Medifast recipes for egg nog

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Hi guys!! So I KNOW one thing I will miss for Christmas this year is egg nog, so I was wondering if anybody has any Medifast recipes for it?? I will happily try them ALL!!!..

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I know! I love egg nog.. but being on Medifast is definitely worth giving it up this holiday season.

This is the only recipe I've tried and it was really good, very close to the real thing..

HOLIDAY EGG NOG....MEDIFAST STYLE...makes 2 Medifast Meals.

You'll think it's 'The Real Thing'! Use a fancy holiday glass J.

In a Health Mate Blender, Magic Bullet, or Blender combine:.

8 ounces water.

1 packet Medifast Scrambled Eggs.

1 packet Medifast Vanilla Shake (55, 70 or Diabetic).

4 packets Splenda.

1/2 tsp. Rum Flavoring or Vanilla (clear is best).

Before serving, sprinkle top with nutmeg (optional).

Makes 2 Medifast Meals....have one, and put the other in the refrigerator.

When it is time to have the 2nd one, be sure to fluff it up in the blender.

Also, I think Torani and DaVinci (or maybe other companies) have a sugar free eggnog syrup. You could probably add that to a vanilla shake.. mmm, makes me wanna try one now.

Hope these work for ya..

Merry Christmas..

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This sounds so good....I might make up a batch and use it for 'holiday coffee-creamer." Hmmm...something to think about...

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I saw another recipe about a week or so ago that made it with the vanilla pudding - I leave out the splenda, add a little cinnamon, and it makes a really nice thick softserve conisistency it's 2 meals, but i've had it a few times at night when I've had 2 meals saved up, and it feels absolutely decadent and delicious while watching TV.... one of my very favorite Medifast things EVER!! so nice to have it in time for the holiday!..

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BirdleDo you remember where that recipe was? I'd love to try that one too!..

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I looked & couldnt find that exact recipe but did find this.

'For anyone else like me who doesn't have them, you can also make an egg nog shake with a Medifast vanilla shake, 2 Tbsp. Egg Beaters, nutmeg, vanilla and rum extract to taste. It's really yummy! And it's safe to eat Egg Beaters raw, because they've been pasteurized"..

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I have the SF DaVinci eggnog syrup. I have tried it with the vanilla shake and it was pretty close to eggnog for me. I also tried it in the vanilla pudding for a nice change. The only problem I have with the syrup is that it is a very bright yellow (which when mixed gives it the yellow eggnog tinge) but it makes me think my insides are going to turn radioactive...

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