Medifast recipe for Raw & Cooked Veggies?

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Has anyone else seen the new raw vs. cooked veggie calculator in the food log? It, apparently won't allow you to log both raw and cooked veggies as parts of your green in one day. What's up with that?!? I posted the following for NS... anyone figure out how to get around this/get the log to work accurately??!.


First of all, thank you for the new "Add a Food" program, which differentiates raw vs. cooked veggies!.

But... what is up with the way the system calculates?? We can't consume cooked and raw vegetables in the same day and be "on plan?" I am confused, and I bet quite a few other users are/will be as well..

For example, I tried to add 1/2C cooked asparagus and 3/4 C salad greens (definitely NOT overdoing my "Green" portion for the day,) to my "Dinner" field, and the website kicked back an error message saying that the vegetables I was trying to add were not on the 5 &1 plan. It asked if I wanted to proceed, so I said yes. Then when I went to report the food eaten (too see how it would log,) I got yet another error message telling me that because one or more of my veggies does not follow the 5&1 plan, only one of my veggies would log in my daily progress... would I like to proceed? For kicks I said yes, and now my green log for the day says I've eaten almost no green, and does not have a .5/1 or 1/1 status number or a blue, green, or red bar..

Do you have a tip/trick to help us calculate our veggies correctly using the new system??.

I often enjoy a small salad AND a small amount of cooked veggies with dinner, or I'll have a small salad for lunch and veggies with dinner to space out my green. Although I am pleased to see more specificity in the food log, I really don't want to see my daily choices limited!..

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According to the Quick Start Guide:.

Salad or Vegetables.

2 cups of salad greens and up to 1/2 cup raw vegetables (sprouts, celery, radishes, cucumber, pepper or tomato);.


1 1/2 c cooked vegetables.

This is on page 3..

Comment #1

Yes, I have read that. Thank you..

I just don't understand why we can't combine cooked and raw. It doesn't SPECIFICALLY say this in the quick start guide, and frankly, seems a little silly to me.

Cooked or raw, veggies are healthy (although most are at their healthiest in raw form.) I understand that cooked up, most of our veggies are more dense than airy greens, and thus we are eating more of them in the same amount of space as raw veggies. However, if that is taken into account and we calculate correctly, why not eat both raw and cooked in the same day... just SILLY!!.

I have been eating both raw and cooked veggies ever since I started on Medifast in February '06 and have continued to loose consistently (minus one 3 week plateau around -25lbs) as long as I stayed within calories, carb and fat levels, and adjusted my "Green" accordingly (ie... If I am eating .5C of cooked veggies, I cut down on the raw.).

Can't the Medifast program account for this? It just seems unnecessarily limiting not to!.

Or am I the only one who has been combining veggies all this time... oblivious to the "rule"??..

Comment #2

Oh Yeah! I've been trying to find a workaround for the last hour. It's a definately a glich...

Comment #3

I think it has something to do w/ the changes that are done to the veggies in the cooking process. I haven't looked into it too much as I am much more a salad girl. I have yet to fully embrace most vegetables. I've recently had broccoli for the third time in my life but I am not in a hurry to dumps the salads...

Comment #4

This is NOT a glitch..

The new vegetable system is designed to work perfectly with what Medifast allows for a Lean and Green Meal. The old method contradicted the suggestions of the Medifast Plan, giving credit for any combination of vegetables no matter what. If you read the Quick Start Guide, you will see that with the 5&1 plan (weight loss), you are supposed to eat:.

2 cups salad greens and up to .5 cups raw vegetables.


1.5 cups cooked vegetables.

The combination of these are not allowed or recommended, and is no longer supported by the My Plan section. You ARE able to still add whatever you want, but the system is not going to give full credit for an incorrect Green portion. In other words, if you follow the Quick Start Guide, you are going to be given an "On Plan" rating. If you do not follow the Medifast suggestions, the system will not give full credit for your GREEN. You may have eaten vegetables, but you did not consumer a GREEN meal as suggested by Medifast...

Comment #5

Thanks Medifast Support for weighing in, but that still doesn't answer our question....

WHY aren't cooked and uncooked veggies allowed in the same day?..

