Medifast recipes with banana pudding??

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I keep avoiding the banana pudding. I tried it with chocolate and coconut extract but still didn't like it. Does anybody have any recipes that use pudding? Even cookie/muffin/shake recipes? Anything! Thanks...

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The thing that changed the pudding for me was making it with very cold water ( and exactly 4 fl oz) and leaving it to set in the fridge for several hours ( improves the flavour a lot ).

I then read that some were having cool whip lite on their sugar free jello as a snack, so tried that on the puddings, and boy does it transform them - banana becomes banana cream pie, and the chocolate becomes sweet and fluffy - a whole different experience.

However, nutrition support does not reccommend this addition ( probably way too easy to go over the 2 tablespoon serving size unless you're very strict with yourself). I used it all through my weight loss though, keeping careful track of my carbs, and I didn't use the snacks, or other additions to the foods, and towards the end even cut out the bars.

I think the danger with all the additions is that on their own they don't add much, and seem harmless, but if you add something to every meal those carbs do start mounting up and will affect your weight loss.

Good luck, and happy pudding eating!.

P.S I know that some make them into thick shakes, but have never tried it!..

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I personally never ate pudding as a kid or adult period. Don't love the texture. So I turn both the chocolate and banana Medifast puddings into shakes. They are really good this way and even tihicker and creamier than the others. I add Davinci SF banana syrup or chocolate syrup and some ice. Yummie. And I don't have to waste/swap the pudding...

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I had a drink in the BVIs called a BBC (Bananas, baileys, and coconut/colada). I can't add the Baileys but I mixed a vanilla shake with the banana pudding, added cocunut and rum extract, and extra water and ice. Blended together. It is the only way I can eat/drink the banana pudding from my original order...

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I like the banana pudding as is but I've lately started adding sugar free caramel syrup and it's really good. be careful though, this syrup is thinner than chocolate syrup and you have to include it in the amount of water you use. chocolate syrup you can just dump on top and it's fine though. also, sometimes I make pudding pops and those are good too...

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I have also found that the colder the water the better and it has to be exactly 4 oz. I use ice water just making sure not to get any of the ice. Uses a whisk makes a huge difference too. If you do all that and then refrigerate for at least 30 min it is like real pudding. Sometimes I add a touch of splenda and vanilla extract...

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I like to mix the banana pudding with one envelop of hot chocI just them in a bowl together and add very cold water till it's as thick or thin as you want. Tastes like southern banana pudding minus the wafers. And of course there are no real bananas...

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I use ice cold water, 1/2 T of sf peanut butter syrup, and cinnamon. Yummy!!..

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Sugar free peanut butter syrup!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where in the world can I find some of that? That sounds too good to be true!!!!!!!!..

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I ordered it online. I think it was the DaVinci website but can't remember for sure. It's pretty good. When I first started I couldn't even hardley taste the syrups at all but now that I'm 3 weeks into the plan the syrups definitely have thier own flavors and I'm using much much less. The peanut butter also is really good in the hot cocoa drink blended cold like a shake...

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SF caramel syrup and cinnamon + banana pudding= bananas fosters..

Comment #10

Where do you guys get all your sugar free syrups from, I never see them in my stores.



Comment #11

That's a good idea. I already had banana pudding with caramel syrup setting in the fridge to eat as my evening meal so I just ran to add some cinnamon to the top and I'll mix it up when I eat it...

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I bought mine at TJ Maxx. I've only got the caramel so far. It was $4.99 for 25.4 fl oz. the brand is Artisan Coffee Roasters. I also have sugar free chocolate syrup that I got at the grocery store. It's Hershey's...

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