Medifast shipping time?

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Are you getting your food on the date posted as the delivery date on the UPS tracking page? I am wondering if the holidays have affected delivery yet...

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I usually order my food on Sunday and it gets here on Friday. Last Sunday I ordered and it got here Thursday (yesterday)! A day faster! I'm in central Illinois...

Comment #1

I'll let you know next week! I sure hope everything is still on time..

Smiles, and HAPPY FRIDAY!..

Comment #2

I just made my order last night. If the delivery goes as all others I have made on a Thursday night, my food will arrive next Friday. There is no delivery date posted yet on the tracking page, so I dont know if the Holidays will affect this order..

I am wondering how your deliveries are going in comparison to the posted delivery date on the tracking page...

Comment #3

I ordered on Sunday and UPS said it should be here by Friday. I live in California so usually it takes forever, like more than 7 days. If it does indeed come tomorrow, this would be the fastest it has ever arrived! So I think you should get your supplies on time because the tracking system is pretty accurate...

Comment #4

Sorry about the red...i am learning how to write in colors and, well, I need to learn more about it obviously..

Comment #5

If I order at 11pm on a monday, I have the order by noon on Wednesday. UPS is pretty good at delivery on the date they say, but it's something that is controlled by the carriers, not MF...

Comment #6

UPS usually hits their delivery estimate dead-on. But you have to wait a day after you place your order for it to show up in the UPS system, and go by their estimate, not anything on the Medifast site...

Comment #7

This has nothing to do with Medifast shipments, but may help in determining the shipping speed a bit. I ordered a gift for my son. They said it would ship on the 9th. It actually shipped on the 7th. Tracking said it would be delivered on the 14th, within the 5-7 days promised by the manufacturer. Yesterday I checked the tracking and it said it was at a local Fed Ex sorting facility - 5 days early.

An hour after I checked the tracking yesterday, our shipping clerk brought my package to me. I was totally dumbfounded! 2 days standard shipping from Canada to AZ! So, maybe they aren't as backed up as everyone thinks they might be. Granted, this was Fed Ex, not UPS, but I used to get my TSFL orders from Fed Ex and it still took 7 days...

Comment #8

I'm not sure if it's because I live in Alaska or what...but I don't get my shipment via UPS. Matter of fact, if I click on the tracking number either on my Medifast account page or in the email they send me when it ships, I get linked to FedEx, which it interesting because I don't get mine from FedEx either! My shipment comes via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. According to that, it will arrive today, and so far each time it has shipped on a Monday, it has arrived here on Friday, so I'm hoping that's the case today..


Comment #9

That is good timing Higgy with that far of a distance and the carrier changes...

Comment #10

I got my order withn 7 days. I did order extra because of the holidays so I do not have to order until after the New Year!..

Comment #11

I hope I ordered enough. I have a lot of food, and cant run out, but it is some that is hard to eat, but I also hate to order too much....oooohh the decisions we face..

Comment #12

If you end up lacking at the end of the month, then buying a few things from ebay to supplement isn't a bad idea That's what I did..

My TSFL order shipped on Monday, and was on my doorstep on yesterday (Thursday). 4 days, not bad at all! I'm in MN...

Comment #13


As I wrote, I ordered last night (Thursday dec 9th) as I always do. Every order I have ever ordered on a Thursday arrives the next Friday, which for this order would be dec 18th.

LOW AND BEHOLD! I just received my tracking information and the delivery is scheduled for 12/13 (MONDAY!!). Whether that is an error or it is being hand delivered by an air express fed ex guy I dont know. That is a two day delivery - over night as far as some department stores go). I am scratching my head big time..

Oohh! I did not order two day shipping, and I was not charged for it...

Comment #14

Yes, I did with my most recent order. It was 2 weeks worth of food. I ordered on Saturday 12/4 and it was delivered as indicated on the UPS tracking on Wednesday, 12/8. I live in New England and tend not to expericence the delays that others post about...

Comment #15

My food has been on time every time and it comes UPS..

Comment #16

Mine is always dead on. I order Friday morning and it is on my doorstep by Monday at noon! I guess it helps to only be about 3 hours from the distribution center!..

Comment #17

Wow! Nursgirl, I am coming to your house for lunch. That is super fast!..

Comment #18

I got mine a few days ago. It was accurate and only took 1 day to deliver. I live in PA, so it doesnt have to travel far. But this is always how long it takes. I had read about needing to order early, so I did, but it was not necessary, as it arrived on time...

Comment #19

How are you all getting UPS delivery? I always get Fedex (and I HATE Fedex) and as far as I can tell the order page doesn't let you choose a delivery method...

