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I ordered food yesterday and it was at my door step this evening. It usually takes atleast a week for it to get to me. Considering it's so close to christmas I really thought It would by a week and a half before it would be here. Guess this is a sign from above to get my butt in gear...

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HOLY COW THAT WAS FAST! It could very well be a sign; now give it all you got woohooo!..

Comment #1

That happened to me, too! Got it the next day. Maybe they're worried about people not having food over the holidays...

Comment #2

My guess is this is the "slowest time of the year" for new starts, etc...

I would be shocked if an order got delivered that fast come the "New Year's Resolutions" rush...

Comment #3

That was fast! A good sign to jump back on..


Comment #4

Hopefully, they have fixed a problem. One can only hope...

Comment #5

I ordered yesterday afternoon and already got the shipping info. Yay!..

Comment #6

Same here. I ordered now thinking it would take longer, especially because of the holidays, and it came the next day. I was trying to figure out why I had a box at my door!..

Comment #7

That is great news! I just placed my first order, if it gets here that fast I MAY start sooner than Jan 1!..

Comment #8

I think orders are going out faster because the new TX distribution center is now fully up and running. My last 2 orders have come to me within 48 hours of placing them, and it used to take between 7 and 10 business days..


Comment #9

WOW! that is fast! It usually takes about 5-7 days to get to me and I think that is a good time frame. You got an early Christmas present!!..

Comment #10

Ordered at lunch on Tuesday, and it came Wednesday. I was surprised. Although I'm in NJ, it usually takes a couple of days. I was hoping Santa added a Medifast cheesecake, but no such luck.....


Comment #11

No time like the present....welcome aboard and wishing you the most and best Medifast success..

Take care all,.

Have a great OP day/week,.

Many blessings to all,.

I Havent Arrived Exactly Where I Want To Be, But By The Grace of God Im Not Where I Once Was..

Comment #12

I ordered yesterday too! I got my email saying ti has been sent. I should have it Monday...

Comment #13

Yes you werent the only one SHOCKED I got mine two days earlier than normal and I ws happy to see that hahaha!! Now have to get outta my trunk of my car!!..

Comment #14

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