Medifast recipe for Pizza?

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Does anybody have a good recipie for pizza ??.

Was thinking if you took a small amount of lean hamburger and topped it with tomatoes, mushrooms, fat free cheese and some seasonings and baked it it might be pretty good ? .

Would it be allowable ?...

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Someone else on the Boards (I think it was dbthreads) was using Portabella Mushrooms as the base for the pizza. I am sure it would work with your toppings.

Pre-cook the Portabellas so they are not too wet, I mean Cook them on a cookie sheet and let the water come out. Then drain and top with your ingredients...

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I used canadian bacon, it is lower in fat. I also have used the morning star patties (they are veggie sasage patties) and turkey pepperoni. they were all good. I also had to bake my mushrooms for a long time to get rid of all the water which really made the pizza better...

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I haven't done it yet, but they're on the menu to try for tomorrow: Using BABY portabella caps for "mini" pizzas.

I did the full size caps, and they were very mushy and wet. They tasted good, but a complete mess to eat..

I figure that the baby caps will lead to less mess, even if I can't get all the juices out...

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I sprayed a pan with PAM and layered a thin layer of sliced summer squash; then a layer of chopped tomatoes, sprinkle some italian herbs, some chopped onions, 3 oz. of browned and seasoned hamburger meat, and then 2 oz. of part-skim mozzzrella cheese. Baked about 12 minutes at 350 and called it Pizza Casserole!..

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I have taken the medifast crackers and topped a small amount of Walden Farms brucetta (which I put in a food processor to make less chunky)on each cracker, then topped with grilled chicken added a couple shreds of ff moz cheese and put in oven for 8min at 400. Just enough to warm through. Usually weigh out 5 oz of chicken figuring I use approx 1oz of cheese. Take the rest of the chicken and put in a salad and get my vegetable that way. It is SOOOO GOOOOOD- Ofcourse you need to save your snack to eat with your meal but it is well worth it..

Let me know what you think.


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I tried the portabello pizzas but I used sauce instead of tomato. Still had the liquid problem but I think I've figured out how to fix that, just haven't tried it yet. I had made them on a cookie sheet but I think if you put one of those little broiler racks on the cookie sheet and cook them on that so that the portobellos don't sit in the liquid, it'll work out a lot better. as for my recipe, I used the ragu pizza sauce and then low fat mozzarella and 1 veggie pepperoni per portabello then sprinkled on some oregano. I had grilled chicken as the rest of my lean. I had to guestimate the veggie amounts because well, the portobellos couldn't really be stuffed into a measuring cup. I had 2 plus the sauce and counted it for my green...

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You guys are making me hungry! I thinki I will try to make pizza tonight I have been eating can tuna for the past 3 days..Because I like it..I have been making tuna patties...

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Hi..I made the portebellas on the grill last nightAfter cooking on both sides, I topped th underside with a smallamt of pizza sauce and lowfat cheese. Yum!! Delish!.

Pat in So. Cal...

Comment #8

SUCCESS - Made my baby portabella pizzas tonight (I'm literally licking the sauce off my fingers as I type this...).

They were fantastic, not messy, except for where the sauce squeezed out when I took a bite!.

I used 6 baby portabella caps, which is roughly 179 gms, or 2 cups of cooked shrooms. I sauteed them in a frying pan with a little garlic salt to get most of the moisture out before I started building my pizzas. I think I let them cook for about 10 minutes, turning them over frequently..

After they were cooked, I layed them cup side up on my pizza screen. I placed a cookie sheet on the bottom rack of the oven, so that when I placed the screen above it, any drippings would fall onto the pan. I think I cooked the shrooms enough before hand, though, as there weren't any drippings on the cookie sheet..

I shared 1/4 cup of Contadina pizza sauce between the shrooms, and layered 2 turkey pepperonis on each shroom and a shared 1 oz of cheese total. Then I did it again for a total of 4 turkey pepperonis each and shared 2 oz. of cheese on the caps.

I baked it all in the oven at 425 for 15 minutes..

These get you a full serving of green (I think. 2 cups shrooms plus 1/4 cup tomato sauce), and are only about 10 grams shy of protein (Again, my assumption. I average about 100-115 grams of protein per day, and these, plus Medifast meals, make the day come to 94 grams.) Since I'm using mostly "other" foods, it doesn't make the green bars move. On the plus side, everything is already programmed into the drop downs, so I didn't have to create any custom foods!.

Tasted just like those little frozen pizza bagels. I'm so happy!..

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I have made the recipe from MommaMeow from an above post. It was delicious!..

Comment #10

Try scraping out the gills of the mushrooms before cooking and you will have much less liquid. A trick I learned from Rachel Ray...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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