Medifast recipe for Pork?

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Not real rice, but a passible approximation....

Other thoughts include using the diced Shiritake noodles with beef broth and onions to make a Rice-A-Roni approximation! Heck, you'd even be able to use this as a rice to enhance the Medifast chili, I think...

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Orangeblood, I can't believe how cool these things you come up with are. All these Medifast CHEFS!!! It's awesome. I thank you for your creativity and of course another suggestion for the shiratakis!!!.


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Shirataki refers to the Shirataki Noodles, which are legal on MF. They qualify as a "green" and are made of yams. 1 1/2 cup of the noodles counts as your complete Green..

You can get them at

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WillowWind Shirataki Noodles are what a lot of us eat instead of PASTA. They are Japanese yam noodles with very low calorie and carb count and are approved for us on the Medifast plan. Most people differ on the ones they prefer. There are TOFU shiratakis, which I personally hate. The tofu also adds some calories and carbs. I think a lot of people buy those in their local grocery stores.

I prefer these and order them, as a lot of the others do, at If you are going to try them, get the angel hair version. That's the best. You can put them in all kinds of dishes stir fry, tuna casserole, use red sauce (watch the carbs) and just about anything that you would put regular noodles in. Some people make "mac and cheese" by just putting cottage cheese on them.

The one thing is that they are a little funny texture-wise. Kind of rubbery to be honest. But if you like them there are a million things to do with them and the great Medifast chefs have posted some wonderful recipes. I think that my favorite was the tuna noodle casserole recently posted. I find that if I use them in a recipe with a lot of other things that the texture is easier to deal with. Also, when you first open the pack there is a fishy smell.

And, finally, I think that it's best to rinse them, drain them, cut them into small pieces, and then nuke them in microwave for a minute and redrain before you cook with them. Enjoy!..

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OrangeBlood, I don't think I've chimed in on any of your creations yet. Want you to know that I'm out here and frantically copying your recipes and meal plans. You rule! Thank you so much for coming up with all these incredible ideas, and sharing them! Keep 'em coming...

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WOW! OrangeBlood you are so creative, are you a chef? Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes!!!..

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It's my creative outlet, but it's just for fun...

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I'd like to second that motion, if I may. OrangeBlood, I'm curious. Are you and your wife both creative chefs?..

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My wife's parents are off the boat Italians and she was raised on old school Italian food. Her cooking greatly reflects that, but I can't say she tries to do up new stuff regularly. So, the creativity for her is less than for me, I think..

I'm pretty much a self taught cook and the process of learning that way let me try different things and I think that's where the creativity comes from...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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