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I'm new here, but I stumbled upon this pretty early, and I swear, it really does taste like that chocolate "orange" that comes in foil and breaks into sections. You won't believe how thick and smooth it is, either. I am such a happy camper!.

Chocolate Orange Shake.

Place 3/4 c. ice cubes into a "bone dry" food processor with a metal blade..

Pulse and then turn on to crush ice until it is complete dust and the blade is spinning completely free of the ice, about a minute..

Push crushed ice down the side of bowl with a silicone spatula.

Add 1 packet Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Shake.

Add 6 oz. diet orange soda..

Continue processing for 3 minutes, until the shake thickens and climbs the sides of the bowl..

Pour into a TALL GLASS, one that allows for an incredible amount of volume.

Mine is about a 30 oz. plastic tumbler, and it is filled to the gills!.

If anyone else has "soda" recipes, I would love to hear them!.


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It sounds good! I usually do pudding shakes. Diet creme soda, crushed ice, SF caramel, flavorings, SF marshmellow dip with chocolate pudding (gets thick like a Wendy's frosty) or half choc. pudding, half vanilla pudding - comes out much less thick. Found a way to use those free vanillas and now I love the combo!..

Comment #1

Yes! This is my absolute favorite shake. I think it tastes just like those chocolate oranges too. YUM :-)..

Comment #2

This may be a silly question, but can it be done in a Magic Bullet? I am afraid to put sodas into the Magic Bullet because of the carbonation...

Comment #3

I'm not sure about that, but I do mine in a small personal-cup Hamilton Beach blender, and there isn't any problem. Well, I do hold a paper towel over the top b/c some comes out, but not a lot...

Comment #4

I'm not sure about the magic bullet because I don't own one. I can tell you that there is a big difference in consistency depending upon the contraption, and the food processor instructions I put up are very specific to ensure a very specific result.

You can still play with the recipe. More ice makes it "frostier"; more orange soda makes it thinner..

A regular blender does not produce the kind of shake I described. That doesn't mean it might not taste good to you anyway!.


Comment #5

Oops! Accidentally posted under my daughter's page..



Comment #6

The pop adds a lot of volume, so it might not fit in the bullet. I make mine in a full size blender with a full can of pop, and it fills 1/2 of a full size blender..

And my favorite combo is Diet Cranberry (Meijers) with Dutch chocolate yummy!..

Comment #7

Orange and any of the chocolates is good but the dark is definitely the best! And watch out, because not all diet orange is the same, some have calories and carbs!.

Root beer and vanilla shake..

Cream soda and chocolate..

Ginger ale and cherry pom. This one is my latest fav!..

Comment #8

Diet Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade and any of the fruit shakes but especially the banana. Add a sprinkle of Crystal Light Lemonade powder...

Comment #9

Probably a really stupid question, but doesn't the carbonation of the soda cause the lid to explode off of blender??.

I bought some soda to use in some of these recipes and have tried it other ways with "explosion" type effects. I am leary to try to mix soda in any way!!..

Comment #10

It doesn't with my blender, but I always hold the top, no matter what I'm blending. I have a touch of paranoia about that stuff to begin with, LOL...

Comment #11

I use soda in my magic bullet - sometimes it gives a "burp" when I open it. Depending on how much ice I use -the can of soda doesn't always fit completely but I just stir it in later I am trying the choco- orange for lunch today. Thanx for the recipe!..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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