Comment #20

I get mine through TSFL. My order shipped out on Thursday (day before yesterday) and arrived on Friday (yesterday). Since I live in PA just north of Philly, I'm sure that location is the deciding factor. So far this seems to be the case in getting my orders really quickly...

Comment #21

I live in Montana and it takes a week + to get ANYTHING delivered here....even if it's something from in the state! My tracking info from UPS says 12/17 for an order I placed Thursday. I'll let you know when I actually get it!..

Comment #22

Drum roll: I cant wait to see if I get my food at the said overnight delivery date the at UPS page says. I always order on Thursday night and get food on the FOLLOWING Fri. This time I ordered on a Thursday night and the UPS page says I am getting it in two days, or tomorrow/Tuesday. I am not sure why the sudden expidited shipipig - may have hired holiday help - but interesting!! Surely takes the fear from thinking there might be a Christmas back up in delivery!!!.

Ill let you know as soon as it arrives..

Comment #23

Ordered late last Thurs night. Recieved the food just now. That is overnight shipping - not counting sat and sunday. Wow.

Some of you, who already get it quickly, may get it through your computer monitor))))) once orderd..

Zoom Zoom..

Comment #24

It's definitely location. I order mine one day and receive it the very next day. I live in south central PA, so am probably fairly close...

Comment #25

Mine has been OVER a week, but then again, this is Montana. EVERYTHING takes forever to get here, except my bills. LOL Hope and pray that it will make it tomorrow. I went through today with only 3 pouches....none for tomorrow! EEK!..

Comment #26

Just placed my 4th order today - delivery via UPS will be Friday. This is the quickest turn around yet (to Seattle). Past orders have come via FedEx and UPS 7 to 8 days after placement of order, and as scheduled per the tracking.

It's the busiest time of the year and this order is the fastest (kinda like a restaurant - ever notice when few people are dining that service is typically the slowest/inattentive?). Go figure. I did notice Medifast actually shipped today too - in the past, there's been a 1 to 2 day delay (and I didn't pay the $9.95 expediting fee). Yay!.

I finally ordered the HM pretzels - after all the comments, decided I needed to scope them out myself....

Comment #27

That is fast laura. I got mine overnight in postal terms. I appreciated it too.


Comment #28

Overnight delivery again! I ordered yesterday, the 20th, and it is scheduled for delivery today, the 21st!!! The elves are rockin so dont bother knockin!!!!.

Hum...Wonder if they have any Christmas gifts available))..

Comment #29

That's great, wish I could get my food that fast. My order arrived on Friday the 20th as scheduled.

Now that I've tried the honey mustard pretzels and like them (really tasty, crunchy, and intact!), I'm ordering more but will run out before they arrive. Everybody on these boards had me convinced they were really crappy before I decided to try them myself..

So all you newbies, be sure to try all the different foods and let your tastebuds decide. On the flipside, what you like at first can become unbearable to eat (like the oatmeal for me)...

Comment #30

Got my order 1 day before scheduled. Thanks elves!..

Comment #31

Its HERE! Wow! one day! Neiman Marcus isnt this fast)).

Hi Laura! Glad you like the pretzels!!!.

Maybe your next order will get to you faster (usually mine takes seven days - but one day during holidays??? go figure) and you wont run out!!!..

Comment #32

Yes, I did. The UPS tracer said it was to be delivered today and it was.

Hope this helps! (I did order a bit early just because I was worried about a possible delay due to holiday. Didn't happen!)..

Comment #33

This is so interesting Laura! I live on puffs, brownies, and chicken.....and am still happy with that food, but will heed your warning and think about mixing it up.

Bunting, hooray for your food making it on time.!..

Comment #34

Order was shipped yesterday, the 20th, received it today, the 21st!..

Comment #35

Wow!!!!!!! Is it always that fast?.

Ill still take your dog..

Comment #36

Wow sadida you must live wicked close to the shipping site.

So far I have always received my food on schedule..keep it up Medifast..

Comment #37

Happy, I don't require a lot of different foods either. At times I think I could live on chocolate chip pancakes, peanut butter crunch bars, and grilled chicken. Glad I don't have to find out though, I do love Tilapia and steamer clams (oops, no offense ).

Glad everyone seems to be getting their food quickly - kudos to Medifast and USPS/UPS. Perhaps customer service is top of mind because so much of the diet biz is word of mouth success and happiness with the product/process? January is probably the peak month of the year for new customers too so maybe Medifast is stepping it up (and has been monitoring the comments on these boards).just sayin..

Hey, I just realized a NSV - starting the new year with one thing on my resolution list checked. To lose weight!.

Princess Di..

Comment #38

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