Medifast recipe for Walden Farms Caramel Dip?

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Anyone ever tried this? If so how is it? I went to their site to order the Sweet Onion dressing since my lc store doesn't sell it. Someone posted ages ago about marinating a chicken breast in it and then just baking it. Been wanting to try it ever since but couldn't find it except for online.

I ended up just buying 8 different bottles of various things since the shipping would be the same for one or 8. I decided to try the caramel dip and see if it would be good drizzled over the pancakes or drizzled over the foam on the hot drinks..

I also bought the Apricot jam since I love Apricot glazed chicken. I'll try it and report back!..

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I just ordered a ton of Walden stuff from Netrition too. I didn't get any of the dips because people seemed to hate them. I actually asked the OWNER of my low carb store if he liked the Walden products and he said they are mostly awful. I bought the things people here seem to like. Coleslaw dressing, asian dressing, the sweet onion dressing, strawberry spread and a few others. I am not too hopeful but will try them...

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I love the caramel dip mixed with the dutch chocolate shake in my bullet blender. Tastes like a candy bar!.


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If you like asian food you'll LOVE their Asian Dressing! I'm from HI so I know all about Asian food. It's the first asian product, diet or not, I've tried that is good all by itself in a stir fry. I add a few other things like soy sauce and garlic but you really don't have to. It's what got me to try the WF products in the first place. I don't know how they do it but it's really good!!.

I like the chocolate sauce in the shake or in the hot drinks but by itself it tastes gross! It's weird how it can be so nasty byitself (i tried to drizzle it on a muffin..ick!) but it's so good in something.

The strawberry spread is OK. I like it with the muffins or spread on a pancake. Funny you mention it because on Monday the owner of my store was trying to steer me away from the WF products, lol. She was pushing this other jam product that did taste better but it had 20 cals per T whereas WF has 0! The taste wasn't worth the extra calories to me...

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Oooh! Cool! Thanks Judy! Can't wait to try it!..

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Netrition has another brand of fruit spreads...Jok N Al. They sound so awesome but alas 2 gr. of carbs per TBSP. So I am not getting them but I sure do miss my jams and jellies. I like the Steels products a lot which I get at my low carb store. But they also have SOME calories and carbs.

But no way do I go near that Marinara or Alfredo sauce. Ugh...

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What great ideas! All this talk of sweet solutions is tempting my palette. I'll have to give it a try! Thanks...

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I'm still icking out over that WF Marinara sauce. OrangeBlood recommended using it as an enhancement instead of a base, but everytime I pull it out of the fridge and get a whiff of it that smell recognition comes back and I want to hurl. I'm willing to try the asian dressing and the sweet onion dressing, as well as the cole slaw dressing due to the rave reviews they receive...

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I'm with you Farrell. If we hate the dressings we can at least use them to marinate chicken. But that Marinara is too much Medi-Gag for me...

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I bought the 'orange marmalade" which has a weird, cheap orange soda pop aftertaste.

However...sometimes for lean and grean, I have cottage cheese and mixed salad greens. A little drizzle of the orange on the cottage cheese is just fruity enough and no aftertaste to me. My friend is on a different LC plan and has the marmalade with SF peanut butter on LC bread. Again, just a drizzle, not a lot!.


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I am the one who marinated the plain chicken breast in the Jersey Sweet Onion dressing. It was good. Some of their things do require a taste but lets face it our options are not great that have no calories or carbs. I took Orange Bloods suggestion with the raspberry jelly in place of cranberries. He was right it had the same texture and tanginess of cranberries. I like the carmel dip.

I think the choclate dip is better than the sauce...

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Thanks Sunset. I bought that dressing because of your post about it as a marinade. Can't wait to try it. XOXOXOX..

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Ooh, sunset, something about that post really stuck with me! Can't wait to get my order and try it out! Thanks a bunch!!..

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Okay I just wandered into my OTHER low carb market as the first one I went to was out of Peanut Butter Davinci. I bought three. Whew. Can't be without THAT again.

When I was there I asked the owner, again, about the Walden stuff. Quote "I wouldn't touch it...EVER." But he did say the one tolerable thing was the caramel dip. So I bought some. It's not bad. It does have an aftertaste, but not the worst. I will use it in Shakes. And Hot Cocoa...

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I just got the Strawberry Jam Spread - Great on the muffins, & I mixed up some with my Smart Balance cruncy Peanut Butter & ate with a spoon.....Oh my!!!!!!!! (If you like PB & Jelly?) Try PB & Strawberry!!! (if you like strawberry taste like I do) It was the all 0 cal etc.) Wish I had ordered more than 1 jar. I also like the Hickory Smoke Barbque Sauce. I did not like the Choc. sauce by itself. I'll try it in something...

Comment #14

Yuck! ITA, Bettina!.

Some nasty stuff!.

And the scampi and alfredo aren't any better! Ewww!!!!!..

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I just placed an order for a bunch of Walden Farms stuff some I know I like & a few I'm just trying for the first time the caramel dip is one of the new ones for me. I really like the thick and zesty barbecue sauce I put it on my chicken. I also like the individual packets of their dressings I keep them in my purse & can order salads in restaurants & use those packets for dressing. My favorite is the creamy bacon. I did not like the chocolate dip, and the ketsup is nasty. This time, in addition to the caramel dip, I'm also trying the marshmallow dip, the pancake syrup, and the chocolate syrup...

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I buy the WF Creamy Bacon dressing, use it 1-2 times and then put about 3 T of salsa in it and mix it all up. It REALLY helps the flavor. I like the marinara sause, as long as I bake it with my chicken breasts and put some fat free mozerella cheese on top. That's realy tasty!..

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I buy a marinara in BJ's. I have been using it for years (on atkins).

I don't remember the brand. But it comes two large bottle together for $5.99.

It is sugar-free and low carb. It is delicious. Check it out if you go to BJ's.

I have a jar at home and can get the name brand if anyone is interested..

Comment #18

Hi, that sounds great. But what is BJ's??? Am I being BLONDE again???..

Comment #19

BJ's is a members-only big box (discount) retailer like Price Club and Costco and Sam's...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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