Medifast tips for Eating out! Help!!?

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My boss is taking me and some coworkers out to eat, most likely at PF changs. I have to go, but I have no idea what to order, and how much to eat since their proportions are so large? Are you familiar with the menu at all? Could I get shrimp or lettuce wraps?.

I have been avoiding eating out socially, but I'm only on week 2 so I know more instances like this will come up. What else do people normally order that will stick to the Lean and Green requirements when they are eating out?.

Thank you!..

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For Chinese Food, I have found that Broccoli Chicken is usually the safest thing to order. Just read the listed ingredients and see what you can find that is the closest to the plan. Enjoy the meal and the company..

For Mexican Food, Fajitas are a good option. I usually add a side salad as well, but without tortilla strips or cheese. There are usually other good chicken options. A Sizzling Fajita Salad is good..

At most places you can find something. I usually take a bar in my purse when I don't know what the options are. That way I can eat it on the way home if I am still hungry because I didn't eat the illegal options. I sometimes cut the bar in little cubes and put it in a baggie where I can get little bites at a time..

I hope this helps...

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I haven't been to PF Chang's in a while, but I remember them having several nice salads. I think they had a salmon salad, a shrimp salad and a Chinese chicken salad. Those could work if you make sure they don't add fried won ton strips, or crispy noodles or anything like that. And of course, dressing on the side!.

How about the chicken lettuce wraps? Or you could even do a broccoli beef without sauce. Why not see if they have a website where they post a menu? Then you can read all about the various dishes and decide what you're going to have before you go..

Best of luck to you!..

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^ that link has like 129 menu items and their nutrition info, so you can check em out and make an informed decision I always use or calorieking when I know I'm going out to eat, esp to a restaurant whose menu I dont know well, to make sure I'm not consuming a ton of sneaky carbs in like sauces etc..

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Thanks so much everyone! I think it's sad how ignorant we can all be to what we're consuming when we eat out. Check out the nutrition facts for the PF Changs menu and you will be appalled. Even a salad is deadly! You can view that information here:.


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We recently had a P F Changs open here, so I have been following this thread with great interest. Couldn't resist checking out the nutrition link. WOW!! I don't know if APPALLED is a strong enough word to describe my SHOCK! Kung Pao Shrimp 1,230 calories & 52 carbs! Orange Peel Beef 1,330 calories & 69 carbs It seems as though anything that has their "proprietary sauces" are killers in the calories and carbs department. UNBELIEVABLE! I never would have imagined. Even on maintenance I don't think this will be a restaurant that I should ever eat at. One meal is almost an entire days worth of calories.

How many other restaurants have hidden facts????..

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I have studied most every chain restaurants nutrition facts (all the ones that give out their info anyway) and pf changs is by far the most appalling dont worry that EVERY place is that bad (how terrible that wuld be!) and the portion sizes at pf changs are enormous, cause it's kind of family style, but many parties each get their own dish and just share, so you still eat A LOT.

Seriously, if you have time you shud check out and surf the restaurants you frequent so next time you kno exactyl wats going in your body..

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Thanks Melanie. I just added this to my Favorites...

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Hey there!.

I have a PF Changs down the street, and I've had to deal with this before....

I'm a vegetarian, so I often have to ask for specially prepared foods..

I know that they have great schezuan string you can ask for them steamed, even with a sprinkle of the dry spices over the top to make it interesting. Then ask for an order of plain protein, chicken, tofu, (you can ask in ounces, say "7" for chicken, most restaurant chains measure out there food to make sure their menu items are uniform)..

Chances are that once the meal is over and everyone is stuffed and bloated from all the salt and fat, they'll be saying, "I wish that I got what you did, you were smart." That's happened to me, too. It feels pretty good!.

Of course, try to have a shake before going in so you're not as hungry. One thing I do since so many places have their menus online (like PF Changs) is to know what you'll order before going in and try not to pick up and read the menu..

Chances are that once the meal is over and everyone is stuffed and bloated from all the salt and fat, they'll be saying, "I wish that I got what you did, you were smart." That's happened to me, too. It feels pretty good!.

Good Luck!~.


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Great websites for checking out the restaurants. Thank you!..

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