Medifast recipe for Shirataki Noodles?

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I see a lot of you using these noodles my question. What are they and do you measure them? I have never heard of them. Do you use them in place of a Medifast meal or do you use it as an L&G meal. Sorry still new and working it all out..

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Don't be sorry, I had no idea what they were when I first started. First, you have to know the difference between the plain yam version and the tofu/yam version. You will hear different opinions, but I think that most people feel that the angel hair version of the plain yam is the best. I can't swallow the Tofu ones and had to feed them to my dogs. The Tofu ones have to be refrigerated, the yam ones don't. They all come packed in liquid that doesn't have the best smell.

They also have a rather different texture. Kind of boingy. But once you get used to it, they are a great substitute for pasta. I bought mine at Some people say they have found them in their local asian markets for really cheap prices as well.

I am forgetting about how they are measured someone else will probably respond to that or else you will find it under search. I have them about once a week. Personally I think they are best made into a dish like a casserole or something that is baked like tuna noodle casserole, or baked pasta, etc. There are lots of great recipes here. I think my favorite is the tuna..

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Oh yeah and they count towards your LG meal. Not a Medifast meal. And the good news is that they are really filling and have very low calories and carbs. I also think because they are all yam fiber that there are some health benefits...

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How long does it typically take to receive an order from Miracle Noodle? I placed my order on Oct. 31 with an estimated delivery date of Nov. 8th (today). Now UPS website is saying that the delivery has been RE-scheduled to Nov. 13th. It appears that the order wasn't scanned into UPS system until yesterday, Nov.

Anyone else had this issue?..

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I am glad I only ordered the sample pack from miracle noodle, because these things were gross and a waste of money. I did not like the texture and had to drown it with lot's of sauce to give it any flavor at all. I also felt very blotted after eating it too. I would have rather had a real vegetable instead.

If you really want a noodle taste eat the Medifast Chicken Noodle Soup : o)..

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Defrag I think that after that article on the cover of First Magazine and all the hype about the noodles that they went on back order. A lot of people had trouble ordering them. As for the fact that they aren't for everyone, I think that it's best to really only try the angel hair first. And not the Tofu at all, ever. And, BEFORE you use them, get your kitchen scissors and cut them into much smaller pieces. I cut them into less than an inch long at least. The texture is better and they are easier to combine into the sauces, etc...

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I'm not familiar with that magazine. What kind of mag is it? Do you know when the issue went out? I'm trying to determine the origin of the bottle neck. Miracle Noodle is saying that UPS is at fault but generally when I send out UPS packages, they are scanned either immediately or the same day - not 3 days later...

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First Magazine is by the checkout counter in the grocery store. I read it a lot. The issue with the Shiratakis was 9/18/06 and it had a lot of recipes for the Shiratakis that I cut out and posted on my fridge. Also, started the big Shirataki craze. They are a great site for diet tips, although most would not work for us MFasters. But between the article and all the hype I noticed that the noodles got severely backordered. That might not be your problem but I rarely have issues with UPS...

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Mine usually take about 5 days to arrive... That was a couple of weeks ago, and I need to place a new order. That's a shame your order was delayed. I hope they get on the ball soon...

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These miracle noodles are definitely not for everyone!!.

I can eat almost anything but not these at all! Now I have 19 - 7 oz packages of angel hair that is sitting in a box taking up space. The company doesn't seem to have a return policy - growl...

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Sandie how did you cook them? I gagged the first time but they were the Tofu ones. If you could make them in a LOT of sauce or flavorings then you might like them. I wasn't big on them until I made them either as sort of an italian casserole with tomato sauce and cheese, or the tuna noodle recipe here. Can you try those? It's a shame to waste them...

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I rinsed them for 20 minutes, boiled them, then sauteed them in olive oil then put in a baking pan and added spaghetti sauce, ground beef and cheese and baked for 45 minutes on 350 - stirred and added more sauce and cheese on top and baked til cheese melted.

I could not - would not ever try to eat this stuff again! I'm still gagging. My hubby couldn't believe it - there has never been anything that I could not eat - LOL!!..

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Ouch. Okay not for everyone. I get it. Hmmmmmm....well if you can't find anyone to buy them or swap with you have dogs? My labs loved them!!!..

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