Medifast recipe for SF/FF pudding mix?

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I read the thread somebody posted about adding SF/FF pudding to their shake and was VERY excited. I LOVE pistachio pudding! Do you mix it up and add it or add the powdered pudding mix to the shake? thanks..

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You just add one or two tablespoons to the shake mix, add the normal water as if you're making a shake and blend. I've found if I want shake consistency, I can only use 1 TBS pudding mix and a little more water than usual. If you want a thick pudding, add the normal amt of water with 2 TBS pudding. Enjoy!..

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I used it in my Medifast pudding too. I only use 2 teaspoons though and increase the water to 5 ounces instead of 4. Pretty cool, eh? Don't you just LOVE Medifast?..

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That sounds like a great idea! I amgoing to try that. I got a little creative today...a little creative is a big deal for me, lol. I added my peanut butter snack to a vanilla shake (I used the diabetic shake)! It was pretty good. My DH used to make vanilla ice cream and peanut butter shakes, so I thought I'd see if this worked. I like it. I often need the extra calories in a day, so here's my solution.

Have a medi-fantastic day!!..

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Hey Terie. Yes, the peanut butter in a vanilla shake does takes like a vanillia/peanut butter shake. It's great, but remember, it adds calories/fat/carbs to your plan (your daily Medifast snack)...

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Thanks defrag, I got it. I have been needing the extra, but I have only done it once, today. I will watch it!!..

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Hey terie,.

I added PB to my vanilla pudding and it was so yummy.

I use PB for a snack 3-4 times a week. I eat a bar 5-6 days a week and have been losing every week. ENJOY!!..

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I use the sugarfree puddings in my Medifast vanilla pudding.... I only need 1.5 - 2 tsp. It gives it a true pudding texture. I tried it with 1T sf pudding and it actually got too thick (so the idea to use 5oz water sounds like a good one). Butterscotch is good too, with a little sugarfree pancake syrup to top it off, it was like flan or creme caramel...

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Love flan. will have to try this after I get the butterscott pudding. thanks...

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Yes, I did the same thing the first time.

LOL ... I did the exact same thing last night and came to this thread this morning to report this mock flan success! Great minds think alike, eh Maureen?..

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