Medifast recipe of Shrimp Mini-Quiche!

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I always make mini-quiches for my L & of my faves. I usually do the 2 cups-eggbeaters with veggies in 2 muffin tins (12 mini-quiches!!!) Today, I did 1 cup eggbeaters, 2 ounces shrimp (that was one for each of the 6 cups in ONE muffin tin) 1 TBSP chopped broccoli in each cup and 2 wedges of BlueCheese Laughing Cow Light divided. Then I baked at 350 for about 40 minutes....OMG! YUM-O!..

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This sounds fantastic! So, i'm not sure from your post if you are using the standard muffing size or mini muffin sounds like the mini? I'd love to try this...

Comment #1

Sorry, Standard muffin size. The egg beaters 'puff' up so EB just needs to barely cover the other ingredients. Wonderful with a salad, or on my really crazy days, I divide the 6 or 12 (depending on if the eggs are my ONLY lean) whenever I'm hungry throughout the day. I've tried several variations, but the shrimp and BC LC has got to be my fave. Will only be an occassional one because of the LC "question," but just so everyone knows...LC is my personal choice. Hope you enjoy!..

Comment #2

This sounds great. BUT...I think you are cheating yourself. 1 cup EB is 1/2 lean, so you get another half of a lean. That means you are cheating yourself out of 1.5 oz of in your shrimp. Or if it's already the perfect amount of shrimp, you could add ricotta cheese or another cheese to make up for it. I'm definitely making this. It sounds so good...

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I may toss a bit of cheese on my chili later to make up for that little bit of lean left due! It may sound silly, but I like making these in the muffin tin. (I am a trained chef and I like the presentation of my meals, even MF, to be up to par...these "plate up" really well.) I can grab a couple and go if my tones drop...they are not as good cold but completely edible. I hope y'all do make them and be sure to let me know how they turn out. The only thing that would make them better, to me anyway, is if LC would come out with a BRIE!..

Comment #4

Ohhh...cheese on your chili sounds like a good way to make it up. I am fiercely protective of getting every bit of my L&G. I've made fritatta's in an 8X8 and cut it into 4 pieces. I use it when I want to split my L&G. I am going to try the muffin tin..sounds great. I had a personal chef biz for a couple of years, so presentation is always important to me as well...

Comment #5

Sounds scrumptuous, thanks. I think I'll try it with FF cheddar cheese instead...just a little sprinkle anyway...

Comment #6

Thanks for the great idea. It will be nice to have a pre-planned and ready meal in the morning. I love switching things up a bit. Sure makes staying OP much more tolerable..


Comment #7

Egg beaters.... this is just something else for me... I have tried and tried again... but I don't like them... I have tried them in every way they make them. My best shot is using the southwest version...

I cannot even get two bites in... the smell and just alittle funky-offness....... am I alone or am I just doing it wrong?.

But then, my chicken tastes terrible too... I could have sworn I was eating tuna fish tonight... ugh! YUCK! I am pretty much only tolerating beef, and string cheese right now, which does not make a happy girl. I am also only craving bars and shakes right now... no pancakes... brownies?...

What is going on??..

Comment #8

Wow Sarald. I have no idea. I'm not saying I LOVE LOVE eb, but they don't make me gag and my chicken tastes fabulous. Like the best lean in the world. I have grown to REALLY enjoy my simple L & G where before, I always had to have a fancy shi shi meal. My tastes have changed to the point I even love some of my little packets. Maybe you are just going through a tastebud adjustment Sarald...

Comment #9

I am so glad I saw this thread because it reminded me I left the mushrooms for the crustless spinach/mushroom quiche in the grocery bag...

Comment #10

Wow, this is my first coming across of The Quiche! I am going out to get eggbeaters TONIGHT! I actually have had a hard time with the savory choices in mf, so I am thrilled to see this option for the L&G. thanks for posting!..

Comment #11

Also, I really don't know if this really means anything, or if it's just a fluke with me, BUT my weightloss seems to get a boost if I do more eggbeaters in a week. Also, don't be fooled by the nutritional info if you log your meals on myplan. The computer will tell you that eggbeaters have 10g of fat for the 2 cup serving. Not true! Have verified with NS, and all are waiting for the techies to fix it in the system. You get your 2 healthy fats with eggbeaters!..

Comment #12

Do you make them in the little paper things or just pour it into the tin?..

Comment #13

Pour straight into the tin (that has been lightly sprayed with pam, very lightly!)..

Comment #14

I can't wait to try this with shrimp, like you said. Tonite I made 6 muffins with Morningstar crumbles, broccoli, EB and blue cheese LC lite...oh my!..

Comment #15

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