Medifast recipes with Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Meals?

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I'd love to get a thread going that is dedicated to slow cooker or crockpot meals for your L&G or your Medifast meals. I searched and found different recipes across the boards but not a dedicated thread. Please share if you have found an easy and delicious meal!..

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I read on a thread here a while back that said some people cook their lean in the crock pot and put their veggies on top of the meat in foil, keeps it separate but still cooks them both. I haven't tried it, but it sounds do-able...

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I throw a roast beef in the crock pot with 1 cup of beef bouillon. Put it on low and let it simmer. Have some the first night with cooked veg hot, rest I portion into 5oz plastic bags and freeze for quick meals. Sometimes cold in a salad, other times reheated. I can get 4-5 meals out of one roast for so little work...

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If you search for slow cooker recipes on, you will get a bunch and weed through to find the ones that can be adapted to L&G. I made an account on the website so I can save the ones I like. I just go there when I am looking for ideas. Most of the recipes need to be modified but there are some really good ideas...

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Here is a link I found yesterday for cuts of beef that have calorie and fat counts in between a chicken breast and a chicken thigh. I did not realize that chuck was in that category. I have been using round or arm roast. I thought that chuck was too fatty but according to this site, it's leaner than a chicken thigh. I am going to use some for my next crockpot adventure! I plan to trim it very well as I don't like the taste of too much fat in the crock pot..


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Oh- I am so glad someone started this again! As a result of the last Slow Cooker thread, I actually put together 20 Slow Cooker/Crock pot recipes to snap into the Medifast Lean & Green, Low Carb cookbook I published about a year ago now....

Lean & Green Cookbook link.

Lean & Green Crockpot link.

Cheers & here's to the crock pot on these COLD Northeast days!.

Stacey Hawkins.

The Queen of Lean & Green.

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Thank you for all of the ideas!.

My most recent creation invovled throwing some frozen chicken tenders in the crockpot with salsa and chicken broth. Yummy! Even my fiance loved it!..

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I tried chicken breasts with salsa in the crockpot, added some garlic and cumin. I used half HOT and half Medium so it would have a lot of flavor with not much salsa. Made a good sauce. I'll have some of the leftovers tonight..

I have been really into the crockpot lately. I made a roast the other day with some lo-cal low sugar BBQ sauce and canned tomatoes, added some red pepper flakes and soy sauce, fresh ginger. I try to make the sauce flavorful so I don't need much!..

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