Medifast Shiritaki Noodles?

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I'm not familiar with them. What are they? Do they count as a green with the lean and green? If so, should they be limited? What kind of texture do they have? How can a noodle be legal?!?!? where do you buy them? I'm all for variety but don't want to slow myself down or sabatoge my efforts...

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Check out this site: This site sells the pure fiber noodles (without tofu in them, thus don't need to be refrigerated.) You can also buy them at some asian markets, and in some grocery stores in the specialty/organic/vegetarian aisles (Whole Foods and Trader Joe's in the NYC/NJ area.).

I haven't tried them yet, but plan to! I heard they are AWESOME! Esp. if you love pasta (and I do.).

Also, I emailed their customer service about bloating side effects I had heard about.... and was told that if you have very little fiber in your diet you may feel a little bloated after eating them when you first add them to your diet...but if we're on MF, fiber shouldn't be much of an issue!!.

Have fun making pasta! (I know I will! There are so many recipes on the BB that I want to try with them!).


NJ, 25yrs, 5'9"..

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H, I tried them the other day and they were ok. The consistency is a little different than noodles and I preferred the angelhair to the fettucini. They don't have much taste so you have to make them with a sauce that will give them taste. They count as your green portion, you can f. ex. have 1 cup of noodles and 1/2 cup of tomato sauce in addition to your lean portion...

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I really like them, but I am used to Asian noodles (like rice noodles and vermicelli). I've done a peanut sauce a couple times that was good (1T PB+1T hot water, 1T rice vinegar & 1 tsp soy sauce). I recommend trying to stick to Asian stir-fry type dishes when you first try them. The last couple times I made them I ate a whole bag and got uncomfortably full (old food issues rearing it's ugly head) so I would have 1/2 bag noodles and 1C veggies and your lean. They definitely satisfy that pasta craving though..

The ones I have are tofu and yam flour, 3 g. carbs and 3 g. fiber. I got mine at Whole Foods (in Sacramento)...

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I got the Miracle Noodles. I agree that the angel hair is best of any brand. I did not care for them the first time, but that was because I bought the tofu fettucine version before my miracle noodles arrived in the mail. In my humble opinion, the angel hair miracle noodles are by far the best. I make them either in asian dishes or else just like italian pasta with some low carb sauce and some chicken breast. I really like them now and love feeling like I didn't give up pasta...

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Thanks everyone! I'm going to order the "miracle noodle". I'm a little leary as I haven't had a noodle since September 1st (the day I changed my life with MF). It seems almost decadant to think of eating a noodle! but if they're legal, why not!!! Thanks for all your resposnes...

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