Comment #6

I'd also like to know...I didn't read my guide properly and was having 1.5 cups of raw cabbage and broccoli as my lean and green.....oooops...

Comment #7

We (MyMedifast Support) don't have the answer for that, sorry. We are just tech nerds... hahaha. We have let Nutrition Support know your concerns, and I am sure they will get back to you..


Comment #8

Thanks MyMedifast support, for both the timeliness at with which you handled this question, and your honesty!!.

I have posted this same question on NS's board, and will email it to Nutrisystem as well..

If I hear anything back I'll be sure to post!..

Comment #9

BTW MMF support- the site is awesomely supported. Best boards and a great site... (esp kicks the WW site's tush!) Questions are answered quickly and the site is easily navigated. We def have the best self-proclaimed "tech nerds," So THANKS!..

Comment #10

I agree this site is the best! And I promise not to use the G word again...

Comment #11

I thought that 1 1/2 cups of any raw veggie was ok, or 1 1/2 cup of cooked veggies, or 2 cups of salad with 1/2 cup raw veggies. BUT I also thought you could combine cooked and raw, like 1 cup of cooked tomatoes and 1/2 cup cucumbers or something. Guess I was wrong...

Comment #12

You are too kind. This site belongs to you guys... we just do our best to keep it running and come up with new ideas..

Thanks !..

Comment #13

Indeed... the G word is a bad, bad word. It does happen from time to time though, so the assumption was definitely OK on your part...

Comment #14

This is the response I got from NS:.



Join Date: Jan 2006.

Posts: 2,273 Re: Raw vs. Cooked Veggies.

I would recommend viewing this thread.

And, since that didn't answer the question at all, this is my response to NS:.

Thank you for your response. I read the thread, and I appreciate the time you took to find it for me, but I have to say that it doesn't answer my question at all..

I understand why you should consume less volume of cooked vegetables than your would the same veggies in a raw form, (changes in molecular breakdown, change in density actually means you're eating more calories in a smaller space, etc.).

My question again is: why we are not permitted to eat both raw and cooked veggies IN THE SAME DAY? Neither the QuickStart guide nor the MyMedifast MyPlan food log allow for us to log both types of veggies in the same day. WHY?.

Is it because it makes it more complicated/difficult to calculate the proper amounts? I'm sure the techies could figure out a formula if given the calorie, carb, etc parameters. They are pretty awesome..

Thanks again for your assistance, please advise..

Stay tuned.......

Comment #15

Thanks for keeping us posted! If memory serves (20+ years ago), I ran up against the "combo thing" with the Scarsdale Diet. "He" insisted that the combination of vegetables prescribed (and the combination differed daily) was essential to successful weight loss. I think it was the brussel sprouts and green peppers.

I've been experimenting my approval rating with the green bar and the lean bar while we're waiting on an explaination.

As you probably know, we can still combine different cooked vegetables for our 1.5 cups. And the lean bar still approves poultry and fish combinations for the 7 ozs. Haven't tested the bar with all three together and an egg.

I need to get a life. Our software is sending SPAM alerts from the SYS Admin for their error messages for undeliverable email...

Comment #16

It's simple, really..

Go measure a half cup of raw cabbage. Now cook it, drain off the liquid and remeasure it. It's not a half cup any longer, is it?.

When you consume both raw veg and cooked veg in one meal, the possiblity *exists* that you will not be staying within the caloric/carbohydrate parameters set by the Plan. If you keep like unto like, your possible calculation errors are lessened.

As Medifast Nutrisystem has said over and over again, we are in a very mild form of ketosis on this plan. I have done tons (pun intended) of research on the concepts of ketosis and how to achieve/maintain it. I have even posted in a thread, here, that the way to get OUT of ketosis is to consume in excess of 100 gr. of carb. It would logically follow that less than 100 gr would keep you IN ketosis. This is why you need for your calculations to be as accurate as possible.

On the other hand, if you want some REAL advice from me, just follow the plan strictly and without deviation and it will work. Then you won't have to worry about it. Easy peasy.

Yes, yes, I'm back to being my old analytical, science-based self...

