Medifast Shirataki question?

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Hey everyone, I'm a bit 1st day and I was wondering if shirataki.

Noodles are useable for the lean and green..

If so..does it count as a veggie, or how does that work?.

Thank you in advance!..

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Today is my third day and I'm still trying to get the "skinny" on the shirataki noodles. I think they count as your vegtables. Can someone help us?..

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You eat them for all or part of your green as a cooked vegetable. They have no cals or carbs, but not vitamins or minerals either, so you can't have them every day. They have them listed when you go to put your lean and green in on My MF..

I tried to log them in, and this I how it came up.

Cooked Vegetables Cooked Shirataki Noodles 1.5 cup..

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Only use the yam ones not the ones with soy also. I have never understood why they have to count as a veggie. Nutrisystem just says so. The ones I get have absolutely no nutritional value. I have made the decision when I use them to also have a salad as the nutrients are important. I have them every couple of weeks as a spagetti substitute and have a salad too. I log them but as they have no values if I log the salad too I still stay well within my ranges in all areas...

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I got mine from I haven't tried them yet, as they just came today, and tomorrow I am recomitting...

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I used the shiritaki noodles quite a bit when I first started the program. Now I use spaghetti squash if I want spaghetti. Once you add the sauce it tastes just like the real thing...

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You log them like any other cooked vegetable. They are on the list for Lean and Green....just choose them like you would anything else...

Comment #6

I went to and there are so many kinds. which ones do you buy?..

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I live in Missouri. I made a special trip out this evening and didn't come across them. I looked in the natural food section. I do a google search on them though to see if any store in my area have them. I just ordered a bunch of Waldon's dressings and sauces. Hope they are as good as everyone says.

Thank you Monique..

Comment #8

I bought the angel hair type because that's what they recommended...

Comment #9

You can find them sometimes in the fresh vegetable area...By the tofu items....

Comment #10

I looked today and they didnt have them! I'll have to check another grocery store...

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I also get mine at There should be a telephone number you can call them and ask them which product is yam only and thin. Do not get the dark ones I think they have more of a fishy taste. You do have to rinse all of them real well before you use them. I then microwave in a covered dish for 2-3 minutes drain and rinse again. Ithen dry them out a little more in a skillet (sprayed with spam) before adding other ingredients. Enjoy...

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