be weighed to 12oz. I know, a drag. I also prefer the scale but have become very good at 'cramming' the veggies in so there is no air pocket!.

Hope today is a great day!.


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Insofar as I know, there is no conversion from volume to weight. There is such a variable in the weights of the different vegetables (or anything else, actually), that such conversion would be well-nigh impossible on a grand scale. Pun intended.

One thing you COULD do, because I'm tempted to do it all the time, is take your fave vegetables and bite the bullet to waste some. This is a long, arduous process, so bear with me.

Let's use green beans as an example. Assumption here is that you use fresh beans. Cook approximately 16 oz of fresh green beans. Allow them to cool completely. Drain in a colander for several minutes so you know you have no liquid. Chop finely, but do not puree.

Pour this serving into the basket of your scale. Weigh it. That's how much a full cup of green beans weighs, cooked. It would be relatively consistent.

PITA? Yeah. It's up to you if it's worth it. I eat an amazing amount of broccoli. It's not worth it to me. YMMV...

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I completely agree with Mike - I've tried googling but haven't had any luck. Weighing is much more accurate than volume-measures when it comes to anything that isn't liquid or powder. We could very easily overeat on the veggies, and as Nutrisystem keeps reminding us, that's not good. I echo Mike's call for heeeeeellllllllp!..

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I know, I'm a strong person, do you know how much salad I can compress into a 1 cup measure? LOL I can then vacuum seal it and press it in some more! LOL I'm teasing, but you get the idea. It's hard to change the quantity when something is being weighed, except for that darn water weight! LOL.

Mike (who is thinking about freeze drying it first! Freeze dried salad, yummy! Not!)..

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I completely agree about the weight of veggies being more exact. I, too, got the "measuring cups only" response from MF. C'mon, Nutrition Support, you've had over 20 years to get this info. If you won't provide it, why not? The measuring seems so imperfect for such an EXACT program. What gives? Certainly the information is SOMEWHERE! BTW, I do love MF!!..

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I prefer to weigh too. I was playing around with the meal logger and I noticed that they have nutritional values for vegetables by the cup. I think what I'll do is weigh out the amount that will have the nutritional values that medifast has. For example, Medifast lists a cup of broccoli at 7 carbs. I'd look up in my nutiriton count book and see that 4 oz of broccoli has 7 carbs so I'll go with 4 oz of broccoli. It just seems more precise to me.

If not, I'm sure someone will say so...

Comment #6

A couple of weeks ago someone on here gave the url for a really good web site that tells all kinds of stuff about all kinds of foodincluding giving weight equivalencies for volumes..

It requires a little math, but everything you want to know is there..

Check this out:.


Just type in the food you want in the upper right-hand box, hit search, and there is virtually everything you might want to know...

Comment #7

Want to share where the weight vs volume equivalences might be? Thanks...

Comment #8

On the website recommended by dctr tom, type in the veggie you want to research in the FoodSearch box. You'll get a list of veggies and veggie products to choose from. After you select the right veggie you'll get the familiar Nutrition Facts label info. Up above that, is a box where you can choose the serving size. Some of the choices list both cups and grams. Then, I found an online grams/ounces conversion chart ( to convert grams to ounces...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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