Medifast recipe for Ready To Drink SHAKES?

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How are the ready to drink shakes? I thought about ordering some, but not sure how they will taste. THANK YOU!..

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I think they are fine. I prefer the others but a girlfriend prefers the RTDs and they are definitely super convenient. I have tried both flavors, no complaints...

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I would wholeheartedly reccommend ordering some...i LOVE them, i've only had the chocolate ones, but let me tell you if you get in a hurry it's SO easy to just open the fridge and grab one to go...and they are nice and smooth too...

Comment #2

I thought they were pretty gross! Bad a very bad after taste. But, I only like the shakes with lots of ice in the blender. I would say order 2 or 3 on your next order and see if you like them...everyone has different taste buds...

Comment #3

I LOVE the RTD shakes. I always have my crisper drawer full of them. I carry them in my lunch box for workI can carry 3 RTDs & 2 bottles of water for work...NO HASSLES, NO WORRIES. I always order a case or 2 at a time, when my order is at least $200. so I get free shipping as they are heavy...

Comment #4

You are so smart! Free is is VERY good!.

I'm going to use this strategy for my next order..


Comment #5

I love the RTD's and an idea for you as well is to open them up, dump them in a blender and add whatever you like for extra flavor. I think the chocolate ones are awesome and the vanilla is good, especially when I add syrups...

Comment #6

RTD's ROCK!!!!!.

Ordered 4 on my last order, loved them so much that I just ordered TWO cases and will get them by Thursday! Gotta love that free shipping..

They also get to your house alot faster than the other Medifast products. Must be shipped out from a different warehouse or something..

Anyways, they are delish and convenient!.

Order the case and get 10% off, not much difference in price that way!..

Comment #7

I really like the RTDs also. I order 5-15 for each month and use them for "emergencies". The chocolate is wonderful (WAY better than the traditional chocolate shake) and the vanilla is a nice change (also better than a plain vanilla shaked). The bummer with the RTDs is that you have limited flavors.

I would definately order a couple with your next order and see what you think.

For me, I plan to order a case or two with my next order and start drinking them more. They are very convenient for work, that's for sure!.

Also... I throw 2 or 3 in the freezer so that if I'm going to be away from the house for an indefinate time frame, I'll take one. That way, I'll have a cold shake if I'm out a long time. If not, I just put it in the fridge or freezer when I get back home...

Comment #8

I've only tried the vanilla RTD and don't like it as much as the powdered one. But it's a good substitute to have around in a pinch, so I always keep some RTDs at work, and one in my purse or car. I've gotten in a couple of situations that having the RTD really saved me.

I will try the chocolate one on my next order and hope that it tastes better than the vanilla...

Comment #9

The chocolate one is my favorite RTD, raven..

Give it a try!..

Comment #10

I love them. I have only tried the chocolate but thought it was much better than the powdered. They are so convenient and portable. They make a day trip out of the house very easy to stay on program...

Comment #11

My husband and I are both on Medifast and our monthly order is 10 cases Chocolate RTD and 8 boxes of bars. We occasionally mix a powdered drink (fruit punch or a shake), but we use the RTD exclusively during the week because of our jobs..

And if you freeze them and eat them with a spoon, it tastes like a fudgesicle!.

If you call in your order for a case of RTD you receive a 10% discount on each case. The case holds 24...

Comment #12

For some reason they're sweeter and better than an "un-doctored" powdered shake. I wonder what they do???.

So, yes they are very yummy and it's worth keeping a small stash for emergencies. I order 10 every other month and I keep 5 in a small igloo cooler in my car (for unplanned emergencies) and the other 5 in my fridge to toss in my purse for things like the movies.

Good luck!.


Comment #13

For those of you who order the RTD Shakes by the case.....

Do you have to call in the order to get the discount or does it kick in automatically online when you order 24 of one flavor?..

Comment #14

I guess I haven't been shopping in here enough, I didn't even KNOW they had the ready to drink drinks! Thanks for the info!..

Comment #15

You have to call in and order to get the discount. BTW just a reminder...shipping is crazy high so make it a big order...

Comment #16

I Love the RTD shakes, just have tried the chocolate, I think it tastes like the Slimfast...but without all that sugar..yummy. I have at least 3 of them a day...they are so convenient, especially for someone that is verrrry myself. Order some and try them!..

Comment #17

I like that I can freeze them and take them w/ me. I liked the vanilla better...

Comment #18

I always keep some on hand for emergancies and for travel - they are great in a hotel and to have in the car on long road trips. I like the choc. a lot more than the vanilla, but then I like anything chocolate.

I do hate the little straw that comes with them though...


Comment #19

I ordered just four to try them and I love how handy they are when I'm out and about .... I tried taking the shaker and mixing on the road.... what a pain in the bum ! Now I order a case at a time with my monthly order. I have only had tried the Choc. I give them a big thumbs up !!!!!! Wish they would make some more flavors........

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