Medifast recipe for Tomato Soup?

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Is there ANY way to get the tomato soup to turn out as anything other than wet grainy sand soup? I've tried it in the microwave.. I've tried simmering it on the stove.. both times I had to chuck the whole bowl. This is the worst thing I've tried so far. I won't be ordering it again but I have 5 more packets..

Any ideas would be awesome...

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I used my handheld whisk just today and it turned out great. I did it on the stove...good luck..

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I just had it for lunch and did not care for it either, I whisked it up real good with the hot water, but by the time I went to eat it after letting it sit for a minute,like it says in the directions,it was cold, so nuked it for a few seconds, it needs something, not sure what though, I did add some pepper and salt,but still didnt do much to make it better..


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I had the Tomato soup for the first time today. I put the packet in a coffee mug and added hot tap water and stired until smooth (ok, almost smooth ). I added salt, tabasco and pampered chef's italian seasoning mix. I thought it was actually pretty good. It didn't dissolve completely - but it was much better than I expected..

Hope that helps!..

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I prepared the soup as per directions, then added a 14oz can of diced tomatoes and put in the blender. A few spices and it tasted really great. Also, that helped with my vegetables for my dinner...

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I add just a couple of chopped up cherry actually helps alot!!!..

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I add a 1/2 tsp. of tomato boullion. I found I really like it that way...

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I love tomato soup - but this one needs some help. Since veggie's out of the farmers market are awesome right now, I whip a batch of homemade salsa and mix 2 heaping tablespoons into the soup and heat in microwave for 45 sec. Then I add a bit more garlic and salt and let steam for 3-5 min. Very tasty that way...cheddar soy crisps are also good with it.

For my salsa -.

2-3 Ripe tomatoes (any kind will do, but I prefer to use Roma).

Small red onion (or half red/half vandalia).

1/2 green pepper.

1/2 fresh jalepano pepper.

1/2 fresh hot red pepper.

1 glove garlic (you can use garlic powder, too).

2-3 tbls linme juice.

Dash of salt.

Fresh chopped cilantro (if you like it).

Chop everything really finely, mix, cover and refridgerate.

I find it tastes best after being chilled for an hour. I like to eat it within 3 days - otherwise it gets kinda mushy and runny...

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I only had one packet of tomato soup so I didn't get to experiment with it much. However, I did figure out that if you put the cream of broccoli in the blender, you get rid of the grainy mess. This would likely work for the tomato as well...

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It appears my reply was eaten. I've been subscribed to the thread but the reply I posted earlier today is not here. Anyways, blend the soup mix with the water in the blender. I did that for the cream of broccoli and it got rid of the grainy texture...

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I know you are only supposed to have one a day for your snack and it has too much salt, yada yada, but 1/2 bouillon cube in any of the soups, tomato or broccoli, makes it taste a whole lot better...

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I normally hate tomato soup but I love MF's version. I use twice the amount of water, shake it in a shaker, then pour it into the pan, add a beef bullion cube, basil, and garlic powder, and salt and pepper. It's really good!! I drink it in a big mug...

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I try bullion in just about all the soups. Beef bullion in the tomato because yeah it isn't the greatest one and mine is always watery and grainy. Also, I love Better Than Bullion. The chili base one is great in the tomato soup...

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As with the other beverages, these items appear to mix better with COLD water, THEN you heat them. Don't know why, but I foun dthat works best with my Cappucino, Hot Cocoa and Cream of CHicken as well. Hope this helps!..

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My husband 'loved' it with pulled pork and bbq sauce (they make low carb versions). Adding fresh tomatoes and salsa sounds like a good option too. I also made mine with a 'fast soup' broth too, and it was tastier. Maybe you could save it for maintenance when you have a little more wiggle room more fixing it up...

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Hi...I have the soup today in fact...what I do with all of the soups:.

I mix it up until there are no visible lumps...then I nuk it in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes...then I let it stand for about an hour...Mix it or blend it smooth and then I nuk it again for one minute. I really liked it...but, I like bland...too spicy makes my stomach ache for hours..



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Funny, but I really LOVE the tomato soup!.

I read somewhere long ago that the trick to the cream soups is to add a small amount of very cold water and make it into a paste first, then slowly add more cold water and stir, until you get the right consistency. Then I microwave for 1 1/2 minutes, add a little salt and black pepper and eat it..yum!..

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Hi- I love this soup!.

I always make all of my soups like this:.

Put 8 oz of cold water in shaker cup, pour in packet, cover, shake your heart out!.

It always works for me to get out all of the lumps and mixes well, I usually let it sit in the fridge for a half hour or so also- so mix before you are ready to eat!.

I cook in a small pan on the stove and add garlic powder and sometimes 1-2 tablespoon of canned stewed tomatoes or pico de gallo (subtracted from my G of course), then when I am just about to put it in the bowl- after it has simmered nicely for a while- I ad a few shakes of Molly McButter- yummy!!..

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I don't know if the tomato or broccoli soups will ever be great. I will not reorder but since I have so many of them....

Best thing is to blend the soup with cold water first. Either with mini hand held mixer or in shaker jar. Then cook on stove. I love Mrs. Dash's tomato-basil-garlic flavor. I add a lot of that, cracked pepper, garlic powder, and some Molly McButter. Pretty good but what IS that grainy stuff in the soups and latte? I can't get it off my dishes half the time...

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It's so funny how different everyone's tastes are... these (cream of tomato and broccoli cheddar) are my FAVORITE Medifast soups!!.

To make the tomato really good, I prepare it COLD in one of the ultimate shakers, then add some garlic powder and pepper and nuke it for 2:00, then take it out and whisk it up using a mini whisk..

If I want to treat myself, I add 1/2C steamed broccoli to the broccoli cheddar soup (soooo goood! ) and if I REALLY want to be bad... I add a tbsp. of FF shredded cheese on top....mmmmm..

Now I'm hungry.

Isn't it odd (and GREAT!) how different we can all be? Some people love the oatmeal, I can only eat it as cookies, some people hate the chilli and soups, I love them!..

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I mix mine with COLD water. I add just enough to make a paste, and stir till all the powder is absorbed. Then I add the remaining water, and microwave for 1-1.5 minutes. Works great. I also add a dash of garlic salt and Italian seasoning...

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I made mine into crackers, and made some psuedo bruschetta to top it...

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Pseudo Brushetta sounds yummy! Maybe with some of the diced tomatoes, on top of multigrain crackers! Yow!..

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I actually love this soup on it's own. I did mix it up a bit. I went to the Medifast recipe section in the library. It says to add 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms and a tablespoon of chopped celery. I always add pepper and garlic. Oh I am craving it now.

Someone said they made crackers out of this soup?? How did you do that?..

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Tomato soup is one of my favorites, but not the Medifast one! But, if you make a cracker out of it, it is really good. Here's a thread: or click on the Search button and search for Cheese Crackers.

The person who authored the thread used the Cream of Broccoli. I had some Cream of Tomoto, so I used it with some minced dried onions, some cajun spice or any other spice you think would be good and they are awesome! I make mine with a little less water so that they are more like little pieces of bread. I love bread, so this is great. And a really good way to use up some yucky soup. In fact, I'll be ordering more cream of ____ soups next time to make these "crackers"...

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