Medifast Thoughts on scrambled eggs- cleaned up?

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I was on that thread as it was being cleaned up, I assume by MyMedifastSupport. boy was it weird to watch the posts just disappear! go poof! it was almost funny. I am not a blonde, very salt and pepper, but could not figure out what was happening at first. noticed that they only left the first few postings that were actually on the subject of scrambled eggs. thanks Big Brother. anyone remember book called 1984. not very computer literate, so do not know how to underline book title...

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I remember 1984. Big Brother really DID do a number on that thread. But I was thinking "what took so long." I didn't want to read anymore of a certain rant myself and am glad it is gone, but it was soooo fun for a while...

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After all the nonsense over these eggs...they better be good and someone better figure out how to make a gourmet recipe out of them. GO EGGS...

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I wondered how long it would be before the babysitters at MediFast would discover that we kids have been playing in the discussion boards at night when they weren't watching us..

It's all Bettina's fault for talking sexy. The rest of us would be nice if it wasn't for Bettina...

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Jim, Jim, Jim, if I could go back and quote the posts, it would be CLEAR that it was ALL your fault You are just the cutest funniest thing. Uh oh, am I flirting? Don't want anymore trouble. Smootch...

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Just to pretend like I care about scrambled eggs ....

Why would anybody buy powdered eggs, when you can just go to the store and get the real thing? Has anybody seen any explanation why we would want faux ova?..

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I think the logic here is that you could STILL have eggs as your L&G and use these for breakfast, whatever. I hope they are good after all this...

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Oh, I am so-o-o glad that I caught up reading the boards yesterday. I would have hated to miss the original version, although I do understand why the MediStaff would feel they had to bring in the mops and bleach. But, oh my, it was certainly fun while it lasted!!!..

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Sue...the fun's not OVER. We just start a new one and they can bring the buckets and mops. Yeehahhhhh......

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Bettina- be good girl! You all are funny. Listen, I guess I am really a nerd and excited for real about the eggs. I think that the main reason is what what you can have the eggs and then also enjoy your lean and green. (Real eggs take away from that allotted amount of lean) I find that I do get a little agitated the days when I make egg white omlets with veggies as L&G. Later in the day I get to wanting some meat!.

Anyway, I guess I will try to use their version and then just eliminate (for now) real eggs or egg whites from my diet. Plus minues the cholesterol in real eggs!.

Let's ALL order EGGS after all of this now, ok?????..

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I'm in. Lemme know where and when. I've been reading here for 30 mins. and haven't even cracked a smile.....

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I am sticking my tongue out. Not gonna be good. Gonna be funny. Sue likes it when I make her giggle. As for the MediEggs, I will of course try it. Just gotta come up with something clever to do with them...

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I guess it would be even funnier if the new product isn't scrambled eggs afterall?..

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I just hope if it is *eggs*gaggg*eggs* that they're a substitute version that does NOT come out of a chicken's "you know what area". I don't do eggs. They repulse me more than bloody meat! A good fake egg product to help out in our muffins and such would be wonderful...

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Tammy You have to explain that there a difference????..

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What a shock it get back from work and come back online to this thread to a very preschool version of srambled eggs! Sheesh! Not laughing so much today. Can I assume other's complained? I didn't think we were that bad. As for the actual scrambled eggs, maybe now when I make a muffin, the will actually turn out to be like muffins instead o hocky pucks (i've tried every recipe)? A nice Spinach Omlette will be good too...

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Tracy I am not so sure we were that bad. I heard that while we were sleeping a certain member went back on the tirade AS the Medifast guys were cleaning up the thread. Yeah not so funny today but I am tired of watching my back. Give it a day and we will be FUNNY again..

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A certain member? One? Sheesh. The POWER the member has, eh? Should probably just meet up at MYspace forum to let loose and meet back here for the pg stuff. oh well...

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Well, I am egg-cited about the eggs!! I will try them as soon as they come out!! Let me on board...GO EGGS!!.

PS I always hated powdered eggs...

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Good Morning/Afternoon Medifriends,.

I just had to say hi and that I have been keeping a close eye on you. I did get to read the posts before they got medizapped. I was actually reading as they were disappearing. Whew, I'm glad it is over. I don't like having to defend myself everytime I say something and as I was quoted again I was getting pretty peeved. The thing with messaging is that words can be so misinterpreted and I say this to both sides of the argument.

Jim & Betinna.......ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! What would I do with out you, and everyone else that participates in your medimadness. I love you all!.

On to the topic of the thread. I for one will try the eggs. I will be making a big Mediorder to set me up for when I get back to the village after the New Year. I wonder if they are just plain eggs or if they have any flavor like "spanish omlet" flavors.

Anyhow, cheers to all. Good to see you all full of so much energy this weekend.

BetinnaYou drink your dang water girl!!!! It loves you......


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Hi Ruby!!! I was just thinking of YOU because I AM drinking that dang water. Ugh. With a Diet Cherry Pepsi chaser.....

I missed all the fun last night. Good thing. I could not have controled myself for yet another tirade..

Love you all too. Jim is funny and cute..



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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