Medifast Recipe Manipulation of Medifast Products....?

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As a newbie to the program, I have just begun to sample the different and various flavors of products available in this plan. So far, what I have tasted has been rather gross..

After going through the forums I have noticed that quite a few people need to "tweek" the products in order to be able to consume them. There seems to be requests from the majority of the posters begging for recipes to make the products palatable..

This is very discouraging to me as it was quite a stretch for me to even be able to afford to buy these products. I would assume that they would taste good if prepared as directed on the box for the amount of money I spent. I really want to lose weight but.......

Maybe it is difficult to combine all the nutrients necessary for a healthy weight loss and still have the products taste good.

I will say that I do see (and read) posts of persons who like the "products out of the box", it just seems as if there are more persons who don't like them that way (the majority)...

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I think all the recipes can be atleast OK if just prepared the best the soups are all 10x better prepared on the stove, brought to a boil, and simmered with the lid for a few minutes..splenda is not expensive it can be bought in bulk...and Medifast is already doing a lot getting all the nutrients and protein into such small amts of food and calories/carbs so it shouldnt bother anyone to add a little somethin to fit personal tastes...your taste buds do change after like a week and evrythign tastes better anyway...american food is very full of sugar etc so it's an adjustment..

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I'm actually pleased that the Medifast foods aren't highly seasoned or sweetened. This way I can tweek to MY taste. I do that many other foods too including canned soups, frozen dinners, etc. I'm allergic to black pepper so I use cayenne and Tabasco like others use black pepper. It only takes a few seconds to add a shake of garlic and Tabasco to the garlic soup, or mince a couple broccoli flowerettes into the cream of broccoli soup. And, all the soups are better if you let them rehydrate for a while - especially the chili because of the beans...

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I do "manipulate" some of the productsespecially the soups, but only with things I already had around the house or would eat anyway through the lean and green. For example, I add tomatoes and pepper sauce to the minestrone, then count that as one of my lean and green vegetables.

What I have noticed is that I like the foods better now than I did the first couple of days. I really do think my tastes have adapted. So, stick with it for a while before you make a final decision...

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I think it depends on which forums you're reading. If you read this one, which is specifically for recipes and tips, you're going to see the people who don't like the products. That's like saying "seems like there are more fat people than skinny people posting." Well, uh, yeah, because if we weren't fat we wouldn't be here. If we didn't need tips and recipes we wouldn't be on this forum..

In fact, I read about three pages of posts on a thread on another forum yesterday talking about how satisfied people are with the taste can't remember which forum, maybe "New to Medifast?".

I myself really LOVE the pudding, would drink the hot drinkseven if I didn't have to, and find the oatmeal tasty, I just don't love the texture. The soups aren't bad, but the only shake I really like without tweaking is the chocolate. I like all the bars. Then again, I'm the kind of person who hasl always figured if I don't have to shop for it, cook it or clean it up it's just fine.

Some of us play with recipes because we need something more portable I work a couple days a week in a location with no microwave, so I've been making one shake into cookies on these days.

And some of us wish we could have no-carb cookies and fat-free pizza. Hey, I wish that. I also wish I could wake up tomorrow at my goal weight with a bigger bust and curly hair..

Before I went on MF, I spent about 5 months actively trying to get my calories below 1000 and still feel good. It is just about impossible to get proper nutrition on "regular" foods on less than 1000 calories a day and I won't ever lose weight on more than that. Medifast has done that for me. It may not be spaghetti and brownies, but it feeds the machine. And maybe learning that most of the time eating is about feeding the machine and NOT about how happy I can make my mouth is something I need...

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Jjjnam, amen I believe this is what I'm learning most on the Medifast plan. I don't need gooey cheese and sugary syrup clogging my body. I need fuel, and in the proper proportions. I happen to like all of the foods as is but sometimes add a dash of chipolte pepper for a zing. Stick with it Phaedra. There are plenty of people on the newbie forum that like the foods...

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Hey Phaedra,.

You sound really discouraged, and I can tell you that I have been there! I think most of us have..

When I started Medifast a month ago, I thought (during that first TOUGH week) that there was no way I could drink/eat this stuff for ?? months! But the second week got better, and the third even better than that, and now I actually like most of the food. I do add seasonings, spices, SF syrups, etc. and make "recipes" that I've found here. But I agree with the previous posters that I like that I can make things taste the way I want them to taste. I kind of think of the food as a "canvas" to which I add my own "color"..

I ahve found that what tastes good to me is relative. If someone had offered me an Medifast Oatmeal Raisin bar a month ago to replace a Snickers, I would have hated it. But now, an Medifast bar truly tastes like a treat to me, and I plan to continue using them as treats after I go off the 5 & 1. (If I go back to the 2-3 Snickers a week, I'll be right back here!!!).

Hang in there! Things will taste better before long, and your taste buds will change, and the amazing changes in your body will motivate you to push through..

Good luck!..

Comment #6

This may sound weird but I have found the longer I have been on medifast the better the food tastes. I think we are all so used to eating such high calorie flavorful food and when we start restricting ourselves we aren't in the best frame of mind meaning we may not be as receptive to changes. That is me anyway. I have really grown to like the products I choose. Splenda and cinnamon are my life savers. My favorites are chocolate shake, all the bars, chai and cocoa drinks, chicken noodle soup with salt added and minestrone soup with BBQ sauce added.

