Medifast Recipe for Sushi Rolls

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I've been wanting some sushi/california type rolls using shredded cauliflower in place of rice but I didn't know how seaweed sheets would fit into Medifast (or if they were even OP)... I checked out Nutrisystem boards and found this .

Yay! From this I made up my own OP sushi roll recipe. I'm pretty sure it's totally OP. Let me know whatcha think or if you are concerned w/ it being OP or not:.

- 1 cup cauliflower, steamed & shredded.

- 5 Nori seaweed sheets (or other brand w/ no more than 7 g Carb/5 sheets).

- 10 hard-boiled egg whites.

- 2 oz shrimp.

I also plan to use 2 tsp of wasabi as a dip and maybe a little soy sauce. Yum This seems like it'll make a LOT of rolls so it'll be perfect for splitting throughout the day..

Without the wasabi the meal comes out to be 316.5 cal, 55.7 g protein, 15.9 g carb, and .6 g fat. Wasabi adds another 4.5 g carb and 22.4 cal/ 2 tsp so if your other Medifast meals that day are on the high end for carbs you may want to forego this...

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I ended up altering the recipe a bit. I used 5 hard-boiled eggs and 4 oz. of shrimp.. it still comes out to a full lean but I think it actually saves a few carbs..

I plan on saving this for my L&G tomorrow, but I did sample one today. Soooo good..

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Sounds very awesome and would also be fun with sushi grade tuna. Confused about the wasabi though. My nutrition label said 1 gram carb per tsp. One tsp mixed with soy would go a long long way...

Comment #2

I love sushi! Thanks for posting the recipe and suggestions on improving/changing it. Can't wait to try this. Have a great day ladies!..

Comment #3

Love california rolls, your recipe sounds delish but I am allergic to eggs, what's a girl to do?..

Comment #4

What exactly do you do with the egg whites? Strips, chopped to resemble rice??? what?..

Comment #5

You could always substitute something else for the eggs.. as long as you get your entire lean in..

Xsyarn - yea, I sliced the egg whites into strips.

Glad ya'll liked it. This is definitely a meal you'll split throughout the day. I could not eat it all in one sitting. It makes a lot of rolls...

Comment #6

Yum! I would never have thought to make sushi like this!.

One of the things that is frequently used in sushi is a type of omelet called tamago. It's frequently sweetened, but even plain, would be a nice addition to making sushi and help add in that lean we need..

Some other sushi stuff I'd recommend:.

Ahi - so good raw or seared!.




K-rab - blended with a little mayo or just good sticks of it.

For the veg -.

Steamed asparagus.

Cooked spinach.

Thin strips of cucumber.

We can have a tiny amount of avocado as our healthy fat - I want to say 1/5. It's awesome, but restricted, so do what you will..

For the lazy - cut the sheet of nori into squares, take 1 square, press in your fauxrice, lay your toppings over it, and hand roll it into a cone Easy and yummy!.

Oh, and most wasabi is really a fake blend, not the real thing, which is why there's a carb disparity among brands..

Comment #7

I'm trying that it sounds great but still is seaweed allowed I think it's really high in sodium if I'm correct..

Comment #8

I want to try this with salmon or tuna - I LOVE sushi and kind of miss it.

Would you mind giving us more step-by-step instructions? I'm not sure how the cauli & eggs fit in. The cauli is a stand-in for the rice... but is the egg mixed in there or is it inside the roll? Confused!..

Comment #9

To make the rolls:.

Spread 1/5 of the shredded/steamed cauliflower on half of seaweed closest to you. Line 1/5 of sliced egg whites and shrimp (or whatever filling you prefer) horizontally along seaweed about 1 inch from edge. Roll. (hopefully these arent confusing instructions. it might help to watch a youtube video about making sushi. in my recipe I just used the sliced egg white and shrimp as filling)..

Comment #10

I don't think the imitation crab that a previous poster mentioned for this sushi is OP. Too many carbs. Use the real thing...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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