Medifast Splenda Flavor Packets?

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I just got my shipment of the new Splenda flavor packets from I ordered all three flavor mocha, hazelnut and vanilla. They're really good and of course now the wheels are spinning about using them in shakes, oatmeal and baking, etc. Enjoy!..

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I just saw those last night at the store! Be sure to share your creations, please!..

Comment #1

Are these more expensive than regular splenda? I checked out the splenda brown sugar everyone has been talking in the store recently and was shocked by how much pricier it was!!..

Comment #2

The Splenda flavor packets at are $3.99/box of 30 packets. I didn't buy the Splenda brown sugar blend because I think it's part real sugar and has a lot of carbs and calories...

Comment #3

I have samples of these that I completely forgot about until I read your post. I just mixed a chocolate shake in the blender with some ice cubes and the hazelnut one and I have to say... I'm in love! Doesn't add too much of that artificial sweetness either which makes me love it even more. Can't wait to try it in a chocolate muffin!..

Comment #4

Yeah I agree with Farrell...For some reason when I have used it it doesn't have that bitterness splenda usually does. Thanks for sharing I can't wait to put it in baked goods...

Comment #5

Can you buy those flavors in the grocery store or is it only onine?..

Comment #6

I could not find them in my local market, although I got a coupon in my Sunday paper for them. I will keep looking. I wonder if the website tells you what retail stores have them??..

Comment #7

I just made the peanut butter cookies (love Ellenkay for this) and I used the French Vanilla splenda packets and I have to say that there is none of that usual aftertaste or bitterness from the regular splenda. Plus they seem to have added some nice flavor. Love these...

Comment #8

Hazelnut in the hot cocoa. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. Tastes like there's a shot of Frangelico in there...

Comment #9

Okay, these things are not by the regular Splenda in the grocery store. I found them over by the Coffeemate. All I had were a couple of sample packs and wanted to get some more. I was wandering around my local Giant after not being able to find them by the sweeteners and accidentally walked down the coffee aisle. That's where they were. Likely because the box says they are flavor blends for your coffee. Duh...

Comment #10

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