Medifast recipes for diabetics?

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I am a little disappointed that there are so few recipes that diabetics can use. We are extremely limited, more so than the other community can even imagine. I look at the recipes and they are pretty much useless because we can't use crackers, cheese, etc.

I am hoping that maybe we can get together as a diabetic community and address this issue. I'm sure there are some of us out there who are somewhat good cooks and original and can make something out of almost nothing..

So here's to an apparently new idea. Let's start gathering recipes we've used that will work for diabetics...

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Your question was: Medifast recipes for diabetics?.

We just have to watch our carbs otherwise as I understand it we can eat a healthy diet like everyone else. I eat cheese and crackersjust have to keep track of the carbs and calories...

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Hi Pameileen, do you eat all the medifast meals? I have tried anything but the diabetic ones and thought I would venture out a little. I'm type 2 and I have not had to go on meds yet.


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I would also love to see some of the recipes geared to us but I was never told that I could not eat cheese or crackers by my doctor. I am talking pre-MF. I am really challeneged for my L&G because I don't eat salads. So I am looking for new ways to cook the few veggies I like...

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Hi Pat,.

Yes, I eat all of the medifast foods not men's and I do the 5 & 1 plan and I have lost 20 lbs. in 6 weeks and my Diabetis Meds are cut in half in only 6 weeks. That is just me though you should make sure your Dr. says OK..

I hope you do Wonderful on Medifast!..

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I have never heard of reduced-fat cheese not being part of a healthy diabetic diet. And crackers, in moderation, are fine for diabetics to consume. I would recommend calling Medifast's Nutrition Support for clarification, and then talking to your endocrinologist about a referral to a diabetes educator for a diabetic diet that is tailored to fit your needs..

Joining the Medifast family is one of the best things you have done for your health! It is an excellent plan for diabetics to follow because it includes small, frequent meals, reduced carbohydrates, very little sugar, and a healthy amount of protein. Please check your blood sugar frequently (and keep a record of it!) and plan to see your endocrinologist often, as you will be pleasantly surprised to see that he/she will probably want you to decrease your dosages as you continue on Medifast! Please don't adjust your meds without talking to your doctor first, though.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to help you along your Medifast journey...

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I have gone over the Diabetic Guide given us with our boxes of food. Nowhere is it stated that we can have cheese or crackers or cream cheese, etc. All of their recipes that are shown show no such snacks, etc. That's where I got my information from. It's somewhat difficult to tell what is Medifast and what is Diabetic MF. And I'm a law student, so I know how to tear apart documents.

However, the condiments included with the Diabetic Medifast do not include some of the things I see in the Regular Medifast lists, so I concluded (perhaps inaccurately) that they are not allowed in Diabetic MF'ing.

Guess I'll just start assuming that everything listed as a condiment or allowable is allowed and just keep track of my carbs. Although after being on the Protein Sparing Modified Fast for Diabetics for six years, these carbs are almost triple what I was getting daily before, so it is a little difficult for me to tell what is too high. Frankly, I am amazed I can lose with such a high amount of carbs (compared to what I was getting before). Something must be working...

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I'm just in my first week but it seems that my BG levels aren't dropping like the normally do when I eat right. I don't know if it the bars or what? Any experience in this area?.

As far as the receipes, I'm doing good just to get use to the program this week!..

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It took my BG levels a couple of weeks to start lowering and then I went to low-normal and stayed there. My meds were cut in half then and now I am in "normal" range usually 90's or very low 100's (102-105) whenever I check, fasting or 1 hour after a meal or before a meal or bedtime...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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