Medifast shake ideas WIthout using Diet soda??

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I like diet soda in my shakes and ive been putting in diet soda in them all the time it seems to help get them down BUT ive been noticing the diet soda has been making my face break out like a pizza Soo.. I would like the help of my fellow medifasters.. ANyone have any sweet tasting shakes recipes without Diet soda??.

THANKS AGAIN I know I can always count on my Medifamily!!!..

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Look up the muffins and cookies you can make out of them. To me, these taste waaaaay better than the shakes themselves...

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I tried this one today - mix one pkg of Swiss Mocha shake, water, splash of almond extract, ice cubes - blend in the bullet & freeze for a while. Kind of a slushy thing. It's not bad, at least it makes you feel like you are really eating something...

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Haha cool but is it sweet tasting cause I have a big sweet tooth..=))..

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Oops! I forgot, I also added 1 of the little packets of Splenda. It's a little bit sweet, but not a lot, so you might want to add a little more Splenda...

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Oh you asked the right person! I LOOVE the shakes! OK, I'll tell you all my little secrets:.

First off, I've fallen for the blender! I get more than 8oz & it tastes very light...its a great substitute for the milkshakes I often miss! The way I do that, is 6-8oz of water & your choice shake, shake it up, dump it in a blender. Add some much depends on the size of the ice...I have the regular square trays, so two does it. Add more if your ice is smaller. It took me a couple tries to figure out 2 cubes make the perfect shake. Anyway, blend that up & you've got a big milkshake!.

As for spicing up the flavors...I'd suggest investing in some DaVinci SF Syrups & Capella Drops. These are great aids on this program, and I see them fitting into my life after MF! Do a Google search for their sites & check em out. They both have some deals going on now.

Here's some of my favorite combos:.

Chocolate shake & PB syrup/drops (If you have PB2, this shake is AMAZING!).

Chocolate shake & chocolate syrup.

Chocolate shake & carmel syrup/drops.

Chocolate shake & butterfinger drops.

Chocolate shake & mint extract...even heat this up (or sub w/ the Medifast hot cocoa) & have a Christmas-y Mint Cocoa!.

Vanilla shake & cookie dough syrup (freeze this up & you've got a close sub for cookie dough ice cream!).

Vanilla shake & cookies & cream drops.

Vanilla shake & cinnamon danish swirl drops (also can just add cinnamon) &/or grandma's apple pie drops.

Vanilla shake & chocolate drops/syrup.

Orange shake & crystal light (I've used fruit punch, strawberry &/raspberry) then freeze to get a sorbet!*.

Strawberry shake & crystal light lemonade, freeze for sorbet*.

*Note, when you add crystal light, the shake gets thicker than the others...almost a yougurt consistancy. This made me think yougurt...better yet, frozen yogurt! Its delish at night for the evening MF.

As for the Swiss Mocha, I add 6oz water & microwave. Add one tablespoon of vanilla syrup & a small sprinkle of cinnamon...its great in the morning! Or, back to my Christmas idea, add mint extract.

Going back to the Chocolate & Vanilla shakes, blend one up, add mint extract, then split into two containers. Chop up the mint Medifast bar & add half a bar to each, then freeze. Chocolate or vanilla mint ice cream! Or add the carmel bar to either, create a snickers ice cream (again, seperate into two servings)! If you're into the recipes, you could make some of the cookies (whatever recipe, probably the chocolate cookies) and chop them up to add to the ice cream...just do this carefully so you get the portions right...meaning, if the recipe already has two Medifast packets, and it counts as two Medifast meals, then adding 1 shake, would make it 3 Medifast divy the shake into 3 containers, then spread the cookies among them. It's probably best to only eat those once aday, probably even every other. It might make for a nice Friday night treat!.

You can always choose to swirl in the carmel, choc, pb, etc. syrups into the shakes or put them on top of the ice creams...have yourself a little sundae!.

Now, these are all fun, just be careful with portions & adding extra things...because certain extras (like crystal light...I only use 1/2 the pack (the on the go packs) per shake) may add up. Be sure to get the sugar free syrups and check out Walden Farms. They don't really have anything I'd add to the shakes...but they have sugar free, carb free calorie free dressings, ketchup, pancake syrup, etc. I'm hooked on PB2 (Bell Plantations). To me, it's worth it, I will use these things after MF!.

I think I've given you a couple ideas to get ya started! Good luck! Happy shakin..

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