This may be wrong to say but I put enough of the BBQ sauce to make it good. A couple of carbs here and there are not going to kill me or my weight loss especially if I exercise that day. It all balances out.

Now when I cheat a bit and eat something that is highly salted or seasoned it is almost too much for my mouth to take.

Just think this is not the only food I wil be eating for the rest of my life. Once the weight is off I am going to go back to eating regular food in moderation. Temporary sacrifice for such a huge reward...

Comment #7

I have to agree with Joanne. There is a saying: Eat to LIVE don't live to EAT... I have that posted on my fridge. It is so important for us to remember that. I know food is comfort... we want it to be pleasurable.

100+ years agohow many people could afford spices let alone, spaghetti and pizza and the other "stuff" we "feed" on?? People for the most part ate to live not the opposite..

First, I personally NEVER lost weight on anything BUT low(er) carb. My body has a direct expressway lane for carbs to my fat cells. I actually like blander foods with a "sprinkling" of flavor occasionally. I like to add to mine. I also like the convenience of being able to simply open a packet and chug down a shake in a hurry and not be hungry for 3-4 hours or more. I couldnt do that on a 30+g carb SlimFast.

Not to mention, they are almost or more expensive PER serving than MF..

This is a temporal, a vapor out of all the days we will experience in the rest of our lives. Let's learn to EAT TO LIVE and unlearn living to eat!!! Medifast is helping me do that with the 5/1..

I will be praying for you that your taste buds will find favor with the Medifast foods and that you will find recipes that will allow you to easy, inexpensively make the products so you can lose what you need/want to..

One last point... just because the packet says to mix with warm water does not mean it HAS to be made that way. Let's of products are that way. EX: I hate the Chai and Cappuccino made hotI make them as a shake. I hate snails and squid... Others LOVE escargot and calamari...

I was on the program many years ago when there were only 4 shakes and 3 soups..

Take heart... as the saying goes: this too shall pass and you will be living a happy, HEALTHY life MANY pounds healthier..


Comment #8

Many of the products are designed to allow you to flavor them to your liking. Some people like spicy chili some dont. You can add spices, herbs, extracts, sugar-free syrups, and artificial sweeteners to the Medifast meals to flavor them to your liking...

Comment #9

I just want to add a little more...

My tastes have changed in only 4 weeks. I absolutely loved the swiss mocha shake the first week..and now I can't even stand the smell! I don't know why, it just happened. My hubby hates the minestrone, and I love it. I can't stand the oatmeal raisin bars, he hates the lemon fantasy.

As for the tweaking, I will reiterate what alot of people said. My hubby loves anything spicy so he adds chili powder to everything. I am a garlic onion fan, so I add alot of garlic and onion powder. I dont like just drinks, but I love milkshakes, so I turn the shakes into milkshakes...obviously not a Freindlys shake, but I can honestly say my morning coffee chocolate shake may be something I eat forever, even after I hit my goal. So, we have a box of everything in our cabinet, and I like most of it, whether I tweak it or not, while my hubby has his favorties and sticks to it..

Yes, it is true, the soups need to sit. We bought thermal containers and make our soup meals in the morning. Nuke the water for 2 minutes, add soup, put on top and let sit till ready to more hard chili, chewy peas etc etc..

Ok, thought this might help/ Just know the food can be good, whether you add things to it or not. I mean, do you truly sit and eat chicken or steak etc without seasonings??? Don't you normally add something?? Same thing here....


Comment #10

Taste is a personal thing. There is no way Medifast can make a product that everyonewill love. Heck I can't make a dinner that all 6 of my family will love. So try different products a week later try them again. Your taste does change on the plan. My husband & I started on Medifast the same day.

Also we twick them differently because we have different tastes. Once you work within the approved recommendations I think everyone can find somehting they like..

Comment #11

Tammie hit it with her comments about everyone not loving everything Medifast has to offer. This is why there is a menu in very restaurant for each person to pick and choose what they want to eat based on their personal likes and dislikes. I went into this program with a positive attitude and an iron will. I will succeed, so me thinking that the food won't be good or that I would not be able to eat it is definite weight loss suicide.

Now, after one full week on the program, I have found a few things that I really cannot eat. The puddings make me sick. Literally, sick. I have tried them every way that has been suggested, but they still make me ill and they do have a really funky taste. You know what? I just won't order them again. There is plenty for me to eat and drink that I do enjoy for that to deter me.

Sure, there may be ingredients that you might have to add in order to make the food better for your palate, but all in all I think it is pretty good and very filling. I just had my hot cocoa mixed with my morning coffee for my mid-morning snack and it was really filling. I enjoyed it very muchalmost as much as my coffee with my caramel chocolate creamer that I cannot have anymore.

I enjoy the oatmeal prepared as the package directs, but just for grins I thought I would try it made into pancakes. I think I will stick to the oatmeal. To me, the pancakes were vile! I know lots of people like them, but I prefer it in it's intended form.

I also read that Medifast is releasing more products this fall. That is also something to look forward to!.

Great luck to you!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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