Medifast review of Soft Serve

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First time trying it..It is pretty good. I guess I will order more of that!..

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I bought it too..... it was pretty good...... there was an aftertaste though. Did you find that too?..

Comment #1

It has a "different" taste but it is pretty good. I know I will order it again. So far I have liked everything that I have tried...

Comment #2

I like it too. It tastes more like a nutterbutter than PB, but it's good...

Comment #3

I put a T of Davinci sf peanut butter syrup in it and it's fantastic!..

Comment #4

Can you kids tell me how you are preparing your soft serve? Thanks so much!..

Comment #5

So far I have liked my PB softserve best as a shake, mixed with the banana cream shake.....yummy..

Comment #6

I bought the chocolate mint and the mango soft serve last time and really didn't care for the texture and aftertaste. The chocolate mint was more mint than chocolate and the mango tasted a little too mild for me. I still have most of the boxes left so I guess I'll use them as back ups in case I run low. Does anyone have an idea of how to deal with the taste and texture of these meals?..

Comment #7

I manually chop some ice in a plastic bag with the flat side of a mallet and then pop it into the magic bullet.. make some snow ice and then add the water and mix... swirl it up and there it is... It's ok... I dislike the process, but have it occassionally.... not sure if I would order it again...

Comment #8

Thanks for the tip on how to prepare it, Pamela!..

Comment #9

My refrigerator door has an ice crusher/dispenser and I also have a magic bullet, so making shakes and the soft serve is pretty easy. (I am spoiled.).

I think if you aren't careful and you add too much water and/or ice, then you can really water down the flavor of any of the soft serves, but especially the mango. I don't like that one at all if I make that mistake. If I make it correctly then I think the mango one is pretty good..

I also add a bit of Walden Farms SF Chocolate syrup to the Chocolate-Mint one because I agree that it seems to be more mint than chocolate. The WF really helps pump up the chocolate flavor and honestly that's the only way I like that one..

I have not yet tried the PB or Coffee flavors...

Comment #10

I just follow the directions on the box. 1/2c crushed ice and 2oz water..

I find that the ice crushed better in the ninja rather than the magic bullet...

Comment #11

I've been making my pb soft serve into a shake. Love it that way! I use about 8 ice cubes and 4-6 oz. of water. Yumm...

Comment #12

This probably goes without saying, but I just tried my PB softserve with half a tablespoon of hershey's unsweetened chocolate powder and it's like Reese's Pieces icecream. YUM!..

Comment #13

I followed the directions, but my blender could not crush the ice enough. I guess I need a Ninja. That said, I loved the flavor...

Comment #14

I crush my ice on the fridge door thingie first also. I use a little more than the pack calls for makes it thicker. Then put in a regular blender, crush till it's snow and then add my mix and water. Very tasty. I did get my choc. mint yesterday and tried last night.

I will try adding some flavors to it. I think I only ordered (1) box at least I hope. My favorite so far is the coffee. (Of course)..

Comment #15

Never heard of this! Thank you so much for posting it!!! Sounds like a craving buster. I will try it this week!!!..

Comment #16

Thanks for the good ideas. Around here we just eat the meals. This is good reminder that we can change meals around to change flavor around. The soft serve mixes good with liquid too...

Comment #17

I like the pb soft serve as a shake. Today I was chilled but craving PB. So, I took out my shaker bottle and made it with just six ounces of water. Yum!..

Comment #18

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