Medifast Shirataki made of Yam??

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I thought that veggie was on the NONO list. How does this work? I see everone uses these "noodles". Personally, I'm not a big pasta eater, so I use veggie ribbons from zucchini and squash - a little something I learned Somersizing last year. It's yummy!..

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Yes, but it's a totally different species of yam than our sweet potato type yam. The only similarity is that it's a tuber. You are correct in that "our" yam is not allowed during weight loss...

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Tell us a little more about veggie ribbons made from zucchini - sounds yummy to me...

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Ribbons are very simple and hold up to every sauce I've tried with them. You simply wash your veggie thoroughly and start peeling ribbons with your potato peeler. You peel ribbons until you reach the center seeded part and stop. I dice up the remainder for use in other dishes. Waste not, want not! I always use the outer layers of skin too, as this is where a major portion of the nutrients reside in veggies. This ribbon "pasta" can be sauted lightly in either butter/ICBNB spray or a little olive oil.

My kids love it!.

On Suzanne Somers' website, she sells a machine called the Su Chef that performs a multitude of functions including immersion blending, food processing and yes, an automatic vegetable ribbon maker! It's #1 on my Christmas list this year!!! It's pretty inexpensive at $49.95..

In a different, NON DIETING life, veggie ribbons are absolutely DELISH covered in homemade Alfredo sauce. That's my 19yo daughter's favorite dish in the world!..

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I've used veggie ribbons for salads (bunch of different colored veggie ribbons coated in olive oil and red wine vinegar, then plated up in a mound, twisted slightly to give it some structural stability), but never thought of using them like pasta. Hmmmm..

Zucchini ribbons with onion slices in a simple garlic/olive oil dressing. Hot or cold, this would be good..

Zucchini ribbons with a spicy pesto or salsa..

Zucchini ribbons with a lemon-herb sauce..

Heck, I wonder if cucumber ribbons would hold up to the cooking process. Carrots would work, but that's not on program..

WONDERFUL idea, TMorris!..

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Very cool idea, TMorris. Thanks for sharing. Did you ever get your Medifast food? Seems like it's been awhile...

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ME Personally... I tried both Shirataki's and thought they BOTH were nasty. I will take a Zucchini ribbon anyday to THAT!! But that is just ME. I am not a BIG pasta person either tho..

Happy MF-ing!..

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Willow Wind I think they are spelled differently. Isn't the muskroom a Shiratake? And the noodles are Shirataki? They have nothing to do with each other. I posted a response about that the noodles are for you under OrangeBlood's pork, beans and rice recipe...

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I may be wrong but I believe the mushrooms are shiitake...

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Yes you are right. Blonde moment for me. The mushrooms are Shitake and the noodles Shirataki. Or something like that......

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I couldn't get past the rubbery texture of the shirataki, so now I am bummed at the potential pasta substitute. I LOVE Pasta.....

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Indigomood did you try some of the recipes with the noodles? I must say the first time I tried the Tofu ones I literally brought up lunch from a week before. Deep dark heaving. but I like them now. It took a while. Scary at first. Did you try the tuna noodle casserole? I am ITALIAN need my pasta..

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I just received an email notice that my Shirataki Noodles shipped. I can't wait to try them. I'll be cooking up a storm with all of OrangeBlood's recipes. My SF Davinci syrups arrived today ... oh my .....

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Indigo - Have you tried the angel hair shiratakis? They first time I made them, I thought I'd have an issue with the texture, but mixed up with marinara or with some taco seasoning, tomatoes and ground turkey, you can't even tell it's not pasta. There are some great recipes out there! Now they're one of my favorite things and I know they'll be part of my life even post-MF. I made some for my sister last night and she immediately went online and ordered 20 packs. The secret may be getting the miraclenoodle ones?..

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Farrell is 100% correct, IMHO, that the angel hair from Miracle Noodle is the way to go. You really can't tell the texture if you put some sauce and other fixin's in them. I like them a lot too now and agree with Farrell that my pasta life might be over even after Medifast and I will continue with these...

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I have only tried the wet ones from House brand I think, they are in a liquid that has an off smell to them. I am assuming the ones from MiracleNoodle are dry similar to boxed pasta??.

I too am Italian and LOVE pasta, bread, cheese, wine, cannolis (are cannolis considered on plan, lol)!!.

Sounds like I need to order some angel hair and try out the recipes. Thanks for the encouragement, I'll keep you posted...

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Indigo no the miracle noodles are not dry. They too are in liquid with an off smell. I actually think that the house noodles and miracle noodles are the same thing. So you just have to follow what everyone else does, to the T, no shortcuts, to get past the smell and texture. Believe me, I felt the same way the first time but now I am glad we have them and Medifast approves...

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Thank you, I still have one bag left of the House brand that I was going to feed to my disposal, but perhaps I will try the extra rinsing, scissor cutting them and a new recipe. If successful then what is the smallest order I can place through miracle noodle?..

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Indigo, I think that you have to buy the 20 pack. However, others here have found them really cheap at local asian markets. Do you have one near you? Whatever you do, steer away from the tofu ones although they seem easier to find. Ugh. I know how you feel sister. The first time I made them they went straight to my three black labs.

But give it one more shot and if you hate them, heck, there are so many great ideas for other things. I personally can't STAND how great all the chefs are here. I can't get off these boards..

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House Foods brand makes several versions of Shirataki noodles-.

Tofu Shiritaki.

Tofu Fettuccine.

White Yam Shirataki (same as Miracle Noodles).

Black (Seaweed) Yam Shirataki.

I have tried them all and I prefer the White Yam because it comes out perfect every time. If you can't take the Tofu/Yam, trust me, you will love the regular yam ones. Granted, I have not had Miracle Noodles and probably will not try them any time soon. I live in an area where I can find all of the above noodles with no problems and don't want to pay for shipping. I noticed that the Miracle noodle site is now carrying another brand of Asian noodles - the Black variety (just has seaweed added which brings up the carbs per serving)..

I pay $1-1.25 per bag in the Asian market for all of the above noodles and they have a long fridge life...

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I think miraclenoodle offers a 2-pack (at least they did 2 weeks ago when I placed my order). I hope they continue that because I plan to order a few close to Christmas and have them shipped to my parent's house while I'm visiting.....

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Thank you all for your helpful responses!.

BETTINAV, glad your labs enjoyed the noodles, sometimes that which is not fit for human consumption can seem like a treat to our canine friends. It's better than money down the drain, which was my only option. Hubby took one bite and politely said, Uh, No Thanks! His face a bit distorted and on the verge of hurling! We do have some awesome chefs on these boards, I am having visions of those peanut butter cookies, your recipe perhaps? They were displayed so beautifully in OrangeBlood's pic after he made them..

Paula74 - thank you for the links, I was only aware of the one House brand variety - the tofu/yam ones. My sister is in VA and she usually will take me to all the cool ethnic grocers when I visit her. I will keep my eyes peeled for the other varieties. The recipe for the 'Shrimp & Noodles in Peanut Sauce' from the link you gave me, could be tweaked to be Medifast legal... sounds Yum!.

Farrell - Thanks! If I end up ordering, I will definitely want to start with the smallest order possible. Happy Medifasting Friends!..

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