Medifast recipe for The Pudding!?

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This is my 2nd try at making the pudding and I can't get it to firm up. Is there a tip at doing this..

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How much water are you using? It only takes 1/2 cup and then whisk it with a fork...

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Be careful not to add even one drop more than the 4 ounces of's so easy to thin out the puddings!!.

You know we can use 2 tbsp of sugar free jello pudding mix a day, and count them as a snack. I usually add 1 tbsp of that to my Medifast pudding, and make it in the magic bullet. It comes out great, and it makes it a lot thicker, and you can use 6 ounces water then, so it is like getting a little more food, lol. You might try making it that way. With the additive in it, my pudding never comes out runny anymore..

Good luck,.


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I use a little less than 1/2 cup of water and then shake...shake...shake until I can't hear it "sloshing" around in the cup. The first time I made the pudding, I used the full 1/2 cup and it never set up. I really like the chocolate pudding and to punch it up I add about 1/2 teaspoon of decaf instant coffee. Yummy...

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Thank you so much for the replies. They were a big help. This is my first day to do the Medifast and I am getting the instructions confused. I used 6oz of water instead of the 4oz. I grabbed my pouches this morning and headed off to work thinking I didn't have to write them down. Now I know , to write down the amount of water on each pouch before I leave home. Again, thank you for the help!..

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From these boards, I learned to mix everything up first thing in the morning or the night before, I usually have my pudding for evening, and use just the 4oz of very cold water it sets up very well. Often I will take out a teaspoon or so of water and add a sugar free syrup just for more variety..

To carrying things to work, if you can premix at home and carry in microwave containers, during the day everything gets creamier or hydrated better. I mix my shakes and Chai latte then use a funnel to put them into cleaned water bottles that I can throw away. Just some portable 'brown bag' ideas for work or being out for the day...

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I started messing with the puddings and now I take a vanilla or banana pudding, mix in some SF syrup, (like Almond or Coconut) and a tablespoon of peanut butter and a dash of salt. Mix it all together and add a little water to make it look like cookie dough and eat it with a spoon.......tastes just like cookie dough mmmmmmmmmmmmm..

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