Medifast recipe for Pudding/Shake?

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I recently purchased the Medifast recipe guide and tried their vanilla lemon pudding recipe. It was pretty good. Since then I have experimented with other flavors, using the SF Cheesecake flavored pudding and the strawberry shake and strawberry extract. You could pretty much substitue any of the shakes, extracts, SF puddings, and SF jello.

The recipe they have is :.

1 packet Medifast French Vanilla Shake.

1 1/2 Tbsp. SF Vanilla Instant Pudding (dry mix).

1/2 packet (1 full tsp.) Knox Unflavored Gelatin.

3 oz hot water.

3 oz cold water.

1/4 tsp Lemon Extract.

2 ice cubes.

Combine Shake and pudding, set aside. Stir gelatin in hot water. Let soften for 3-4 mins and then stir until clear. Add cold water and stir again. Process gelatin mixture, dry ingredients and extract in blender until thoroughly combined. Add ice cubes one at a time until mixture begins to thicken.

Refridgerate until set, about 15-20 mins. Stir and enjoy.

Just thought I'd share this with everyone for new ideas. Also remember that by adding the pudding and jello, this accounts for a meal and a snack...just to keep that in mind...

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WRIGHT2005 this recipe was a Godsend!! I can't stand the strawberry shake, and this made it not only edible but tasty too! I used the strawberry shake and cheesecake flavor SF pudding. Nice light texture too. THANK YOU..

I also bought SF butterscotch pudding to try with the banana shake, and SF white chocolate to go with anything!.

Note about the strawberry shake: I wonder if adding splenda actually ruins it...?? The shake/pudding recipe doesn't call for any splenda. I had been putting splenda in the strawberry shakes before. Hmmmmm...

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I would be happy to have any recipes that anyone would like to share. I just started three days ago and it takes everything in me just to get any of the Medifast items down. It all tastes awful and I am starved all the time. Any suggestions?..

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Spend some time on the recipes thread, and read all of them. Great ideas are there...

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When you add the pudding and other ingredients to the shakes does it still count for just one Medifast meal. Does it mess up your calories and carb count for the day or is there not enough to do anything?..

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Is sugar free pudding the same as having sugar free jello? you can have 1 per day as a snack?.

If so, then when you use this recipe it counts as 1 Medifast meal and 1 snack...

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It's not the same as SF Jello which had no calories. the SF pudding box says 1/4 box is a serving which is 45 calories (not sure on carbs/fat). not sure how much of a serving.

1 1/2T is. So I think the original post said you have to count this as a meal and a snack, the snack being probably around 30 calories...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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