Medifast review for Tomato Soup ?

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Just today I decided to play with the danged tomato soup because next to Campbells Chicken Noodle, the Tomato was my favorite..

So I opened several packets and dumped them in the pan on the stove...I added a large can of chopped tomatos and I cup of skim milk.....simmered awhile..added pepper and salt.....hey it is not Campbell's but it beats the ....out of plain tomato. ( plus I had some packets available to try)..

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I am beginning week 2 today and have been reading the recipe forum because I am a little confused about what is allowed and what is not. So we can have skim milk, and we can eat cheese, or not? I didn't know we could eat any other soup than the MF? Please help me clarify..

Thanks a bunchgood luck and continued success!!..

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Hi Vette!! Welcome to the madness that is the MMF boards these days ! If you look through the My Plan section L&G you'll see all the foods considered "lean" and the corresponding amounts. Cheese is allowed and the amounts are listed there. From there you can mix and match and split up the amounts to add some variety to my day. For instance 7 oz of cooked chicken is way to much for me to eat in one sitting so I use an ounce or two somewhere else during the day. My latest favorite is to make the flatbread recipe with an ounce or two of chicken on it instead of having the soup as regular soup. Look under the "Cheese Crackers" thread for the recipe for the crackers or flatbread type thing.

Or 4 oz of beef in spagetti topped with an ounce of parmesan, etc.

And as far as skim milk, I believe that we are allowed up to 6 T per day in coffee or something else. I'm not sure on that one as I use the allowed 2 T of 1/2n1/2 everyday. Alot of information can be gotten from the Ask the Nutritionist board. Some things are comparable to the Medifast snacks and can be used in their place. And then of course there's the Medirebels like me who use flaxseed against the advice of NS. The best thing is to search around the boards and if you have a question about a particular item post a question. If we can't answer it then Nutrisystem certainly can!.

Hope this helped!..

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Thank you!! I did not know any of this and it is very helpful and assuring. I really need a change to this or I am going to get bored as hell and quit and I will be so mad at myself!! I will check it out!!.

Thanks again!!!!!!..

Comment #3

Yvette, you will NOT get bored on these boards, trust me...

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Ditto. Ditto. Ditto to Bettina. That's all I can say...

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Today was the first time I've tried the tomato soup, and boy do I love it! I've noticed that people either love or hate every Medifast meal available, so here's one for Tomato Soup! I did NOT eat it plain, as with most of my Medifast meals. I added 1/2 tsp. Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil & Garlic seasoning, 1 tsp. Butter Buds and salt to taste. I whipped it in my bullet to make it nice and creamy and nuked it for a minute, stirred then another 40 seconds.

Yes, we have a few cool days!! You can count them on one hand, but........

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