Medifast recipe for Spaghetti?

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I have to go to a spaghetti dinner where there will be nothing but all you can eat meatballs, spaghetti, bread and desserts. Worse yet, I will ge going with mom and siblings who are generally unsupportive/understanding of my dieting. This time around I haven't even told them that I'm doing MF. I know they will consider it extreme and not good for me. I have finished my third week and am down 13 lbs. so far.

I'm definitely pumped to keep going but I know I'm in for a difficult afternoon. Any suggestions on how to get around these difficult situations. I don't mind not eating the food there ... it's combatting the negative attitudes that will be more difficult! Any help is greatly appreciated!..

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We had a spaghetti dinner last Friday night, we ended up not going. Had I gone, I know they were serving salad as well, I would have only eaten salad and I would have eaten my lean before going. If there isn't any salad at yours, I just would go and not eat. If any one makes a fuss, just tell them you don't feel like eating and leave it at that. A spaghetti dinner would not be worth it for me to throw me out of ketosis and take the next 3 days trying to get back into ketosis..


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I would have a big sald before I left for the event, and have a few meatballs while I was there. No on the carbs. Drink lots of water, and say hello to someone you don't know, and start up conversation while everyone is sitting down. There is always those few people that can't stop talking and socializing and never get to sit down....That would be me...

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I kn ow this is hard sometimes but it's sooo worth it. I went out Saturday night and it was tough. Went to dinner and a concert with friends and I just ate a chicken breast and broccoli. The worst part was that everyone was drinking and I couldn't even have a glass of wine....

The spaghetti thing is a tough one. But you can do it. Eat the salad as others suggest. Also, if you really get a craving for pasta any time, try the Shirataki Noodles. I was so not sold on them at first but tonight I made them with low carb pasta sauce I found that I added a little lean beef to. I got my pasta craving out of the way and really couldn't tell the difference in the noodles.

It isn't worth it to make all the effort to do this and blow it all in one night. Also if you are doing something for your health, and being overweight is so much worse for women than we ever thought, then your friends should cheer you on...

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Don't eat the meatballs. Meatballs are not an option for your lean. They have breadcrumbs in them and thus CARBS.

Also, if you think about it, the food at dinners like that usually isn't high quality. it's mediocre sauce and meatballs that are more breadcrumbs than beef and limp soggy pasta. It is so not worth it. If anyone asks, tell them you had a plate and had to dump it. Not worth it!..

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Tell everyone TO LEAVE YOU ALONE AND LET YOU BE THIN AND HEALTHY...Just don't eat and bring your own food! Hey I'm Italian and raised around food my hole life. Thats why I'm here!!!!! Be strong and you can do it! Then your family will say WOW!!!!!!! Lisa..

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Can someone tell me where in the grocery store you would find Shirataki noodles? I had never heard of them before until Medifast. Thanks for your help...

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I haven't found them in my local store. I bought mine at whole foods. They are in the deli section with the tofu. You could ask a manager in your store if they have them and where they're at..


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Someone in my area just told me to find them at Wild Oats. I don't know if that's a national chain, but it's a health food store. Maybe they'd have them there...

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