Medifast recipe for Shirataki Noodles?

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I was looking on the web yesterday for the noodles. Have never bought them. I saw the House Foods Store mentioned here & also a Asian Place, there were some others.

Which are the best? There were fetticuinune, tofu, .. I don't know what to order - What taste the best & easiest to cook??? Many thanks.

Just need to know what you reccomend...

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I think everyone has a different opinion on this issue. I personally hate the Tofu version, others prefer them. I bought mine from but some people are having trouble with their orders. Also, I will NEVER have the Fettucine in ANY version. I gagged when I ate them. The angel hair is much better, if not just because it is THINNER so not quite as rubbery. So, for me, it's the angel hair, plain yam version...

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And now for something completely different:.

I use the tofu ones (House brand) which I am able to get in the Asian store. I love the fettucini. The angel hair is ok. I also have some yam angel hair ones which I think are rubberier than the tofu ones. I rinse them vigorously in hot water but do not par boil them. Generally, I saute them with whatever I am serving them with..

I recommend trying both and seeing which ones work for you...

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Okay - I need some more replies to get this tie broke!!!!..

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I use the Miracle Noodles ones, but as stated above, they are having shipping problems. I will be looking for a new source...

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I like them both! The tofu/yam combo and the all yam work interchangibly for me, although I prefer the yam for soups. the type of noodle I use depends on what I am cooking. I use the Fettucine for sitr fry, the angle hair for soups and both for spaghetti type dishes.

Please try them with an open mind and remember they are not supposed to be a "pasta alternative"...they are just a type of Asian noodle that happens to fit into this program...

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I get mine at Whole Foods, they're the tofu kind (I guess, they're tofu and yam flour, and I think they're made by House of Tofu or something). I've only tried angel hair and I like them, even my husband who is very picky likes them. They're not rubbery, but if you don't like the texture cut them into smaller pieces. I only heard bad things about the fettucini but since someone here just posted that they love them, I will give them a try. I don't boil them anymore either, I just rinse well in hot water and drain as much as possible. The liquid they're packed in does smell funky but try not to smell it and rinse it off and you'll never know! It's so nice to have these noodles as an option when you're really missing noodles/rice etc...

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I use the House brand tofu noodles. Even though they do have a little more calories I prefer the taste and texture. They are softer and more like real asian noodles to me. But the angel hair ones from are decent too. Any other shapes of the miracle noodles are gross, IMO! I'll never forget the bowl of Minestrone that I tried to put the pearl shaped miracle pasta in ! Talk about a gag reflex! I don't know which was worse, the soup or the noodles! I still have nightmares, lol!!.

I do like the House brand fettucini noodles. I like it in creamier sauces made with cheese. Like the tuna noodle casserole. That's really good with the fettucini. For mac-n-cheese and stir fries I usually use the spaghetti shape...

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I've been waiting almost a month for my first (and last) noodle shipment from They keep telling me that they have shipped (or will ship) them, but their story keeps changing. Their 800 phone number apparently has been disconnected, their website forum is used mostly by spammers, and they have no credibility with me..

I have found House Foods tofu shirataki at a Wild Oats market. I have tried both the noodle shapes and the fettucinni shapes, and I like both. For me, the important things are to (1) rinse them very, very well to get rid of the odor, (2) cut them up into very small pieces so you don't have to chew them, and (3) find the right recipe that gives them a tasty flavor..

For me, the best recipe so far has been the noodle-shaped shirataki, plus small chunks of chicken breast meat, some frozen mixed vegetables, and some kind of mild salsa or tomato sauce. The mixed veggies give them an attractive color, and the right sauce gives them a tasty flavor. I have cooked them by microwaving, by frying, and by baking. With the right ingredients, any cooking method works great for me..

If you can find House Foods shirataki noodles in a local health food store or Asian market, buy them that way. Here is a partial list of sources, but there are other locations that carry them also..


You can also order them online from Amazon, but the shipping is very expensive. Here's an Amazon link:.


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Ditto with Bettina. I'm a Miracle Noodle Angel Hair junkie. I've been reading the issues people have had with them, but I've personally had nothing but great service (knock on wood!), which is good because I eat them just about every day. There are some really great recipes out there to make just about any food type there is. Good luck!..

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Ok, haven't tried any of these noodles yet.

But I have been hearing about Miraclenoodle problems..

One site I was looking at wanted $20. for 8oz package.

I came across this vendor. They seem to have lots of choices..

Shipping isn't too bad..


I may try the Shirakiku Shirataki Yam Noodle first...

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Shirakiku is the same shirataki that sells. Give it a go!..

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Thanks Willow & Farrell !!!!!!!!!!!!! & others - - this is what I'm going to try!!..

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Your right - - Not bad price or shipping at the Asian Place. I just ordered the Yam noodles..

NOW - what is the best recipe if I am hungry for a pasta Italian type tasting dish?????.


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I could be wrong, but I think you could use the shirataki noodles just like other noodles in pasta, as long as you drain them very well and boil them briefly, cut them into very small swallowable pieces, and cover them with some kind of spicy sauce..

I'm having great success with my House Foods shirataki/chicken/vegetable/salsa soups. Very healthy, very tasty, and very low calorie!..

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Gia's Italian Pasta Bake is my favorite of the italian dishes I've seen. It makes 1 L&G (you can cut the cheese and add chicken or beef if you want).

Gia's Italian "Pasta" Bake:.

This is so incredible I have to share it with all of you.

I am an Italian with parents from Northern and Southern Italy. Pasta is my love, next to bread of course. How do you all think I got to where I am today. Well there are the cannoli, and the cheese and well you get the idea. But I was determined to make this shiratake thing work so I have been experimenting since I got my shipment and I found a dish I LOVE.

Now we all know it isn't truly pasta, but I am here to tell you, it is the closest thing to a true comfort food that I have had since starting this journey..

I put the questions to Nutrisystem to make sure I am safe witin the guidlines of the L&G for a day. And will report to you all on this thread when I hear back from them..

Here is the recipe:.

1 pkg. (8oz) shiratake noodles (yam only not tofu and yam).

Drain, microwave for 1 minute, redrain and set aside.

In sauce pan combine:.

1/2 c tomato sauce.

1 small plum tomato.

2 T Rotel (diced tomato and green chili).

1/8 t pepper.

1/2 t Kosher salt.

6 basil leaves chopped.

1/2 t granulated garlic (or 1 small clove chopped fine).

1/2 small onion chopped fine (equal to 1/2 c).

6 baby bella mushrooms chopped rough.

Simmer sauce to soften onion on med. heat for 6 min..

Toss shiratake noodles into sauce and simmer for 6 more min..

Pam spray a bread loaf pan and pour "pasta" and sauce into and top with.

3/4 - 1 cup low fat shredded mozzarella.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbling..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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