Medifast review of Portabella Mushroom Pizza

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Looks great. I think it would also be good with sliced black olives instead of the pepperoni. I'm going to have to try that...

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The turkey pepperoni is off plan, so olives would be a better choice..

Comment #1

That looks great. I make the portabella Mushrooms that are in the the Medifast cookbook all the time. Never thought to use the GF grill. I always make them for me when we make the kids hamburgers out on the regular grill. This looks like a great change. Thanks so much for all the tips...

Comment #2

Much easier than the cauliflower pizza thanks, your recipes are awesome!..

Comment #3

This sounds yummy, I am going to try this on this coming weekend for a treat!..

Comment #4

Bumping this recipe. Had it last night for dinner and loved it!!.

I got a package of 4 beautiful big portabella caps at my nearby Sam's Club for a great price, and I topped them as CodyJo recommends, except I didn't have any of the pepperoni, so I substituted pre-cooked turkey sausage (not on our list of leans, but the nutrition info looked allowable)..

Very filling and very, very delicious!!.


Comment #5

This looks so good. Can't wait to try it!..

Comment #6

I love mushrooms!! Can't wait to try!! I love your recipes...

Comment #7

Made this tonight. Used the Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles instead of pepperoni..

Oh my goodness. This is the best! It tasted just like pizza with mushrooms, sausage and cheese! So so so good. I used the little portabello's because my store didn't have the larger ones. I ended up getting to eat 4 smaller ones. Filling!.

My husband loved them too. I will definitely be making this again...

Comment #8

I will be making these for my Christmas Eve party tomorrow night! Can't wait! Thanks CodyJo!..

Comment #9

I didn't think I liked mushrooms, but I love using portabello mushrooms and stuffing them with tomato sauce/cheese! I would really encourage anyone to try this recipe, even if you have a bias against mushrooms...

Comment #10

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