Medifast recipe for Shiritki??

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Hi Everyone,.

I have just restarted the program (bought the plan last year and never stuck to it) and never new recipies like these exisited. I was also on the plan yrs ago when it was only L & G.....just shakes! These recipies sound great...kudos to all, not the edible Kudos, they aren't Medifast LOL. Anyway, I saw something re shiritaki noodles and found them when shopping last night...any good recipies? I am Italian and love my spaghetti, what kind of sauce, if any can be used and what other recipies can they work in? Thanks!..

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Last Sunday I made a simple marinara sauce then mixed the well rinsed then boiled then rinsed again well dried shiritake with the sauce, part skim ricotta cheese, part skim mozarella and grated parmesan and baked it in the oven until it was nice and bubbly. If you haven't had the shiritake before, they do take some getting used to. It was delicious because my sauce is delicious but it's certainly not anything like "real" macaroni...

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I just bought my first package also. I am interested in any recipes that make them worth eating!..

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So glad someone asked about this...I can't find Shiritake noodles! Am I looking in the wrong section at the grocery store?..

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I found them at a health food store in the refrigerated section. They were about $1.50 per bag...

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A lot of stores don't sell them. The only stores in my area that have them are Trader Joe's and Pricechopper. They're in the refridgerated produce section..

My favorite shiritaki noodle recipe so far is for OrangeBlood's pad thai. search for it for the recipe...

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The only place I ever found Shirataki noodles was at a local grocery store owned by an asian family. They carry a lot of asian and ethnic foods. The noodles weren't very expensive, I just found I didn't like them...

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There are a lot of postings about the skiritaki noodles on this website. Apparently there are 2 kinds - and we are allowed only the 'yam' variety. I ordered mine on-line. They are weird to get used to. What I do is cut open packet, hold my breath (they smell), rinse, rinse rinse in a strainer. Then put in bowl with some water.

Then add garlic powder (so don't smell), and microwave like a vegetable for like 5-8 minutes. Then add to a spaghetti-type concoction (burger, tomatoes, shrooms, basil, etc). This is a great meal...

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My favorite with the noodles is to chop them up and stir fry them like fried rice. This changes the consistancy which helps me. I put whatever in them - veggies or egg and a little bit of onion...

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I enjoyed my L&G last night using the Shiritaki noodles.

After the rinsing and microwaving the noodles to get them ready to eat, I stir in a smidgeon of stir fry sauce with the noodles. (Mine has no oil).

I purchased a bag of ready to eat "romaine leaf" lettuce wraps (at Walmart). I sliced a heated fully cooked chicken breast into strips and then added some of the seasoned shiratiki noodles on top of the chicken and had my lettuce wraps! I made two per person.

My non Medifast hubby thought it looked delicious and joined me in this meal. It was filling and I believe Medifast legal.

What do you think??..

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You can make a very spicy cold salad with them:.

1 package noodles (either Tofu variety or miracle noodles work).

Cabbage, cucumber, radish, scallions, or any Medifast legal vegetable chopped up in a food processor to yield a combination of 1 cup.

1 Tbsp lime juice.

1 Tbsp vinegar (rice vinegar if you have it).

1/8 tsp ginger.

1/8 tsp curry paste or any hot low-cal paste.

Splenda to taste.

Rinse noodles and cut up as suggested in previous posts in this thread. Combine with cabbage mixture. In a separate bowl, combine lime, vinegar, ginger, curry paste, and Splenda. Mix well and pour over noodles. Cover and put in fridge for a few hours before serving, shaking or stirring occasionally...

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Well, here I am again. Whenever I see a post about these noodles I fly in with a warning. Only buy a small package until you are sure that you like them. There is no way that I've found that can make these things edible, they are NASTY! If you like them, go for it. Just be warned that there is a chance of them being disgusting..


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Faster than a speeding bullet-blender! Able to leap tall threads at a... okay just kidding. I just had this vison of a red cape and blue undies...

Seriously it's good that your warning people not to buy too much at first. I think theyre okay in small amounts but my husband literally gagged on 'em... then he spent another twenty minutes with his eyes all watery and refused all other foodstuffs. These are definately not for everyone.


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Educate me BreathLesSs... I "less than 33333" them?.


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I've been afraid to try anything non-Asian with these noodles, because they dont taste like Italian pasta to me but they go well in Asian dishes like pad thai..

But one night I cooked up some ground turkey, tomatoes and garlic and added it to the noodles. It was pretty decent... but I saved half for the next day and that half was really good!! The noodles soaked up the flavor of the garlic and meat..

I use House Brand by the way, which I think may taste better and have much less stink than other brands...

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Actually, we are allowed both the yam only and the tofu and yam varieties of shirataki noodles. The yam only ones are the ones with zero carbs though...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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