Comment #17

Thanks girlythang. I understand where you're coming from, and the science behind low carbohydrate levels, and cooking vegetables (volume, molecular changes, etc.).

I guess my problem is with the fact that Medifast can't come up with serving size suggestions for both cooked and raw vegetables (It IS possible to eat both in one day and remain below 100g carbs... complicated, yes... but possible.) They have devised a formula for MyMedifast that takes carb and caloric amounts into account for each category individually, how hard would it be for the tech gurus to come up with a formula that incorporates both and remains on plan?.

It just seems wrong to me, on a plan which is so limiting (however well it works,) to so many to begin with, that the program developers would place an uneccessary limit on something that would add health and variety to the plan (thus making it easier to stick to.).

My two cents, take it or leave it I guess. In the meantime, I am going to continue to eat both, (adjusting my portions appropriately,) and continue to loose weight! I am just making a suggestion for the development of the plan that I think will help others, who might want to add variety to their day, but don't want the hassel of doing the math themselves...

Comment #18

OK, so here's Nutrisystem response and mine, once again:.



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The reason we do not recommend combining cooked with raw is due carbohydrate content. You may go over on portions size which would then effect the carbohydrate level you are taking in for the day and can possibly effect your weight loss. Also if you were to have something like 3/4 cup of cooked broccoli (6 grams of carbs)with a 1 cup of lettuce (1 gram of carb), and 1/2 cup of raw vegetables ( varies depending on vegetables you choose but between 1-7 grams of carbohdyrates) and then a salad dressing (which could add up to 6 grams of carbohydrates), would add too many carbohydrates to your plan.

Today, 02:17 PM #6.



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Posts: 108 Re: Raw vs. Cooked Veggies.

Thank you for further explaining..

So, theoretically, if you were to stay within carbohydrates levels and an appropriate portion size, there is nothing nutritionally wrong with eating cooked and raw in the same day?.

If not, then I would like to request to Medifast that they make serving size recommendations for combining vegetables (say, a portion recommendation for "Salad greens with cooked" and a portion recommendation for "Raw veggies with cooked.".

Can you advise to whom I should address this request?? (Product development, nutrition support, customer services?).

Thanks again for your help.

Does anyone know where we can go to make these types of complaints/suggestions? Customer service? I guess we'll see what they say?.

Am I the ONLY one who thinks being able to accurately track both cooked and raw (and stay within plan) would be an improvement??..

Comment #19

Thanks Harvard, missed your post before!!.

You are funny!! Guess I need to get a life, too!! haha..

Comment #20

I usually follow NS's advice and eat either or. The exception is that sometimes I'll put 1/2 C of steamed green beans in with my 2 C of salad greens. I've read over and over that the L&G is supposed to only add 10-12 g of carbs. I think if you follow that golden rule then you'll be OK...

Comment #21

It may have been simple, but thank goodness we have boards to ask these questions.......

Comment #22

The way I do it is to go under the tab "other foods" and find the vegetables I choose, post them in the amounts I eat. It gives you a choice of oz, cup, etc. If I have something else, I add that too. I usually make a salad of cucumber and fresh tomatoes, and sometimes I also have green beans. I adjust the amts to the Medifast limits , so I won't be over the amount for the day... Hope this helps.

It has not seemed to affect my weight loss. I've lost 19 lbs since Oct 6, 2006...

Comment #23

Update: NS' most recent reply to my last question/recommendation.



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Posts: 2,275 Re: Raw vs. Cooked Veggies.

Theoretically if you are not going over on carbohydrates and are getting in the proper nutrition you could combine them. Medifast recommends to avoid doing so, so it does not cause confusion and the possiblity of effecting your weight loss efforts.

Ok, Ok, I get it... they don't want to confuse us and make us do more complicated math! (God forbid!).

NS didn't address my other question re: who to send a program adjustment request to (i.e. product development, customer service, etc..) SO, when I get back from vacation Tuesday (Yay, California!) I will start with customer service and see what response I get..

Why not add more choices to the plan, eh? I'm sure the MyMedifast techies can come up with a proper formula if given all the parameters! In fact, I CHALLENGE them to it!..

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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